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Cestui Que Trust Theft – USofA Inc Uses Our Identity to Make $Millions

Monday, December 29th, 2014

Dave Robinson
Sat, Dec 27, 2014
Subject; Cestui Que Trust Secrets – Accept for Value

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Overcome Debt With Knowledge

UNITED STATES vs. MESSIER & ROBINSON — Case No. 2:14-cr-00083-DBH

Federal Reserve Notes are promissory notes that Congress promises to redeem with our credit, upon demand.

A bill is a demand for real money: currency backed by silver or gold. A bill is a demand for payment that can not be made because there is no real money with which to pay the charge.

Federal Reserve Notes in lieu of our credit discharge debt. Our credit (our promises to pay) will extinguish debt if we accept the bill for its value with our credit sign (our endorsement) to settle the account.

Congress borrows Federal Reserve Notes from the Federal Reserve Bank with bonds that accumulate interest for the Federal Reserve, backed by the credit Congress borrows from us, the People of America, making us preferred stockholders of the corporate UNITED STATES.

The credit that Congress borrows from us, the People of America, is called in the US Constitution “the credit of the United States.”

In other words: The credit that Congress borrows is “the credit of (the people that the people loan to) the United States.”

“Congress shall have power / to borrow money on the credit of the United States.” — Article 1, Section 8, clause 2, U.S. Constitution. (1:8:2)

Congress borrows Federal Reserve Notes from the Federal Reserve Bank with bonds that are backed by the credit of the American People.

“Real money of account of the United States is currency backed by gold and silver coins manufactured in a United States Mint.” (Coinage Act of 1792).

Federal Reserve Notes are debt instruments — evidences of debt that enslave us, so why use them? The use of Federal Reserve Notes is voluntary. Slavery to FRNs is an optional choice, whether we know and believe it or not.

In 1933, House Joint Resolution 192 made it a federal offense to refuse to accept Federal Reserve Notes to discharge contract obligations demanding gold.

HJR 192 of 1933 did not order people to use Federal Reserve Notes to discharge debt — it allowed people to use Federal Reserve Notes to discharge debt.

People use FRNs voluntarily, whether they know it or not. By using FRNs, people volunteer into voluntary servitude to the Federal Reserve Bank.

Since there is no real “money of account of the United States” a charge (an invoice; a bill) is an offer to contract to settle the debt with Federal Reserve Notes OR a mutual offset credit exemption exchange.

The Accepter has the option of discharging the debt with Federal Reserve Notes, or paying the debt with his credit — his mutual offset credit exemption exchange — if knows that he can.

Here is the remedy.

There is no real “money of account of the United States.”

On May 23, 1933, Congressman Louis T. McFadden (R-OH), Chairman of the House Banking and Finance Committee, brought formal charges against the Federal Reserve Bank, the Comptroller of Currency and the Secretary of the Treasury of the United States, for numerous criminal acts, including FRAUD, UNLAWFUL CONVERSION OF MONEY, AND TREASON!

To protect themselves from these criminal charges the House and Senate passed House Joint Resolution 192 on June 5, 1933.

HJR-192 of 1933 stated that the people were exempt from paying their debts, since the means of paying debts had been taken away and replaced with Fiat paper Federal Reserve Notes that discharge debt instead of paying and extinguishing debt.

Public [Insurance] Policy HJR-192 of 1933 provided a REMEDY for the victims of President Roosevelt’s crime. This REMEDY is the basis of lawful mutual offset credit exemption exchange.

This CONVERSION created the EXEMPTION upon which mutual offset credit exemption exchange is based.

The federal Government has been using the UCC Contract Trust Account in your name ever since you were born, and taking its interest, without your knowledge and consent, to help pay the interest on the federal debt to the private non-federal Federal Reserve Bank.

The United States is the beneficiary of a private constructive cestui que trust and is using your commercial energy to fund the interest on its ever increasing national debt to the private non-federal Federal Reserve Bank.

The US Treasury created a private constructive cestui que trust through which the corporate United States and all its subsidiaries (states, counties, cities, towns, school districts, fire districts, etc.) interact with your fictitious mirror image strawman.

Fictions cannot interact with living, flesh and blood women or men; they can only interact with fictitious, mirror image, strawmen, that women and men are presumed to accommodate by co-signing agreements in their names.

The state has convinced you — the living flesh and blood woman or man — that it is addressing You instead of your fictional, ens legis, mirror image strawman. (“ens legis,” means “legally created”).

