Wizard Dave – Constance Clear – Dave Trammil – Alien Abductions

Wizard Dave - Constance Clear - Dave Trammil - Alien Abductions - Nov 18, 2001 Interview with R J

Constance Clear was trained as a Clinical Psychologist. In her clinic several Alien Abduction Victims randomly came to her clinic with PTSD. Over 4% of Americans are abduction victims and most of the time we walk around in denial, according to the Roper Report in 1992. Her book of REACHING FOR REALITY was created by a compilation of the 1st hand stories of her clinic clients.

What does a person do, once he(she) has been abducted? These clinic visitors to Constance Clear preferred to be announced as crazy rather than abductee victims. Wizard Dave shares his first hand experiences in this interview too. Missing time is 1 persistant factor with these victims. Oh, I hope they dont' hurt my dog is another continual factor of these abduction victims. After a while these victims get a sense that an abduction by aliens is about to occur.

Recording Date: November 18th, 2001
Format: 32kbs MP3
Duration: 1 hour, 43 minutes

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