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Dinar RV & GCR Games – Bankster Rats Hiding Operations in China

Monday, April 4th, 2016

Judge Anna Von Reitz
Mon, April 4, 2016
Subject; Dinar RV Gang Hiding in China

Banker Truth – Global Currency Reset – by Anna Von Reitz

Time to cut through all this feces about gold, paper, rocks, scissors
for everyone— here's what the history actually tells us about the
so-called "reset", "Chinese Elders", Green Hilton Agreements, BRICS and
all the rest of the clap-trap going on.

Back around 1900 a bunch of robber baron industrialists and bankers
from both sides of the Atlantic hatched this simple plan.

They knew from all sorts of experience already that EVERY fiat currency
EVER in the history of mankind has FAILED eventually and ended up in

It is not a question of whether or not a fiat currency will fail. It
is only a question of WHEN it will fail and how much inflation will
take place before it is officially abandoned and debunked as the fraud
scheme that all such currencies are.

Therefore, when the "Federal Reserve" started the printing presses they
already knew that the "Federal Reserve Note" was going to fail and that
it was going to be grossly devalued against the actual United States
Silver Dollar. They also knew that the same thing would happen with

So, they confiscate, gather, steal, outlaw, and hoard all the gold in
"depositories" and they wait…..wait for inflation to devalue the
paper currencies…..wait, wait, wait….knowing that when the fiat
currencies FAIL, they will show up with "gold as our savior"—-and
force the grandchildren of the men they stole all the gold from in the
first place, to buy it all back with hyperinflated paper money,
resulting in VAST profits for the bankers.

It cost $30 to buy an ounce of gold in the 1930's. It now costs what?
$1300 an ounce? Can you count the difference between $30 and $1300?
I make it $1270 per ounce of gold pure profit, don't you? That's over
a 4000% profit for the bankers. That is the prize they are after.
It's what they set this up for.

Same thing, to a lesser extent, with silver. A dollar of silver
equaled a one dollar silver certificate in 1928. Today, the exchange
rate is what? $21 paper "money" for an ounce of silver? The paper
currency is devalued by more than 20 times—–again, when the paper
money fails, the bankers holding all the reserves of precious metals
cash in, big time, and they parasitize everyone else both going and

They have stolen the value of your labor and your country's natural
resources for a hundred years via the process of inflation of the
currency, and now, they will turn around and force you to buy back what
should be your own inheritance at grossly inflated rates of exchange,
just to get rid of the worthless promissory notes they palmed off on

You see how it works now? They set the whole thing up with malice
aforethought. They built inflation into the system. They know it has
to fail. They know when it does they will be holding all the gold and
silver reserves, and they know they can sell all that metal back to us
for 4000, 5000, 10,000% pure profit when the currency they promoted

They created the problem and they are standing there slavering, waiting
to present the solution to the problem they created—–and reap the
profit they have planned for all along.

This whole thing with China suddenly being Daddy Warbucks and Indonesia
being the Source is all a bunch of #%$@!!, too. Chinese Elders my fat
foot! They need a safe base of operations and the Arabs hate thieves
too much. They've moved their operations to China just like they moved
their operations from Europe to the US. Things are getting too hot and
once they turn the screws, you can bet this won't be a safe place for
dishonest bankers. So they have to find new homes, just like
See this article and over 100 others on Anna's website

About NESARA and Disclosure, Etc.

If this recent announcement about the Good Guys coming over the horizon
were true and if the actions taken by Pennsylvania and the other states
back around 2010 were sufficient to secure a peaceful political solution,
why is it that we (my husband and I and our friends standing for the
American organic states and the American Native Nations upholding the
federal obligations of the Constitution) were the only ones present and
accounted for and objecting to United Nations action seeking to declare our
lawful government "dead" last fall?

The rats tried to have our entire country declared "missing, presumed dead"
the same way they have finagled to have all of us individually declared
"missing, presumed dead". Wells Fargo Bank claimed that we no longer
exist, that we don't have a national currency in circulation. We had to
come back and prove that we are alive and have a currency.

So, if there actually was any big, organized, well-funded, competent group
out there to play savior for us— where in the Hell was it last November?

