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Top 5 Mortgage Fraud Steps – Banks Collateralize Our Signature & Call It a Loan

Wednesday, April 6th, 2016

Judge Anna Von Reitz
Wed, April 6, 2016
Subject; Mortgage Fraud Games

A Note About Money and Foreclosures—- Pun Intended

Money, by definition, has to have value in and of itself. It is a substitute for other things of value.

An ounce of silver for a loaf of bread, a peck of apples, and ten pounds of flour reflects the "exchange rate" and this exchange rate constantly fluctuates even on a local level.

In a boom town with a dozen silver mines, the local exchange rate might be five ounces of silver for a loaf of bread, six apples, and forget about the flour.

Simple enough. In such a system there are one or two or three "standard commodities" that can be exchanged for all the other commodities that people need. Many of us grew up in a world where the standard commodities were silver and nickel and copper, either in the form of actual coins, or in the form of pieces of paper called "Silver Certificates" that had to be backed with an actual clump of silver on deposit.

The problem with commodity based money is that the moment you choose a commodity to serve as a standard, the market for that commodity goes completely crazy. Speculators rush in and buy up whatever the "money" commodity is, so that supplies of it become very scarce.

As a result, workers toil long hours for a piddly little bit of silver or gold or oil or whatever, and the politicians suffer endless carping and griping from their constituents about how hard everything is, and people get a totally skewed idea of what is valuable and what is not, believing that gold and silver (for example) are incredibly precious, based simply on the fact that there isn't enough of the "money commodity" in circulation.

To overcome that basic flaw people have tried from time to time to use "legal tender"—that is, "commercial paper" or "fiat money" as money instead. That's what we've been doing whether you know it or not or like it or not since the 1970's.

In the current fiat systems, your signature is your bond. Literally. Every time you sign anything— and I do mean ANYTHING— you promise to pay it.

You don't pay it with anything of value, you just promise to pay it and that is accepted at face value. The receipts in this system are Promissory Notes and it is inevitable (especially when people don't know what they are doing in the first place) that these will be collected and used as collateral backing other debts.

I promise to pay you and you then promise of pay George based on my promise to pay you and then George promises to pay Dick based on your promise to pay him and around and around it goes.

Nobody actually ever pays anything until some skeptic in the back of the room raises his hand and says……hey, wait a minute……I supposedly got this "home loan" and supposedly received $225,000.00 but nobody ever actually counted the money into my hand. All I got was a check, which is just a transfer of credit already on deposit….but where did that deposit come from? The bank can't loan any of its own funds and can't loan the funds of any of its depositors by law, so……?

And that is what is happening now.

Millions of Americans are waking up and realizing that the banks conned them— pretended to give people "home loans" when in fact the Borrower gave the banks the loan: the only thing of value in the whole transaction was the Borrower's signature. That's what the banks deposited and used to fund the check back to the Borrower.

That's how this crazy system works. It's all on ticket, but you, the "Maker and Issuer" of all this largesse, are never told a word. If you were, you would cut out the middlemen and all their "services". You would simply act as your own banker, go to the United States Treasury window, and draw out however much credit you needed in whatever form you needed it and owe nothing.


With all these things—commodity money or fiat script— we are missing the point. None of it has any actual, verifiable, solid, dependable value. Does it matter how much gold you have, if you are starving and there is no food to be bought at any price? Can a piece of paper—any piece of paper — have actual value?

Currency– whether it is commodity-based or fiat script— is a tool just like a shovel or a rake or an ax. So you borrow a shovel, a rake, and an ax and you use those tools to build a house.

What happens if you bend the shovel, lose two tines off the rake, and break the ax handle in the process? No big deal. Just go buy a new shovel, a new rake, print up some more paper chits.

The actual value is you and your energy— your labor, your skill as a builder, your vision, and the natural resources (which all belong to you, too, at the end of the day)—and the desirable and actual end result of your labor, the house.

Not content with having conned you into giving the bank a "negotiable instrument" worth $225,000.00 for free, while pretending to give you a "home loan" in an exactly equal amount, the bank wants your house on top of it.

So they do and omit doing a number of things.

You sign a "Promissory Note" which is a Bearer Bond. Whoever has that Promissory Note can cash it in, in your name. So that's what the bank does. That's how they get the funds to loan to you in the first place.

I have seen thousands of Promissory Notes by now and every single one of them has been endorsed and "cashed" by a bank, just like a check, and the endorsements all carry the same little phrase: "without recourse".

That means that your Promissory Note has been cashed without recourse, just like a cancelled check. It lets you off the hook and "impairs" any underlying claim against you or your collateral, but then, a funny thing happens.

Having cashed out your Promissory Note without recourse, the bank doesn't return your Promissory Note to you.

Instead, these criminals sell your cancelled Promissory Note to investors who then try to trick you into continuing to pay a debt you no longer owe.

This is what is going on when a "new mortgage servicing company" contacts you and tells you where to continue sending your mortgage payments. They want you to "assume" the debt (as in "assume that you still owe it") and act as an "accommodation party"—- agreeing to continue paying off a debt that has already been paid.

What would you do if someone offered you a cancelled check? You'd say, ah, wait a moment, that check has already been paid. And that is what you would do if you were ever allowed to see the cancelled Promissory Note, too, but of course, the criminals involved in these acts of fraud and deceit never allow that. You don't know that your Promissory Note has been cashed out—afterall, you are never told and the Promissory Note is never returned to you.

So you naturally believe that you still owe the debt and you continue to pay it — "voluntarily" donating all those mortgage payments to whatever crime syndicate is holding your cancelled Promissory Note.

The bank has also unlawfully converted your "mortgage application" and the mortgage contract into "negotiable instruments" bearing your signature. You will note that nobody representing the bank ever signs any of this paperwork. The only signatures appearing are yours.

The first thing the bank does beyond stealing your Promissory Note under conditions of deceit and non-disclosure is to create a conduit loan— not a home loan—between you and unknown investors, usually money markets or institutional investors, and then they place you in default by never transferring "your" mortgage into a REMIC.

This omission on their part means that "you" are always in default from the moment the paperwork is signed no matter what you do or how much you pay or how timely you are about paying. It also means that not only are they NOT providing you with a "home loan", they are cheating the institutional investors, too.

The banks are playing both ends against the middle. They are bilking you and they are bilking the investors and they are getting away with this because the politicians are both stupid and corrupt in almost equal measures.

Even though you unknowingly provided the signatures giving rise to all this graft and criminal activity by the banks, the party presumed to be involved in this matter is a STATE OF__________franchise operated in your NAME out of Puerto Rico.

On top of everything else, when you take out a "home loan" you are legally presumed by the banks to be acting as an agent for a foreign grantor trust — a Cestui Que Vie estate trust— operated in the name of a civilly dead man who just happens to have the same name as you—-and his trust is presumed to be the actual owner of the property you are paying the mortgage on.

This is why the name of a Puerto Rican ESTATE trust always appears as the NAME of the DEFENDANT in foreclosure cases. And this is why— even if and after you pay off "your" mortgage—you never actually own your property and it is never considered your private property at all. It is always owned and managed by the STATE OF___________ in behalf of one of it's franchises.

You and your signature are just the vehicle, the siphon, used by these vampires to suck you and the investors dry and you don't even get to enjoy and control your own ESTATE trust. A Clerk of Court appointed by the STATE OF__________ does that.

Of course, the STATE OF_____________ wants its franchises' mortgages paid for free, and if you aren't going to do it, well, they will just sell the house you built and the land you worked for right out from under you and appoint the Clerk of Court to take over your unpaid job as agent for the ESTATE they run in YOUR NAME.