You are presumed to be voluntarily accommodating your fictitious, mirror image strawman whether you know it or not.

The debt belongs to the fictitious you, but the real you is presumed to be responsible for the fictitious, mirror image strawman’s actions and debts.

Now that you are aware of this “presumption” you can redeem your status by rebuttal to recover dollar for dollar the collateral that the government has been holding in your name and earning interest on ever since you were born.

MAXIM: “He who holds the gold pays the bills.”

Top 6 Acts to Discharge Debts – EFT Secrets by Fred and Nina Gutierrez

Friday, February 10th, 2012

Robert Hender ' R J '

Fri,  Feb 10, 2012

Subject: EFT Debt Solutions – Fred & Nina Gutierrez American Freedom Tour

  American Freedom Tour – Videos Avail 
   3 Days w/Fred & Nina Gutierrez  Jan 27, 28, 29 2012 in Utah  
         Truth, Fact, Law and Evidence – Standing in Honor    
There is an ongoing effort to discredit Fred and Nina's Gutierrez. When you hear that somebody said this about them then you have a choice to believe the hearsay and if you will pass on the hearsay.  I have seen Fred & Nina stay up til midnight or beyond 2am to help people with foreclosure and IRS issues, for Free. 
Face to Face with Fred and Nina these people risk their lives to share their intel with people.  If a million or two million or 20 million Americans will Take a Lawful, Peaceful Stand for the truth, the law, the facts and constitutional evidence then maybe we can turn our country around. 
   As a Radio Host and a Blogger I work every day to get this intel out.  At my
program is on Mon-Fri 7am to 9am pacific time.  My guests help me blow the whistle on the financial
crimes that Banksters have been perpetrating on us.  Only donations help me continue this work.
If God will put it upon your heart, Robert Hender P O Box 192  Manti,  UT  84642  your donations are
appreciated.  Every day, I work 13 to 15 hours for the cause of Liberty…   Thanks… 
If you missed 1 of Fred and Nina's Freedom Tour Siminars then this may be your chance to see their intel, for yourself.  Gaynor Brunson offered his TV Studios on Jan 27th, 28th and 29th in Utah with professional lighting, audio and TV cameras to document this instruction for you.  $150 a Set for the 3 days of Video Footage is now available.  The 3 Days of Video Footage from Utah or Arizona's Seminar will be mailed to you if you can mail your $150 Donation to  Fred Gutierrez 5840 W Craig #120-160  Las Vegas, NV 89130    Include another $45 donation if you would like the CD with Fred's documents.   
   People need to know the intel that Fred and Nina share.  From my notes I
have spelled out some of the contents from Fred's and Nina's Seminar.  I did
not ask permission to do this.  Now, I am under attack and I'm not sure why.
Money was never the reason I have promoted Fred and Nina for 6 1/2 months.  