Nope. Been there. Done that. There's nobody here but us chickens and you
had better start believing and acting upon that assumption instead of
standing around waiting for any saviors to come out of nowhere and solve
our problems for us——and stop believing in NESARA. You might as well
believe in Santa Claus.

I love Dave Robinson and owe him a lot, but he has been a True Believer in
all this NESARA rot for a long time and he won't give it up. I would love
for it to all be true. I would support an action like NESARA to the hilt.
But the fact is that it is a pipe dream. It remains on the books (and the
table) as a remnant of the good intentions of a single Congressman
expressed many years ago.

Anyone who thinks that they are just going to sign a piece or paper or two
or three dozen and overcome the evil that is ensconced in Washington, DC,
is delusional in my opinion. And putting out "news" announcements like
this doesn't help people deal with the reality coming down on our heads.
It just gives them false hope and encourages them to stand around with
their thumbs up their butts "waiting" for a few weeks longer for someone,
somewhere else to come save them and give them direction and wipe their
noses and tell them what to do.

I grew up in Wisconsin. My grandparents owned a dairy farm. When did anyone
show up at four in the morning and milk the cows and muck the barn for us?
I will tell you —- NEVER.

It's the same way with NESARA or anything else you want to see happen. You
have to get off your duff and make it happen. You can't just sit around
waiting for good things to happen and for good men to stand up. You have
to stand up yourself and see who will stand up with you. You ARE the good
men and women, and if you don't stand up, who will?

This idea that so many people have that they can just sit and wait
patiently for "things to straighten themselves out" and that "somebody else
will do it" is sheer poison. It's the single biggest reason that we are in
this mess. It's the reason that the crooked politicians and dishonest
bankers and corrupt lawyers have gotten away with this crap for so long
that they think this is the way the world is supposed to work.

In the final analysis all this is our own damned fault. We are the ones
who have sat on our laurels in the face of this massive corruption until
our butts are green. Millions of people have known somewhere in the back
of their minds that this country is out of control and they have done
nothing about it. They've had another beer and another corn chip,
shrugged, and said— "that's my Congressman's problem" or "that's the
Mayor's problem" or "that's above my pay grade" or "I'm too scared to do
anything" or "I'll lose my job" or "what can I do?" or "NESARA will save

I am here to tell you that that is all nothing but garbage and excuses and
it gets you nowhere. It solves nothing. It just puts you in the role of a
passive observer watching as your country and your future slips deeper into
the toilet and some souless creature "representing" you prepares to flush.

For God's sake, wake up! Take back your power! Stop letting crooks and
goons "represent" you. Present yourself and stand up and get moving. This
country hasn't done more than talk since the Vietnam War. Stop dreaming
and hoping and waiting for someone else to muck out the barn. However
unpleasant, distasteful, exhausting, discouraging, and even dangerous it
may be, actual action is the only choice that gets the job done.

Never forget that all those years while you were believing in Santa Claus
your parents and older siblings and Aunts and Uncles were all out there
busting their humps to make sure you had a Christmas. In the same way, if
you want NESARA or any other corrective action to happen you have to step
to the plate and shove.

Dinar RV Fake Promises – NWO Syndicate Still Control Currencies

Saturday, February 20th, 2016

Judge Anna Von Reitz
Sat, Feb 20, 2016
Subject; Dinar RV False Promises

Enslaved by Your Birth Certificate

A Candian answers your questions about the Birth Certificate and how you were made into chattel property by it.

People have been anxiously milling around asking me to use my crystal ball. What insights I have are strictly the common sense and practical kind that result from looking at past history and interpreting the present chaos in terms of what are the likely motivations of the moving parties?

There are two groups. The group I am aligned with wants to see the prosecution of the banks and lawyers and politicians responsible for this mess. We want the criminals recognized as criminals and we want their crimes treated as crimes, similar to what Iceland has already done.

This seems to be a far more practical and just response than allowing the perpetrators to start World War III, kill off their Priority Creditors, and collect on the life insurance policies they have placed on each one of us, naming their own corporations as the beneficiaries.

Has everyone got the picture now? We are dealing with self-serving criminals.

Back in the 1910's and 1920's their Great-Grandfathers engineered the Great Depression. As a result, business in America went off the gold standard, then in 1971, the silver standard. Both. You have to ask yourself—why? What was actually going on?