We've been sold down the river by corrupt politicians and "governmental services corporations" run by banks. The bankers have had a real field day at our expense. They have stolen us blind, enslaved us for their profit, and used the members of the American Bar Association to put an "appearance" of justice on it, like honey glaze on a pile of dog dung.

So it is time for the American Bar Association to be put out of business—permanently. And it is time for these banks to be shut down—permanently. It is time for every member of Congress, every judge, every "State" Legislator, every "County Commissioner", every "Regulator", every postmaster, every officer of the Armed Services, and every Sheriff and Police Officer, every banker and every lawyer to get the word:

—"Hey, Felix, did you know that you are involved in a crime syndicate? Did you know that a national identity theft has occurred? Did you know that all the mortgages in America have already been paid off, but these crooks are continuing to bill the people for non-existent debts and to take them to phony corporate courts and steal their private property and bilk investors on the stock market? Did you know that they are using private commercial mercenaries paid for with our taxes to steal us blind? Did you know that they are acting under Color of Law to do all this to you, your friends, and your neighbors?"

Oh, and did you know—-that you, Felix Leroy Punkt Muller, are receiving your paycheck from me and that you are responsible for cleaning these rat's nests out of our courthouses and shutting down their operations?

This isn't a matter of politics. This is crime and conflict of interest, pure and simple, committed against the people of every state in the Union, black and white, rich and poor, Asian, Hispanic, Native American, Irish, German, Polish, Ohioan, Californian, doesn't matter. We are all in it together and we all have an interest— a vital interest— in putting an end to this crime spree.

Top 10 Steps to the Mortgage Banking Scam – The Big Short Movie

Sunday, January 31st, 2016
Sat, Jan 30, 2016
Subject; Mortgage Fraud Games Continue

The Big Short Movie on Motgage Fraud 2:10:09 minutes

When four outsiders saw what the big banks, media and government refused to, the
global collapse of the economy , they had an idea: The Big Short. Their bold
investment leads them into the dark underbelly of modern banking where they must
question everyone and everything.

A Hollywood movie.

Has someone slipped up or are there producers and directors in Hollywood who have decided to use that medium to 'reveal' what those us who have studied these things already know?

This movie shows how all the mortgages that people are trying to deal with have been manipulated to the extent that in order to 'save' the system, the foreclosures had to rain down. But as the movie shows, the whole thing finally came crashing down.

And we the people are the real injured parties. Sure, some of the guys who created this fiasco suffered a bit, losing money that they had accumulated doing all of these unsound financial maneuvers, but in the long run, people/victims suffer the most being pushed out of their homes as the 'system' tries to save itself.

Restoration Time for Americans – True Creditors on the Land

Tuesday, January 26th, 2016

Judge Anna Von Reitz
Mon, Jan 25, 2016
Subject; Americans Demand Restoration

Most Beloved Pope Francis,

We are indeed calling upon you in your Extraordinary role as Trustee of the Unam Sanctum Trust and the Jurisdiction of the Air to act in our behalf in this matter addressed to the Board of Directors and Boards of Governors of the World Bank/IBRD/IMF. Hard copy with seals is in the mail to you and HRM Elizabeth and those directly addressed.

The Great Fraud that the Holy See and your predecessors participated in is fully known and exposed to millions of people worldwide. Whatever the circumstances and reasons for this participation they are not important now.

What remains is a prompt removal of false claims and improper administration of the Global Estate and especially our part of it. We suggest that you access the Emergency Stabilization Funds and pay the American Armed Forces without respect to Jacob Rothschild. His offer to operate the UNITED STATES under new management as a Successor has been rebuffed as just more of the same destructive and dishonest fraud.

As we discussed with Pope Benedict in 2008 and as we have kept you advised since then, the entire mechanism and basis of this fraud— including the Medieval misinterpretation of the Afterbirth as a deformed dying child and the establishment of an infant decedant estate in their behalf—has been fully exposed. The Holy See's culpability is evident in the Summa Theologica and manifest in the current circumstance.

The role of the Bar Associations, the Middle Temple especially in this instance, and the banks also is self-evident. The privateers unleashed upon our trusting shores have wrecked their havoc and siphoned off our wealth for over a hundred years. In those same hundred years Americans have loyally paid off immense sums of debt not their own and have preserved by industry and force of arms both the Papacy and the Monarchy; we are the Creditors in this situation and will not be obliged to accept any other role.

We would also appreciate your correction of the ongoing false arrest and imprisonment of millions of Americans who have been incarcerated for profit by the UN Corp dba IMF dba UNITED STATES and the FEDERAL RESERVE and their respective "STATE" and "COUNTY" franchises. We request the immediate and unconditional release of all people born on our soil who are being held for victimless crimes, including all those Americans being held for failure to file paperwork and pay taxes they don't owe.

We request the end of the Foreclosure Fraud wrecking our country and its people, and the end of the use of private commercial mercenaries disguised as legitimate government employees on our soil–such as the ongoing situation in Burns, Oregon, where FBI Agents are threatening the people they are obligated to serve.

We request the prompt liquidation of those banks and Bar Associations found to be operating as crime syndicates throughout the world and the transfer of their assets to new management dedicated to upholding the actual Law of Our Father.

We note that the Roman Curia is responsible for the existence of all incorporated legal personas and that the Office of the Pope has retained both the right and the responsibility to repeal all statutory laws which are repugnant to justice and morality and to liquidate all corporations that are operating unlawfully and in violation of their charters.

We request your assistance and the assistance of all your appointed administrators, Cardinals, Archbishops, Priests and Lay Brothers to re-educate and inform people everywhere concerning the nature of the Great Fraud and the justice of our actions as Children of God and beneficiaries of the Global Estate Trust.

We wish an end to toleration of usury and idolatry in our midst and the adoption of a system of international cooperation to delivery credit, assistance, and relief to all people on this planet. We have already suggested both an appropriate rationale and technology to deliver credit owed to every living man, woman, and child as well as a means for them and their countries to receive investment funding for all necessary and good purposes— which shall no longer include making war and no longer include any necessity for defense of their lawful prerogatives.

All that is happening has been long foretold and should come as no surprise to anyone concerned. The true Kingdom of God is come. When what is true comes, the false must pass away. When the actual government stands up, that which merely represents it must stand down. When the actual people are present all "persons" must be dissolved.

He is come and we are come. This is the end of the world as people have known it and the transfer of power from Lucifer to the Lamb of God.

We have established a lawful Commercial Obligation Lien in the amount of $279 trillion United States Dollars defined as one ounce of fine silver against the American Bar Association (ABA) and the International Bar Association (IBA) and the mis-named DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE for their part in these nefarious, long-lived, and pernicious acts of fraud and theft against the American People and our lawful government. We request the immediate assistance of the Universal Postal Union and the Federal Marshals to aid in collection and enforcement of this debt from the offenders and their employers, the Federal Reserve Banks and the International Monetary Fund.

A reward of 20% of all assets recovered is set aside as part of the lien provisions.

These and all other such symbols of value are to be used only as a means to secure an orderly transition. These and other forms of idols must be recognized for what they are and ultimately relegated to the dustbin of history. When we were children we thought as children. Now we must think and act and be as Sons of the True and Living God.

You have chosen St. Francis as your patron and namesake and that claim upon his Spirit is upon One who was and is a true Lover of Man and Our Father in Heaven, so let it be that you act promptly in favor of the beneficiaries of the Earth and in accordance with the Will of all those who love the Only and True I Am.

