Wizard Dave – UFO’s – Aliens – Abductions

UFO's - Aliens - Abductions - Wizard Dave & Don Anderson - Sept 22,2001 Interviw with R J

Archeologists are throwing evidence away when they find archeology that does not agree with their P C agenda. Wizard Dave and Don Anderson share their life's experiences with us of their Face to Face enccounters with intelligent life from other corners of the universe.

Nordics - Cat People - Reptilians - Grays - Praying Mantis People - Dolphin People - Light Beings are just a few of the beings Wizard Dave has encountered. Crop Circles are designed like acupuncture, as a way to help heal the earth. Earth has been peopled many times and by species that aren't generally known to man. Archeology Digs have come across humanity 14-inches tall and 12-feet tall and Wizard Dave interviewed the Venezuela man who put his hands on the grays that were gathered from the Roswell Crash.

Recording Date: September 22nd, 2001
Format: 32kbs MP3
Duration: 2 hour, 52 minutes

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