The Emergency Banking Act (1934) and HJR 192 and other actions set up a fixed "dollar for dollar" exchange rate allowing the perpetrators operating the "Federal Reserve System" to exchange their Promissory Notes known as "Federal Reserve Notes" for our United States Dollars defined as one ounce of fine silver.

They traded their paper promises for our actual silver and gold, and when it was time for them to make good on their Notes, they declared bankruptcy and named us as their sureties— that is, they pretended to "represent" us and said we were responsible for their debts after they siphoned off the entire value of *our* National Credit, which by definition is equal in value to *their* National Debt.

As a result of this chicanery, lies, and deceit, all the gold was stolen out of Fort Knox, all our silver was stripped away, too, and landed in the pockets of the banks that colluded to create this situation in the first place: Federal Reserve, World Bank, IBRD, IMF are the principal culprits.

We know this. We have the records. We know what motivated them. We know who profited.

It wasn't us.

So, folks, we have criminals in charge of private, mostly foreign-owned "governmental services corporations" posing as our government, and there is a pitched battle going on between these criminals and those well-intentioned individuals who have unknowingly been part of this crime syndicate as well as many others around the globe who are determined that there will NOT be a Third World War allowing these scam artists to kill off their Creditors in a repeat of the Great Depression and World War II scenario.

Sign me—– been there, done that, and am not doing it again.

Top 3 Years for Karen Hudes – Seeking Immunity for Bankster Crimes

Thursday, February 18th, 2016

Judge Anna Von Reitz
Wed, Feb 17, 2016
Subject; Karen Hudes 3yrs of Profiteering for Banksters

The ongoing discussion between Judge Anna Von Reitz and Karen Hudes is spelled
out below…

Dear anonymous writer,
You are right that either Von Reitz or I am lying. Von Reitz is not a judge.

Anna: Who is Karen Hudes to say that I am not a judge? Last time I looked,
it was up to Americans to select their judges, not people like Karen Hudes,
who are working as undeclared Foreign Agents on American soil and operating
private courts under color of law as public courts. FACT: I am the Worst
Nightmare of all Bar Association Members—- a Common Law Judge operating
the land jurisdiction of the United States. FACT: Amendment VII clearly
gives me—not them—jurisdiction over all matters affecting living people
and their property. FACT: Milligan Ex Parte, provides that where I hold
court they have to shut down their "prize courts" and stop plundering the
people, which means that they aren't going to be able to seize upon our
assets under color of law anymore. That's a big "Boo Hoo Hoo!" for people
like Karen, but the FACT that I am a Judge and an American Common Law Judge
is very good news for America and Americans and the sooner they all get
busy and fill all the vacated public office judgeships, the better. Von Reitz says I am bought
and paid for by the bankers. After 21 years in the World Bank’s legal
department, I have my World Bank pension.

Anna: Yes, I do say Karen is bought and paid for by bankers and it hardly
matters what form the payment takes. For years she has struggled to do
three things: (1) gain immunity from prosecution for bankers, despite their
wrong-doing; (2) leave bankers in control of our assets, despite their
wrong-doing; (3) give banker's profit also despite all their wrong-doing.

You must know them by their fruits. Heaven knows they will never tell you
the Truth. I am convinced that they don't even know the Truth. They
couldn't find it with both hands and a flashlight.

The 188 countries on the Board of Governors run the World Bank, not the
bankers. The World Bank and IMF were created in 1944 to take back the
world’s wealth from the bankers. That is what I am doing. Jose Rizal, known
in Rome as Jose Antonio Diaz de la Paz, became Superior General of Jesuits
from 12/14/42 – 9/14/46. At the end of World War II Jose Rizal and his
lawyer Ferdinand Marcos, the royals, the countries, the banks all agreed to
put the world’s assets in the Global Debt Facility (which von Reitz refers
to as the “Unam Sanctum Trust”) for 50 years, ending in 2005.

Anna: Again, who gave any permission to place our assets anywhere? Did my
parents or grandparents knowingly and willingly allow FDR to do this to
their assets? No! It was done under conditions of fraud, deceit, and
coercion. People in America didn't even know and were not told what the
"governmental services corporation" pretending to be their lawful
government was doing behind their backs.