Out of Thin Air Credit River Decision – Federal Reserve Banking Mortgage Fraud

Thursday, July 23rd, 2015

Judge Anna Von Reitz
Wed, July 22, 2015
Subject; Fed Mortgage Fraud

You can order copies of Anna’s book with Black and White interior via AMAZON at Use Discount Code A9RV5KUN for a discount of 60%
off plus shipping.
The color copies were created for the legal side of the project— have to have
color on the seals and signatures for the courts to recognize them. It's also
instructive for anyone who wants to do a similar process again in the future. All
the actual autographs are in red — denoting the land jurisdiction (autographs in
blue are sea jurisdiction) and so are the thumbprints and the individual coats of
arms are in color and custom-made.

This is necessary as a form of copyright on our "states" of the Union.

Anyway, it might be worth it to you and some others to see the color pages and know
that each of those coats of arms were individually designed and are the "maker's
marks" of separate organic States of America.

Every day that goes by word is spreading and people are waking up and seeing the fraud — and they are in turn alerting others. It is going through entire organizations. The comic book is being used as a textbook and starting point for people to get a grip on the issues and identities involved. Even churches are buying up supplies and starting study groups
trying to dope out the ecclesiastical roots of this mess.

And a team of forensic auditors is gathering to unravel the web of the most gigantic
fiduciary trust fraud in history.

Lawyers are tearing up their Bar Cards and jumping ship.

YOUR MORTGAGE— Question is, are you going to be able to handle the "TRUTH"?

DEFINITION of ' Fiat Money ', Currency that a government has declared to be legal
tender, but is not backed by a physical commodity . The value of fiat money is
derived from the relationship between supply and demand rather than the value of the
material that the money is made of.

THIS INFORMATION IS VERY IMPORTANT–you can obtain a full copy of 109 items that
Judge Anna Maria Riezinger has attached an affidavit to. See very bottom of e-mail
for ordering.

We say that the case First National Bank of Montgomery,Minnesota, vs. Jerome Daly
(1968) known as The Credit River Decision established
res judicata and stare decisis in all similar cases and did so by jury decision in
the superior court of the People which no inferior court or jurisdiction
has authority to overturn or review according to Article V11 of The Constitution for
the united States of America . This is important because a jury decision in Public
court stands over any decision by corporate administrative tribunals which are
expected to act in conformance with Public Law;

We say the Jerome Daly case proved that the Federal Reserve banks and other lending
institutions organized under their System never
give anything of equitable value in exchange for the Promissory Notes and Mortgage
Contracts that they obtain. This is important because
once such a determination is made by a jury it stands a fact;

We say that Jerome Daly forced the bank manager to admit under cross-examination
that the bank created the funds it loaned to
Jerome Daly out of thin air simply by entering numbers in a ledger and which
represented credit already owed to Jerome Daly by the same banks. This is important
because it demonstrates the basic fraud process: the banks create the credit they
loan out of thin air simply by
entering numbers in a ledger and that credit is based on the borrower's own
assets— not the bank's. The bank loans nothing of value of its own:

We say that the bank manager in the Daly case also admitted that this was the
practice throughout the Federal Reserve System. This is important because virtually
all banks in this country are members of the Federal Reserve System:

We say that there is no excuse whatsoever for any foreclosure action that has taken
in America since 1968 in favor of the banks and lending institutions operating under
the Federal Reserve system, nor any successor system operating under the same
This is important because the Daly case proved that no equitable consideration was
given by the banks and no valid contract ever existed as a result;

We say that the U.S. Small Business Administration that obtained the Promissory Note
and Mortgage contract in Case 3AN-12-6858CL
Federal Reserve System and using the same exact procedures as the First National
Bank of Montgomery, Minnesota in the Daly case. This is important because the Daly
case was already decided and there was no obligation to prove the same facts again;

We say as the only sworn Witnesses having first-hand knowledge of the facts that no
actual cash ever traded hands in the transaction discussed throughout Case
3AN-12-6858CL and that the U.S. Small Business Administration received our
Promissory Note without disclosure of its value and without disclosing its own
status as a false storefront for undisclosed banking interests. This is important
because the bank knowingly misrepresented itself as a government institution
offering a Federal Disaster Loan and obscured both its nature and identity;

We say that undisclosed to us our Promissory Note had Actual Cash Value equal to the
entire amount of the purported loan and was redeemable for cash at any United States
Treasury Window. This is important because it establishes the motive for the bank's
deceit.They were able to obtain funds equal to the entire amount of the loan from us
with out our knowledge.This enabled them to deposit our own funds in a bank account
and write a check off those funds back to us, thus creating the illusion that they
gave us a loan of their own assets;

We say that other than providing the only actual asset which underwrote the entire
transaction we receive nothing but peonage from the banks and the STATE in exchange.
This is important because if we had acted as employees of the STATE or the BANK they
would have had to pay us for our services as builders and caretakers of their
property. They would also be responsible for paying any taxes or other fees.This is
important because their failure to pay us and failure to pay the taxes owed provides
prima facie evidence that they were never the owners of the property:

We say that more than forty years after the Daly case established the fraudulent
nature of mortgage loans this same fraud is occurring every day throughout America.
Additional information and publications obtained from the Federal Reserve Banks
themselves has confirmed that the same practices that led to the Credit River
Decision are ongoing today. This is important because it proves that ongoing
systemic fraud and usury is being practiced by banking institutions throughout
America and far from addressing the crime the Bar Associations, Law Enforcement
Agencies, and Administrative Courts are aiding and abetting it;

This first edition is spendy so to expedite distribution to those who are helping
support the court action and networking, there's a real break being made available:

You can order copies of Anna’s book with Black and White interior via AMAZON at Use Discount Code A9RV5KUN for a discount of 60%
off plus shipping.


from a human being that really cares fyi From 1862 to today, the word "person"means
in Federal-ese

Obama Watch – More Babies Aborted than New Jobs Created

Tuesday, June 24th, 2014

Dave Cleveland –
Tue, June 24, 2014
Subject: Obama Watch Babies Invading America

Four western Iraqi towns fall to advancing ISIS
US seeks immunity for forces
to be deployed in Iraq
United States is seeking immunity
from local prosecution for forces it is planning to deploy to Iraq where
al-Qaeda-linked militants have taken over some cities.
Terrorists Post A Selfie With John McCain
Snowden Gets
German (4TH REICH) Award For Exposing US NSA Ops
Obama’s Record: More
Babies Aborted Than Jobs Created
Reveals How She Helped A Rapist Go Free
California female inmates
sterilized illegally
5 Links Between Higher
Education and the
Prison Industry
worlds of academia and incarceration are closer than you may think


