Your 72-hour Kit Could Kill You

In the military men and women perform drills every day. They practice and practice to make sure they are prepared to meet any situation. Preparedness – the men and women in the military know about Emergency Preparedness.

If you have gone out and acquired an Emergency Kit or a 72 – hour kit Your Next Step is to perform drills of your own with the material in your kit. If you wait until an Emergency Surprises you, one that you didn't expect, then you may find that what you truly need when a calamity strikes you may not find in some Pre Packaged 72 – Hour Kits.

As a boy up in the Idaho Rocky Mountains Jim Phillips was taken by his father out into nature where Jim learned what did work and what didn't work out in the wilderness. Jim Phillips has spent a lifetime learning and teaching techniques of preparedness and survival. Jim has written featured articles for Popular Science, Popular Mechanics, Sports Illustrated, Mother Earth News, Boy's Life, the Boy Scout Fieldbook and many other publications.

The Guru of Getting Ready – Jim Phillips – has been hired to share his world class knowledge and techniques with various businesses, universities, church groups, the U S military and scouting groups.

Jim Phillips has ventured above the Arctic Circle a few times using only the equipment he could carry in with his backpack.

Take a moment and listen. If you take the time to listen to this recording then it will save you money and time and it may save your life.

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