Day 1    Morning Instruction     American Freedom Tour     

It's important that we ask the correct question before we get the right answer.  Fred Gutierrez always lays a Foundation of Truth before he builds upon it, in his Seminars.  We must know who we are.  We must hold fiction, actors to their Oaths of Office.  Fraud is put upon the court by fiction actors every day, but we have not been holding them liable for the violations to their oaths. 
Did you know the 5 elements of a contract?  Both parties have to be in-kind. There must be equal consideration.  There must be equal disclosure.  Our wet ink signatures have power.  Many of the contracts we have signed on to Violate  the Law, therefore they are Null and Void, but who will put a stop to the nonsense? 
No living man can contract with a fiction.  Are you aware of this? 
Why are promisory notes written as…  …in consideration for a loan I have already received… ?  
All people are bound by the constitution.  We must hold fiction, DeFacto actors accountable to the Bill of Rights.  If we don't hold them accountable to the constitution and the Bill of Rights then who else will? 
Day 1     Afternoon Instruction     American Freedom Tour   
The banks know that we are not aware of their Electronic Fund Transfer game. When gold was removed in the 1930's, because of America's Bankruptcy, lawfully a system for Discharging Debt had to be created for Americans.  Lawfully, banks utilize UCC Tender of Payment laws now.  How do you think people get their pay-checks EFT'd to their bank accounts every month?  
Only people can open a bank account.  
Banks know how to Set Off and Discharge accounts.  
Even if we close a personal, ckecking account the banks continue to use those  closed accounts.  All of these accounts must be zero'd out nightly. 
There are definite do's and don'ts on how we put to work these EFT instruments.
Day 2     Morning Instruction     American Freedom Tour 
Do you have the Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin for your car?  Do you have the MSO for yourself?  We are real men and women, on the land.  We must learn how to operate as children of God with rights that are guaranteed by our Creator.
We have a lawful right to Set Off Debt with EFT Instruments.  The banks may try to re-contract with us, using tricky language in response to our use of EFT instruments.  Nina shared more secrets about defending our EFT activity.
Debt Collectors have no standing in law.  Almost every debt collector company is collecting a debt that has already been written off by some other party.  How many times can these corporations get to get paid?  We can overturn a Judgement and receive triple damages, in court.  1 – Written Correspondence Only Letter 2 – Notary Presentment   3 – Proof of Claim Letter   4 – Lawful Nitification Letter  5 – Affidavit with supporting complaint 
These docs are available directly through Fred and Nina Gutierrez on a CD if you will send $50 to Fred Gutierrez 5840 W Craig  #120-160  Las Vegas, NV  89130
Day 2     Afternoon Instruction     American Freedom Tour    
Affidavits are powerful pieces of our participation in justice in America.  If we act lawfully, in fact, evidence and the truth then we can bring about justice before we ever go to court.  Fred pointed how we can learn how to prepare an Affidavit, by documeting the actions or the events that are real; Just the Facts…  
An affidavit is a ' statement of facts by a living man on the land.  Make sure that you get a copy of any court transcript, it becomes a matter of record.  There are criminal affidavits, defense affidavits, affidavites of notice, of service, of defense and there are other types of affidavits.  
Don't hold on to people, ideas or things that may hold you back. 
Banks ae made whole by insurance policies.  Even when we are being attacked by foreclosure actions by the banks we have an interest in our propties.  In most cases, when we bought a home, we made a down payment, we have made payments, we made improvements ot our property and there is value as we maintain our homes. 
An undisputed affidavited is the law.  
Day 3     Morning Instruction     American Freedom Tour  
By using our affidavits well we can win an issue before it ever goes to court. Along the way we can use the Answer to Complaint & Motion to Dismiss.  Prior, Propper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance…  As owners we have rights.  
There are criminal and civil rules of procedure that fiction actors in the DeFacto must follow.  Often these fiction actors abuse their limited authority.  If a Judge is outside of his Subject Matter Jurisdiction then we can remove a judge from our case. A sham legal process is a felony.  We have every right to bring a complaint for the unlawful acts by these pretenders… 
We can disqualify fiction, DeFacto actors by our affidavits, if we know how.  Fred has spent hundreds of hours preparing documents that you may use in court.  Send  $50 to Fred Gutierrez 5840 W  Craig # 120 – 160  Las Vegas,  NV  89130 for the CD that has Fred's documents.  
Day 3     Afternoon Instruction     American Freedom Tour  
Prosecuting attorneys can not be a witness.  Most liars witness any way, violating  their oaths of office.  Before you walk in to a courtroom make sure that you have in  your hands the certified, copy of the oaths of office of the fiction actors in the court.  
Practice saying, I am called by joe somebody…  as we state who we are.  Practice stating that ' we are here by special appearance. '  
Prepare a ' Case Dismissal Sheet, '  as you exercise your rights and as you put to work your affidavits.  Fred shows us how many ways we can exercise our rights before we ever get to court.  
Title 42 Action – Deprivation of our Rights…  On America's roads Fred travels by means that are allowed to men of the day.  If a police officer pulls us over, they are required by law to show us their oath of office.  A crime is committed by them, any time that we may be pulled over.  We have a reasonable expectation that ' they, ' are supposed to protect our rights.  
Can we document – common and custom practices and policies and procedures that violate our rights?  Do we have a right to Life, Liberty and Happiness, or not? We have a right to Compensatory Damages, Punitive Damages and to put a stop to ' their, ' continued unlawful activity.
You can find more intel on Fred and Nina intel by going to 























End of the World for Debt – Standing in Honor with Fred & Nina

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

Robert Hender ' R J '

Sat, Jan 21, 2012

Subject: UCC Tender of Payment Rules – Discharging Debt  

   Somebody is working very hard to discredit Fred and Nina.  We know people who are having success EFTing debt.  We have spoken with people who are getting results with the EFT process and For Free Fred and Nina meet with people to help put out  IRS and Foreclosure fires.  More details are in the article below…  Affidavits…  EFT's… Title 42 Action… 1 on 1 mtngs

EFT 30min Conference Calls on Tue nights…  Q & A  with Fred and Nina:  (712) 432-0075  Code  352230 – 7:00 PST on Monday

National Seminar Tour:  For inquiries regarding your state   Can you gather 50 people, or more, who want to learn how to Discharge their Debt?