Repo Industry is
Collecting Data on Virtually Every Car in America
Beta Boston(part of the Boston Globe) has published an
excellent report into this very disturbing trend.
Central American migrants
are on a word-of-mouth exodus to the U.S.
Teens Faces To 99 Yrs For Selling Pot Brownies
Obama Confirms Airstrikes
Will Not Be Limited to Iraq
Obama administration is
making it clear that airstrikes targeting ISIS would extend into Syria
Hannity Rips Paul For
Not Blaming Obama For Iraq – Vid
Ebola Outbreak In
W. Africa 'Totally Out Of Control'
Mass Graves Of
Illegals Remains Found In TX
Park Service To Ban Drones Over 84mn Acres
LAPD Just Got a
Military-Grade Electric Bike for Stealth Missions
Motorcycles In Utah
100% Electric Motorcycles
100% Electric 2013 Zero MX
– Natural Sound at the Track
Zero electric motorcycles
Migrants amassing at Rio
Grande's edge
They are part of an
unprecedented tsunami of families and children traveling on their own from
Central America trying to reach the United States through the Rio Grande Valley
of Texas, where the Border Patrol has been overwhelmed by the surge.
Paul Proposes Legislation to Stop End Run Around 2nd Amendment
Obama determined to stop
banks from doing business with firearms retailers.
Emails The IRS Has a Contract with an Email Backup Company
Breitbart | The IRS had hired an email backup company to prevent
just such a loss of data.
Court allows FBI to
torture Americans abroad
Feds to Fly Hundreds of
Migrants to California
The Border Patrol will fly
nearly 300 Central American migrants from south Texas to California for
processing, an official said, as the government seeks to ease the workload on
agents at the nation's busiest corridor for illegal crossings…The flights to
California are the government's latest response to a surge of Central Americans
entering Texas' Rio Grande Valley, where the Border Patrol has made
more than174,000 arrests since Oct. 1. Most are
fromHonduras, El Salvador and Guatemala.
Border agents frustrated by influx of
immigrant kids
Union president says agents pulled from field to
baby-sit and change diapers.
Migrants Amassing WHY?
Sandy Hook Lead Investigator Dies
Suddenly at Age 49
Major William Podgorski, one
of the lead investigators of the events at Sandy Hook School in Connecticut,
has died suddenly of undisclosed causes.
UK Bans Creationism In
Schools in the United Kingdom
are banned from teaching creationism following a clarification of regulations
released by the UK government last week.
Russian-Ukrainian ‘Satan’
rocket blasts into orbit with 33-satellite load
Dnepr rocket also dubbed
‘Satan’ has blast off into earth’s orbit carrying over 30 satellites from 17
countries, including the US. The rocket itself is of Russia-Ukraine make.
Coming War Between
Christian vs Christian (Uncensored)



Top 3 Steps to Iceland Solvency – Icelander Pots & Pans Solution

Monday, December 9th, 2013
Sun, Dec 8, 2013
Subjecct: Foreclosure in Iceland is NWo Bank Theft


Google+ it's only a matter of time for us

Now it is our turn… only we do not need to re-write the Constitution…just kick out the corrupt bankers, politicians, and that ilk.
Icelanders Overthrow Government and Rewrite Constitution After Banking Fraud-No Word From US Media
Can you imagine participating in a protest outside the White House and forcing the entire U.S. government to resign? Can you imagine a group of randomly chosen private citizens rewriting the U.S. constitution to include measures banning corporate fraud? It seems incomprehensible in the U.S., but Icelanders did just that. Icelanders forced their entire government to resign after a banking fraud scandal, overthrowing the ruling party and creating a citizen’s group tasked with writing a new constitution that offered a solution to prevent corporate greed from destroying the country. The constitution of Iceland was scrapped and is being rewritten by private citizens; using a crowd-sourcing technique via social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter. These events have been going on since 2008, yet there’s been no word from the U.S. mainstream media about any of them. In fact, all of the events that unfolded were recorded by international journalists, overseas news bureaus, citizen journalists and bloggers. This has created current accusations of an intentional cover up of the story by mainstream U.S. news sources.
An “iReport” on CNN, written by a private citizen in May 2012, has questioned the reasons why this revolution has not been widely covered in the U.S., suggesting that perhaps the mainstream media is controlled by large corporate interests and thus has been unwilling to report on Iceland’s activities. That report is currently making its way around social media. CNN today placed a statement on its website saying: “We’ve noticed this iReport is being shared widely on Facebook and Twitter. Please note that this article was posted in May 2012. CNN has not yet verified the claims and we’re working to track down the original writer.” It is interesting to note that CNN’s European version, CNN Europe, already covered the story of the protests and the government’s resignation, leading many to question why CNN would now need to “look into” the claims.
Besides CNN Europe’s own coverage of the scandal, the events in Iceland were widely covered by international media and are easily verified by a simple search on Google which leads to a variety of reputable international news sources that ran numerous stories on the Icelandic revolution. A whole documentary has been made on the governmental overthrow called Pots, Pans and Other Solutions, and now, the conversation is focused on whether or not the citizens’ actions actually worked to make Iceland a more equitable nation.
To understand the enormity of what happened in Iceland, it’s best to draw parallels between the initial banking fraud that caused Iceland’s economy to collapse and the banking fraud in the U.S. that caused the mortgage crisis six years ago. In Iceland, unscrupulous bankers had inflated the value of Iceland’s banks internationally which in turn caused the “bubble” to eventually burst in 2008 and saw most of Iceland’s banks going bankrupt.
A similar situation happened in the U.S. just one year before the collapse in Iceland, with the mortgage crisis of 2007. Mortgage lenders in the U.S. knowingly lent money to prospective homeowners who could not afford to purchase a home. This, in turn, led to falsely inflated home values and a vicious cycle of too much lending. Just as in Iceland, the bubble burst and many U.S. banks were about to declare bankruptcy. In Iceland, the citizens took to the streets by the thousands, banging pots and pans in what is known as the “pots and pans revolution,” leading to the arrest and prosecution of many unscrupulous bankers responsible for the economic collapse. Icelandic citizens also refused to pay for the sins of the bankers and rejected any measures of taxation to bail them out. In the U.S., the government bailed out the banks and arrested no one.
The pots and pans revolution in Iceland was not covered by mainstream U.S. media. In fact, any information about this revolution is found only on international newspapers, blogs and online documentaries, not on mainstream front-page articles as would be expected from news organizations covering a story of this magnitude. The New York Times published a small handful of piecemeal stories, blogs and opinion pieces, but mostly glossed over the main narrative by saying the 2008 financial collapse in Iceland caused “mayhem far beyond the country’s borders” rather than pointing out that Icelanders took to the streets with pots and pans and forced their entire government to resign.
As the saying goes, “there are two sides to every story,” but a more accurate articulation of this phrase would be “in any story, there are multiple sides, viewpoints, opinions and perspectives.” The story in Iceland is no exception. Socialist and Marxist blogs here in the U.S. say that there’s been a massive U.S. news conspiracy and cover up about the revolution in Iceland because the U.S. media is controlled by corporations, including banks, and the “powers that be” don’t want U.S. citizens getting any ideas to stage a revolution of their own. Some conservative Icelandic bloggers claim that while there was, indeed, a revolution, it did not lead to a successful or widely accepted new constitution. They say the situation in Iceland is worse than ever, and that international news reports of an effective democratic uprising leading to a better government are simply myths. Social media commenters are scratching their heads over why they were robbed of the story of Iceland’s pots and pans revolution.
As with most narratives, the truth may lie somewhere in the middle of all of these varying perspectives. One thing is clear, though: it’s nearly impossible to find one mainstream U.S. news report of the pots and pans revolution in Iceland, the resignation of Iceland’s entire government, and the jailing of the bankers responsible for the economic collapse there. Whether or not the revolution led to a more fair government or a workable and effective constitution is irrelevant to the fact that the U.S. media has essentially skipped over this story for the past five years.
Is it possible that mainstream media sources purposely covered up the Iceland story to appease their corporate sponsors? It doesn’t seem likely, and yet, what explanation could be given as to why this news never made it to the front pages of our most trusted media organizations here in the U.S.?
As Iceland struggles to regain its footing with a new government, U.S. citizens may or may not be able to look to Iceland as an example of perfect democracy in action. The real question, though, is why weren’t U.S. citizens given the information about the ousting of the Icelandic government and the jailing of the unscrupulous bankers? Are journalists in control of the mainstream media or is there some truth to accusations that big business may, in fact, be strong-arming reporters to keep quiet about world events that could inspire similar actions here in the U.S.?

Jesus Aiive and Well in Australia – Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

Pamela Johnson
Sun, June 9, 2013
Subject: NWo Destroyed by Golightly





HAARP/DOPPLERS CAUSING BAD WEATHER(covert Military and Meteorologists causing bad weather) Bad weather: Tornados, Tsunamis, major Floods, major Droughts, major Earthquakes, Hurricanes, major Volcanic eruptions. See You Tube channel: WeatherWar101.


Jesus Christ/Yahweh is in Australia. His name in this reincarnation is Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall. His books are @ His sites on Facebook and various other Saints: Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall; Martha Marshall; Pamela Golightly Marshall. His and some of the other Saints You Tube channels: peacenowwhitedove; NibiruDestroyer; TheTruthisBrian 1-3 channels;TheMostRoyalManAlive; SwordofTruth888 (currently running channel of Yahweh's, you can email him there );; TheChildofYahweh; BrianisGod1; MrCapstoneProduction; 11Chooka'sChannel; NibiruMyAngelGabrielUltiimateProphecy; NibiiruClose; Yahweh2012; 3168Angel; MsSherrieLeaLaird (Marilynn Monroe reincarnated) plus more sites. My other site is Yahweh/Jesus Christ has 7,000 videos and 35 books to prove who he is. Other You Tube channels of interest: ViralTrends "West Texas Plant Explosion (Update 9/11 tapes); StormCloudsGathering; FromBableToIrealnd "The NWO Global Endgame Agenda- Your World is Changing"; AlternativeNews4u "West Texas Fertilizer Bombing-Forensic Evidence"; TheJohnathankleck; HenningKemner; TheCountdownback-upHenningKemner; SuspiciousObservers; WeatherWar101; Stormy13Wizard13 and more. 6/14/2012 an international "Notice to Cease and Desist" and "Yahweh's Claim to the Throne of England and United Kingdom of Israel" sent out to various world governments/entities.; (onlline radio/internet of RJ Henders, who is Isaiah reincarnated). You Tube topics: New World Order; Free Masons; Secret Societies. See weather updates at You Tube channel: SuspiciousObservers. Evidence of reincarnation internet and these You Tube accounts: Akashic Records; information by Dr. Brian Weiss; and Dr. Norman Finklestein (the Psychiatrist who proved through retrograde hypnosis that Sherrie Lea Laird is Marilynn Monroe reincarnated). My email:
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Praying the Fallen Angels down: do DAILY @ 9AM AND 9PM:

1)"Lord's Prayer .In Yahweh/Jesus Christ/The Holy Ghost/ Brian Leonard Golightly Marshalls names."


2) "Marshall Law declared, civil war declared, the jail doors open, all prisoners set free, no shots fired. In Yahweh/Jesus Christ/the Holy Ghost/ Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall's names."

3) "The Evil Empire of the fallen angels will fall and be destroyed, the Heavenly Angels will do the reaping" (Repeat in his names) Yahweh…,…,…,…"

4)" I pray for the protection of the body, soul, mind, and Holy Spirit of the righteous, innocent, meek, truly repentant, the Tribe of Judah/House of David, the Heavenly Archangels,Heavenly Angels, Saints, the innocent children and grandchildren. (Repeat) In the name of Yahweh…,…,…"

5) "I pray for peace and love. Healing of the body, mind, Holy Spirit, and Soul. (Repeat) In the name of Yahweh…,…,…"

6) "Divine retribution, retaliation, and justice against the evil, wicked, non-repentant illuminatis and satanists. (Repeat) In the name of Yahweh…,…,…"

7) "I pray for miracles, blessings, prosperity, and wealth for the righteous, innocent, meek, truly repentant, the Tribe of Judah/House of David, the Heavenly Archangels, Heavenly Angels, the Saints, the innocent children, and grandchildren. (Repeat) In the name of Yahweh…,…,…"

8) "I rebuke the Demons, Demonic spirits, Demonic entities, and the fallen angels. Bind them up. Cast them away, and destroy them. (Repeat) In the name of Yahweh

Internet sites and You Tube video topics of interest:

Internet:; New Madrid Fault Line, HAARP. Chemtrails; 9/11 Truth; Scholars for 911 Truth; Pilots for 911 Truth…

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THE POWER OF THE SHERIFF, GOD WANTS THE FORECLOSURES TO BE STOPPED, THE FEDERAL RESERVE IS A PRIVATE CENTRAL BANK RUN BY SECRET SOCIETIES. THE TARP FUNDS THAT WERE GIVEN TO THE FRAUDULENT BANKSTERS, WOULD HAVE BEEN ENOUGH TO PAY OFF ALL THE DEBTS OF THE AMERICAN CITIZENS. CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE IS FOLLOWING GOD'S LAWS, IE. MARSHALL LAW. ALL DEBTS ARE TO BE FORGIVEN. WE DON'T WANT THE LITERAL "GRAPES OF WRATH" SCENARIO. WE HAVE TOO MANY TENT CITIES IN AMERICA, AND HOMELESS THROUGHOUT THE WORLD. All children born since 1980 are perfected, righteous in the image of God, unless they have been misled. We have been dealing with a battle between the Seeds of Cain, fighting against the Seeds of Seth and the Seeds of Shem. There have been Demonic spirits trying to influence and possess humanity. The Seeds of Cain had skewed DNA, from inbreeding, marrying 2nd cousins, leading to mental illness literal psychopaths/sociopaths.


Homeopathic medicine topics on internet and You Tube:

Colloidal Silver; (calcium hypochlorite); Maple syrup and baking soda and more. Google: 4647773 (how the AIDS virus was made). All acquired diseases were made in labs.

Free Energy concepts on internet and You Tube:

Zero Point magnetic motor; Reverse magnetic motor; water fueled cars; electric cars; solar energy and more.

Barack Obama AKA Barry Soetoro proven to have false credentials by Arizona Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, look up information on Obama's birth certificate.

Some good infomation @ (Alex Jones is a double agent/Zionist)

You Tube: Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura from TruTv: FEMA Camps,Tube: GeorgiaGuidestones.

Saint Muamad Ahmadinejad is Mohammad reincarnated, Saint Vladimir Putin is Nicolas Romanov and Michel Romanov reincarnated. Per Yahweh: DON'T TAKE VACCINATIONS, CONTAMINATED. INCIDENCE OF AUTISM WENT FROM 1:10,000 TO 1:100. DO YOUR RESEARCH!

You can send a pre-paid postage $3.00 dollars and a large business envelope to me to obtain copies of the "Notice to Cease and Desist" and "Yahweh's Claim to the Throne of England and United Kingdom of Israel".