People are demanding the videos from  recorded Jan 27th, 28th and 29th.   $150 a set by PayPal 

At you can buy 3Day Seminar videos with Fred and Nina by PayPal  In Utah Kelby began taking money for these videos.  On Jan 27th Fred spoke about living as Free Men and Free Women and Nina taught the EFT secrets.  On Saturday January 28th Fred taught the details of drafting our own affidavits and Nina taught more deep aspects of EFT's.  On Sunday the 29th of January Fred and Nina answered questions and they began teaching aspects of Title 42 actions.   

Buy Fred and Nina's CD with docs and a small video.  Send $50 to  Fred Gutierrez 5840 W Craig #120-160  Las Vegas, NV 89130

     Discharge Your Mortgage 2012  
          A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing 
   A Video Set are now available for the 3days in Utah.    
   Fred and Nina Gutierrez used to take 1-day with people. 
In one day, Fred and Nina just scratch the surface with the 
intel they share.  In Utah the 27th of January was the beginning
of a new world.  You can use lawful UCC Tender of Payment
Rules to discharge mortgages, car loans, and other debt. 
    Robert Hender organized the Utah meeting at the Brunson
Brothers TV Studios in Provo, on the 27th, 28th and 29th
of January.  Officially these TV Studios have been known as
the Rock Canyon Studios. 
   Kelby Smith, Fred and Nina Gutierrez stayed 3 days in Utah 
to share the basics and to hold a Court Room Boot Camp.  On
Day 1 Fred taught how we can trust in God and live as Free
Men and Women in America.  Politicians claim that the Bill of
Rights and the Constitution are worthless pieces of paper, but
we must secure the Certified Copy of the Oaths of Office for
the judges and lawyers and hold them to their oaths.   
   How much training do you want?   It costs $25 for Fred and
Nina's 1-Day Seminar.  It costs another $195 for Day 2 and Day 3
for more details on EFT's and Title 42 Courtroom intel.    
    Day 2 had Fred sharing details of how you can prepare your
Affidavit, the basis of all your lawful exercise of rights.  Also on
Day 2 Nina went in to more depth on EFT training.  The banks
believe that we don't know how to initiate a Reverse Wire.  As
they use our signature and our old bank accounts for their own
benefit, we have every right to EFT our debts.   Fred and Nina
can't solve all of our problems.  It's time that we put a stop to 
Foreclosures, to IRS Harassment, to other crimes by banks 
and the police and evil judges.   
   If we won't put a stop to this nonsense, then who else will? 
Day 3 was spent getting in to Title 42 actions, holding fiction
actors responsible for their violations of our rights.  Why do
we continue to wait for somebody else to do this for us?   
   In every County across America, what if 2 of us or 5 of us
or 30 of us or 200 of us or 5,000 of us stood up and said
" Hell No, You Can't Do This To Us Any More, "  would it
make a difference?  We can do this peacefully, lawfully.   
   Radio Host ' R J ' was glad to help bring people together for
this Utah event.  As a volunteer he keeps the lights on and the  
roof over his head by donations.  If you like you can send a
donation to Robert Hender P O Box 192  Manti,  UT  84642  
R J's website is at
   Professional Video Footage was recorded of the Utah event
on the 27th, 28th and 29th of January.  People are demanding a 
copy, but the edit work must be completed first.  Send an email 
to RJ if you would like a set.  We can email you back when the
Video Set is ready.   or see
   What was wonderful is that Fred and Nina set aside time on
Saturday and more time on Sunday to meet Face to Face with
people who were facing a personal crisis.  These meetings are
done randomly, as a part of a Ministry by Fred and Nina. 
Donations are always welcome, but not demanded. 
   Brunson Brothers TV Studios is located in Provo, Utah
near the BYU campus.  1043 East 2620 North  Provo.  If you
have questions about the Utah event that was held then feel
free to email R J 
   Usually hundreds of people fill the room at most of the
Fred and Nina Seminars.  We look forward to seeing you
in America's Brighter Future…   Be Free…