Pamela Esther Golightly Marshall

Saint/Queen of America/General

Tribe of Judah/House of David

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Post Office Box 4638

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Pamela Golightly Marshall sent you a video: "New earth axis revealed means death"

Pamela Golightly Marshall has shared a video with you on YouTube

New earth axis revealed means death

by SwordOfTruth888

The last warning, unrepentant men and women will soon become aware of what they have become and it will be too late, the offence to the Holy Ghost Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall the Lord Jesus Christ is so great that unless every knee bows there will be no hope for the majority, the harvest of souls the supper of God the fowls of the air feasting upon the flesh of unrepentant man. Going underground will be no escape, ground to dust will be those who do go. There is no escaping the judgment of God rejected by mankind. Matthew 10:28 "fear him who can kill both body and soul in hell"….no other place is hell it is here on the earth, mankind deluded by the enemy of their soul prefers the darkness rather than coming to the Light of the Lord Jesus Christ who has been on the earth since his re-birth date of 11th of January 1944 at 2;22am, the day and the hour he as the Father this time has been revealing to a world gone mad, deluded by religion that preaches from the Talmud influenced Bible the trap for the unwise and perverted by the same devil in men who have deceived the whole world Rev 12;12 are the Jew who call themselves Jews and are not, John 8:44 the sons of Cain their father the first murderer and liar from the beginning. The Christ recognized announced by Pope Benedict XVI is the Holy Ghost and the unpardonable sin is to offend him and he is offended by Judaism, the greatest lie that has ever been told is that he Jesus was a Jew, he was and is an Essene and now the Jews who call themselves Jews and are not have the Christian churches preaching their gospel that they are the chosen race of God…well they are chosen alright by their god Lucifer, the first 5 books of the bible the Torah the god of which is lucifer……the Great Whore the Catholic Church has elected the stupidest man on the earth, the antichrist Francis the talking mule who has not a clue, treats as a joke the position he is in, a man of no substance, no intestinal fortitude playing with the lives of every man woman and child on the planet by denying the world the only news that will bring an end to the madness of hell…Francis is denying the world the knowledge of the Christ returned and identified by Pope Benedict XVI, Francis is sitting on the news and plays games of praying for the sick when the Christ can heal them, blessing the ungodly in the Jews who are not forgiven and will be cast off the earth along with all who support Israel, a man of low intelligence, the thing great about him is his power hungry ego all the while playing the role of a servant of Christ, he is the one responsible for the devastation about to come upon Europe….as the nations rise up against each other as the blood pours as the bodies of flesh become the pickings of vultures, there is one man to blame, Francis the Antichrist, talking mule and his investigators he has surrounded himself with, they have proclaimed themselves antichrist in helping Francis pull off his plans to conceal the news of the returned Christ, Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall.

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Top 3 Foreclosure Defenses – Follow the Judge’s Money

Friday, March 22nd, 2013

National Lawmen
Sat, Mar 9, 2013
Subject: Foreclosure Solutions

As I have been saying for some time, we are asking the wrong questions. In a foreclosure the banks get your property and never have to produce [for return to you] your property, the note. The note is yours as it bears only your signature. The bank is never entitled to the real property and the note. They cant produce the original note because it has been destroyed. Without it they don't have legal right to the property.

I have been going through some complaints/motions/decisions and the like lately to evaluate my original theories on how the foreclosure scam/hoax is perpetuated through the courts and find that my theories are correct; but perhaps I have not emphasized these points sufficiently because so few people – even attorneys specializing in foreclosures– seem to use the concept in any way.

First:Always obtain the judge’s financial disclosure statement to see if he and/or his spouse is invested in any way with the bank you are fighting. This is inclusive of his ‘mutual funds’ ‘pension account’ ‘retirement account’ ‘mortgage’ etc. In almost every case you will discover that the judge deciding your case has a financial relationship in some way with your adversary.

Second:Notice how the bank repeatedly claims “the Borrower is in default.” Although this claim may be true it is completely irrelevant. What is relevant is whether or not the ‘purported loan’ is in default. In almost all cases the ‘loan’ is not in default and has been paid in full by some entity (bailout money, TARP, insurance, etc.). The bank guides the case towards a discussion concerning Borrower’s failure to pay when in fact the real question is whether or not the Note has been paid – in law it does not matter who paid the note, just whether or not its been paid.
Even in the judge’s decisions and orders the judge often notes the Borrower’s failure to pay yet NEVER discusses whether or not the Note has been paid. This is a trick initiated by the banks and perpetrated by the judges. Do not fall for this trick. If you must, add comments in your motion stating such; make sure you stay focused on whether or not the Note has been paid, not whether or not you paid. Take some time and go through decisions the favor the bank and you will find exactly what I have found – judge’s rule for the bank based on the false premise that the Loan is in default because the Borrower is in default, when in fact every judge knows that one has nothing to do with the other.
It simply does not matter how the Note was paid, nor does it matter if the Borrower is delinquent – the ONLY thing that matters is whether or not the NOTE was paid for, and the Note is ALWAYS paid for by some entity. I have tried for years to make both of these points perfectly clear to everyone yet almost no one ever seems to let these points sink in well enough to make them priorities in their cases; which I think is a primary contributing factor to why so many people lose before court and wind up with ‘summary judgments’ and/or dismissals.

You must understand it is the judge’s best interest to take you to an arena where you can’t win; and arguing about whether or not you are in default is not winnable in any situation. But; an argument about whether or not the Note is in default is not an argument the banks can win. For the Note to be in default would require a complete absence of: i) any payment from the numerous bailouts; and ii) any payment from insurances; and iii) the standard language in the PSA; and iv) violations of S.E.C. requirements. Plus, the banks and insurance companies IRS filings would then be fraudulent.

You must then get the banks to go on the record claiming the Note was not paid in full and/or in part by ANY entity and force them to supply the corresponding IRS and S.E.C. records establishing such.

Third: What proves I am right, other than the fact so far I always have been? Simple, the law is very clear concerning what must happen with a Note in the case of a foreclosure – the Note must be returned to the Borrower and/or canceled by the court. But this NEVER happens, why? 2 reasons: 1 because the Note was destroyed shortly after it was signed, and 2 because those that paid off the ‘digital version’ of the Note are not going to release it since they paid for it.

The really disgusting part about all of this is the judges know everything above is 100% correct, true and factual. That should scare everyone.

Yes, the judges are in on it, the AGs are in on it, the politicians are in on it.


In law and in commerce: no foreclosure is “PERFECTED” until the Note is returned to the Borrower and/or cancelled by the court. Which proves incontrovertibly: no foreclosure in this country was legally sufficient and/or even actually occurred in law. The whole damn thing is a hoax.
Please pass this simplified explanation around the internet so maybe a few attorneys will read it and finally start fighting against the foundation of the problem instead of being lead where the banks tell the judges to lead them.

John C. Stuart, aka Mobius Nemesis 4101 W. Union Hills Dr. #1043Glendale, Arizona(85308)

"Societies biggest failure is it has allowed authority to be its truth; and prevented truth from being its authority." Mobius Nemesis

"The fact is that the average man's love of liberty is nine-tenths imaginary, exactly like his love of sense, justice and truth. He is not actually happy when free; he is uncomfortable, a bit alarmed, and intolerably lonely. Liberty is not a thing for the great masses of men. It is the exclusive possession of a small and disreputable minority, like knowledge, courage and honor. It takes a special sort of man to understand and enjoy liberty– and he is usually an outlaw in democratic societies." — H.L. Mencken, Baltimore Evening Sun, Feb. 12, A. D. 1923

"Ah, Love, Could thou and I conspire, To grasp this sorry scheme of things entire, Would we not shatter it to bits, And then rebuild it nearer to the hearts desire?" Omar Khyyaam of Naishapur

For if you [the rulers] suffer your people to be ill-educated, and their manners to be corrupted from their infancy, and then punish them for those crimes to which their first education disposed them, what else is to be concluded from this, but that you first make thieves [and outlaws] and then punish them. -Sir Thomas More (1478-1535), Utopia, Book 1

“Here's to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes – the ones who see things differently. They're not fond of rules and they have no respect for the status quo. You can praise them, disagree with them, quote them, disbelieve them, glorify or vilify them. About the only thing that you can't do is ignore them. Because they change things." Jack Kerouac


Dear Friends and White Knights,

In the last
week, news has come from U.S. Senators indicating that NESARA’s announcement and the mass deliveries and fulfillment of the current prosperity programs are near.

There are some in Congress who support NESARA and support the distribution of the prosperity programs funds; both topics are under gag order or Non Disclosure but members of Congress do occasionally confide in their own family members and close personal friends. Although they are forced by U.S. Supreme Court gag order to publicly deny that NESARA has been passed, their personal conversations and communications are quite different.

While mainstream media carries make-news from the D.C. Bush gang, the real action is still happening behind the scenes and still under gag order. But not for long. Tomorrow I will write about something which, we hope, will provide crucial resolution to a problem which has been a major obstacle to the NESARA announcement. I have been tracking this obstacle for years and finally, it looks like a solution to remove the obstacle has been found.

When people read the major points of the true NESARA law listed above, most people will not realize the VAST impacts of NESARA. It is not until we detail NESARA’s impacts on major organizations in our world, that we begin to realize the tremendous transformations NESARA initiates.

For example, what does the restoration of Constitutional Law really mean? It’s been a few years since I have written about the impacts on certain organizations in the U.S. which will be required to change. There are literally thousands of ways NESARA impacts our country when Constitutional Law is restored. One of the thousands of ways involves the American Bar Association (ABA) which will be required to cease functioning under its CURRENT charter in the U.S. The reason for this is that the ABA is an organization whose official “charter” was authorized by the British Crown. The British Crown is a foreign agent and this makes the current ABA a “foreign agent” which has power the Constitution prohibits a foreign agent to have. Through various means the ABA has spread its tentacles of control into our legal and judicial system, government, and Congress. The ABA is controlled by the Illuminati/dark agenda and is one of the ways the Illuminati have gained covert control in the U.S.

The American Medical Association and the American Dental Association are also tools of the Illuminati and will have to cease functioning under their current charters. The Illuminati have very carefully step-by-step taken control of our country in a myriad of covert activities and through many organizations. We are currently blocked from accessing many helpful alternative medical technologies and therapies due to restrictions by government and these Illuminati controlled organizations.

All of these organizations, the ABA, the AMA, and the ADA, are controlled by the Illuminati and have been used to control our people in various ways. In addition, the Illuminati have their tentacles into well-known charitable organizations, foundations, universities, media conglomerates,
corporations, and much more. NESARA requires changes in the structures and charters of literally every organization; the changes NESARA requires will enable the Illuminati’s personnel and control to be identified and removed.

The reason that NESARA is under such strict gag orders by both the World Court and the U.S. Supreme Court is due to NESARA’s massive ripple effects. What happens when someone perceives that their “power” or income will be impacted by a new law? If people perceive they have less power or that their incomes might become less, they band together and raise objections to the new law.

With NESARA, there will be less attorneys needed for several reasons: 1) there will be no federal income tax and eventually no state income taxes which eliminates need for tax attorneys; 2) there will be radically fewer laws because NESARA wipes out many laws. If NESARA had not been passed in secret sessions, there would have been years of fighting by attorneys to keep NESARA from passing.

There are provisions in NESARA to compensate these attorneys and all others whose income is reduced by NESARA, but this probably would not have kept attorneys from lobbying against NESARA. In addition, there is the new prosperity program for all U.S. citizens and natural persons/sovereigns which is part NESARA and will be announced within a month or so of NESARA’s announcement. However, most people who have had significant power and income will fight against something they “perceive” as limiting them. If NESARA had not been kept secret, NESARA would have been bogged down for decades in fights and attempts to water it down. The only solution to this was to pass NESARA secretly and keep the gag orders on NESARA until the official announcement.

And there’s more reasons why it has to be done this way. There are literally THOUSANDS of LIES which the government and others have spread and which most Americans believe to be true. However, the U.S. Supreme Court and those who contributed to writing NESARA were given irrefutable evidence which proves the government and media have spread a vast web of lies for decades as part of tricking and controlling the American people. The Justices realized it would be impossible for the public to understand WHY NESARA was so desperately needed when the American public has been brainwashed into believing a huge web of lies. The Justices also knew that they would only be able to educate the public AFTER the true NESARA law is announced because major media conglomerates are owned by the Illuminati. Only after NESARA is announced will the Illuminati’s power to withhold the truth be ended.

The average attorney, doctor, dentist, corporate executive, and others who might have tried to fight NESARA are equally as deluded as most other Americans. Most of the American population does not know, for example, that the Federal Reserve is a PRIVATE corporation owned largely by FOREIGN bankers and has been part of the great federal income tax swindle since the beginning. The IRS acts as the bully-boy to coerce payment of the unlawful federal income tax and guess where the money goes? The majority of it goes to the Federal Reserve and the Queen of England.

What you may ask does the Queen of England have to do with it? It happens that there was an agreement made by the Founding Fathers to buy independence from the British Crown in order to end the Revolutionary War. The Founding Fathers worried that the British would continue to send British troops to the colonies and bloody war would drag out for years. To end the killing, the Founding Fathers agreed to pay the British Crown for a number of years. In their usual trickery, the Illuminati have forced the agreement to be extended far beyond the years agreed upon and also have increased the amount of money paid to the British Crown. Each year, the British Crown makes payments out of these funds stolen (via unlawful income tax) from Americans to the top Illuminati families. The truth about this and thousands of other Illuminati actions will come out in vast numbers of exposes after NESARA is announced.

The federal income tax money paid to the Federal Reserve is paid on the bogus “debt” owed to the Federal Reserve for interest and fees charged in managing the banking and monetary system. The whole issue of the U.S. government owing money to the Federal Reserve is another complex Illuminati scam wrapped up in convoluted, unconstitutional laws and financial transactions designed to increase the debt. The majority of the national debt is actually due to these bogus debts owed to the Federal Reserve and NESARA wipes out the bogus debts. Because NESARA’s new U.S. Treasury Bank System is based on NEW money which has come into the U.S. after being accumulated offshore and which is backed by gold, silver, and platinum, there will be no economic problems from wiping out the majority of the bogus national debt.

I’ve touched on many complex issues today and ALL these issues are much more complex than I’ve discussed. I’m using these issues as illustrations of why NESARA had to be passed secretly and why it will be under gag order until the official announcement. I hope this helps you to understand a little about the complexities involved.

Economic Collapse 2013 – Human Livestock Act of 1934

Saturday, January 26th, 2013

David Wynn Miller
Fri, Jan 25, 2013
Subject: 1934 Human Livestock Act

Fed Reserve Says US Banks Shaken by Biggest Withdrawals since 9/11

US banks shaken by biggest deposit withdrawals since 9/11
10 hours ago | RT

US Federal Reserve is reporting a major deposit withdrawal from the nation’s bank accounts. The financial system hasn’t seen such a massive fund outflow since 9/11 attacks.

Read Full Article at

David Wynn Miller, 92 degree Mason, Federal Judge, Quantum Grammar IQ of 218

Dead at 18 now 63 years old, does not sleep, does not age, ET experience

Miller says Post Office and Vatican run the world, giant spacecraft in Greenland

Elected King of Hawaii. In charge of commercial contracts.

Web site

Video Series


RJ, the bankruptcy is ended—-and I have proof. Look up the 1934 Securities Act and look at the Amendments passed on August 10, 2012.

Then look up the National UCC-1 filing that was filed two days later (it's in the back of Shinola 102).

As for david-wynn:miller —– he's right, of course. The tale of Babylon is for real. The "Parse" part of "Parse-Syntax" refers to the ancient Parsi, that is, Persian, language of ancient Sumeria, where all this garbage originated, including the "galli"—-the black-robed priest responsible for "reaping souls" and for "sacrificing children" to Molloch.

Well, my dear—–what have they done? They declared all the infants "dead" on paper, in order to steal their Estates.

It all makes sense in a weird way, once you have the pieces of the puzzle. By retaining their one secret language and employing it worldwide, they were able to create a worldwide hegemony and deceive everyone as to what contracts really said or didn't say.

David-Wynn is now bringing that to light.

One of the odd things that I notice is that he and I and so many of the others who have become "aware" have also died——he was dead for 25 minutes, I was dead for 8 minutes—–it's as if that experience connected us to sources of information that normally aren't available to us while in incarnate physical form……

You've wondered and noticed that some of the people you meet and interview seem "tuned in" to information on a scale that is inexplicable—well, there you have it, straight from one of the horse's mouths. It's the death experience that is in common with us all. We have all died, all come back to life—-been "resurrected" to a greater or lesser extent.

By being dead 25 minutes, he formed greater connections in his cerebral cortex to the mathematical core of language, which operates in all truly sacred texts worldwide. All words ARE reducible to numbers. All properly constructed sacred sentences read the same backwards as forwards numerically. That is true.

When we are resurrected, truly resurrected, we will have complete intuitive knowledge of the numerical basis of the language we are using, and we will speak truth then, just as we (typically) speak lies now.

Have you noticed that sometimes when I speak, the words seem to "fit" and fall in place with a "thud"? As if they were cast of stone? There is an absolute certainty and conviction? That is the truth coming from my flawed vessel. It does come from me, too, though I am not in command of it to the extent he is.

Another part of the resurrection experience is that you begin to remember many, many lifetimes—-all of them "you". You begin to remember relationships with other souls and recognize them and the patterns you have with them over time—-it's very strange and unsettling at first, but then your brain adjusts, and you realize that your consciousness has captured and "stored" all those other lifetimes, just as it captures and stores data in the present life. We are all, in a sense, recording devices. The bodies wear out, but the sensory data, thoughts, emotions—who you "really" are, does not.

And far from feeling alone or isolated, you begin to feel part of "All That Is"—–deeply connected to the earth and nature and other souls and animals. You start communicating telepathically with some individuals, those who are "open" to that form of communication. All animals are telepathic. Your dogs, cats, horses—-they "hear" your thoughts and respond with thoughts of their own, speaking their own tongue within a "language" endemic to life itself. Cats, for example, have a very formal, precise, elegant language. Horses communicate with breath and "hear" the air itself.

So death is but a doorway into another state of being. You separate from the body and leave it behind like a shell on the beach. You arise in your true form as pure energy—and while that is a very strange, uplifting experience—-it is also oddly familiar, too, because you have done it many, many times. As I was dying, I was literally thinking about dying. I knew what was happening and I was saying, "Wait a minute! This isn't supposed to be happening now. I am 18 years old…..I am in perfectly good physical health….." I went through a "checklist" of my vital systems to see what was wrong, exactly as a pilot might check the systems of his space ship.

And then, I died. Pure and simple. Snuff. Checked out and up. Left my body for eight documented minutes. Went through the whole butterfly thing. And, yes, it forever changed me, as it changed him—-just not to the radical extent that he experienced. He was "out" and connected to the other world three times longer than me, but believe me, when he starts talking in Parse, my medulla oblongata begins to ache like a hangover and I can FEEL the unused cogs and gears loosening and beginning to break free and turn in my head. This is because he is speaking language at a deeper level — a language we ALL know, but have "forgotten"—-and I know that if I buy his book and simply pour over it for however many hours, it will flood back into my present consciousness.

I can already basically navigate in Parse—things like objects and
locations. So a process of resurrection is beginning on Earth, just as it is foretold. Those who die and come back are the forerunners—-the messengers, so to speak.

So now, I will tell you something else— a great many of the souls now incarnate are struggling with issues left from the Civil War. The great injustices that were committed, the issues of slavery, equality, material parity—all those things are crashing head-on, still unresolved, into the End Times.

To the extent that we can love others—ALL others—as ourselves, seeing the true soul within them, and within us, too——we calm all those fears and hurts in those around us. Their souls are still "stuck" in North versus South, black versus white, and so on. When you begin to perceive what they are really struggling with, it enables you to react better and respond with more love. These souls were traumatized by a great conflict. Most of them lost "pieces" of themselves that in one way or another, they search for or try to heal.

This journey is, in the end, all about "closure"—-collecting the parts of yourself that have been lost or given away over eons of time—-bringing it all back together and being at peace with the TOTAL experience.

Sometimes that can happen as quickly as the thought that yes, that is what you desire—-poof! You are whole again and ready to go on……other times, as in my own case, the trauma is too deep, too repeated, and when you try to heal by yourself, you can't do it. You need the help of the soul that has that "missing piece" of you. So, you have to call out for that soul and you to meet and do what you have to do, communicate what you need to communicate, in order for you to finally "rest in peace".

RuSA Tim Turner Message – DC Moles Took Turner Down

Wednesday, December 26th, 2012

Pres Timothy Turner
Sun, Dec 16, 2012
Subject: Tim Turner Christmas Message

Pres Tim Turner in Utah Nov 13, 2010 – Full Video Below

Republic for the United States of America

A Poem from President James Timothy Turner

Out of the hearts of men there was born

The hope of a government Republic in form;

For the Home of the Brave and Land of the Free

Not the home of the slave and land of the Fee;

The Fathers of old looked down from above

With Faith and with Praise and most of all Love;

To see "We the People" Finally stand

And bring the Republic back to their Land;

A small band of Americans who truly loved God

Stood where most warriors did Fear to trod;

They knew the Risk and counted the cost

At times it seemed the cause was just lost;

They struggled and worked and sacrificed much

They were demonized, hated and held in disgust;

"UNITED STATES" leaders said we can't let this stand

We have to destroy them down to the last man;

They called in the Marshalls and FBI

We will take out their leader we'll have to use Lies;

The President is the one that matters

If we take him down the rest will just scatter;

Spies were sent in to tear us apart

Want to be leaders who have evil hearts;

The Presidents gone you must follow us

But the People of God put up quite a Fuss;

They said we will stand in God we will trust

This network of yours is not working for Us;

The People decided to Follow the Plan

That God gave America with his own hand;

God looked down with a smile on His Face

And said to Yeshua it's time for some grace;

God sent His own Spirit to cover the land

I'll deliver the Republic with my mighty hand;

The People awakened with a big Yawn

The Corp is in trouble a new day has dawned;

The American Republic grew stronger and stronger

The "UNITED STATES" Corp could hold out no longer;

The People arose and took back their home

Not long after that the evil was gone;

Back in his jail cell the President prayed

They said he would weaken just give him some days;

In spite of their efforts he only grew stronger

How can this group hold out any longer?;

They have no money they have no support

Yet they are standing up to the "UNITED STATES" Corp;

Lucifer told them you know I beheld

A time in the past we tried to kill twelve;

They were his disciples the numbers just grew

The more I destroyed the more God renewed;

That battle I lost and I was unseated

I Feat that mistake has just been repeated.

James Timothy Turner

President 12-16-2012

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