Under the Statute of Limitations, you lose all assets after 50 years if you
have not been able to prove your claims. That is in the Bilateral
Minesfield Breakthrough Successor Agreement:

Anna: Again, there is NO STATUTE OF LIMITATION ON FRAUD. We, the American
people, were defrauded. Our political status was deliberately
mischaracterized, our identities were stolen, and our credit was abused
without our knowledge or permission. The banks running these governmental
services corporations including the Federal Reserve System running the
United States of America, Inc., and the IMF running the UNITED STATES, INC.
have operated as criminal syndicates and must be liquidated. The same is
true of the World Bank and IBRD, which knowingly made false claims against
the interests of the Priority Creditors and knowingly received assets
belonging to us upon the settlement of the bankruptcy of the United States
of America, Inc.

The Vatican owns all of the world’s banks.

Anna: Gee, the Vatican only came into existence in 1929, yet it owns all
the world's banks??? Banks that have been around for hundreds of years?
Maybe Karen would like to cough up the charters and sales agreements to
prove her claim? And, if the Vatican "owns" all the banks, then it owns the
World Bank, too, and the Board of Governors of the World Bank are in
Francis's pocket, and everything Ms. Hudes does and says is at the
Vatican's behest, right?….. So, who is the "Vatican Shill" by her own

Vitali, Glattfelder, and Battiston of ETH Zurich wrote about a super-entity
called the “Network of Global Corporate Control”:

explains in this video how 60% of the earnings and 40% of the assets of the
43,000 companies on the capital markets are owned by the super entity.…/james_b_glattfelder_who_controls_the_…

Anna: The study referred to above was a statistical analysis undertaken by
a Dutch firm which— quite by accident– found a statistical correlation
and algorithms connecting an alarming percentage of the world's top
corporations to each other. If they had listened to me or read their
history they wouldn't have needed advanced computer modeling to "discover"
this connection. The Global Estate Trust is set up as a vast interlocking
trust directorate—- it is linked together by design and definition! Of
course, there is a "network of global control" and we know how it developed
and why it exists. So what? The question is— is this network being used
to good or bad purposes and is it preferrable to having chaos instead? It
is not against the law to form interlocking trust directorates. It is
against the law to use those relationships for unlawful purposes such as
fraud and money laundering and unlawful conversion of assets and similar
crimes which the banks are guilty of.

And when I say, "guilty" I mean guilty. Ms. Hudes and her Bosses had ten
(10) full days plus mailing time to reply to just five (5) simple claim
statements contained as part of our Commercial Obligation Lien and they
failed to respond. As a result our claims stand as Truth in Commerce and as
international law while Karen is just huffing in the wind. I not only say
they are guilty— they have admitted it.

Von Reitz has alot of bad things to say about the World Bank and the IMF.
Many of these things are true, because the Vatican and its super-entity
have appointed the President of the World Bank and the Managing Director of
the IMF. The Board of Governors fired the President of the World Bank, Jim
Kim. And they just fired the Managing Director of the IMF, Christine
Lagarde. That is because Christine Lagarde tried to sign an agreement with
Pope Francis without approval from the IMF Board of Governors.

Board of Governors has also fired the General Counsel of the IMF, who did
not know the Managing Director of the IMF had no authority to sign this
agreement with Pope Francis.

Anna: I have had a lot of bad things to say about a lot of banks—- the
Federal Reserve Banks that started all this fraud, the IMF which continued
it, Wells Fargo that brought self-serving false claims before the United
Nations and tried to say that the united States of America no longer exist,
the World Bank and IBRD which stole assets belonging to the Priority
Creditors of the bankrupt United States of America, Inc.—-the American
People— by claiming that we had "abandoned" those assets and that the
heirs were "unknown"—-what a crock! They could all find us easily enough
when there was a tax bill to be paid. Why is it that when the bankruptcy
settlement was made, nobody bothered to contact the Priority Creditors?
Fraud, fraud, fraud, and more fraud! There shouldn't be a major bank left
standing so far as I have been able to discover—not one, and the
black-robed vultures in cahoots with them— the members of the Bar
Associations worldwide including Ms. Hudes should be put out of business,
too. Instead of trying to gain immunity for your bosses and some way to
leave them in control and profiting out of their criminality, you should be
contemplating how you are all going to save your lives and preserve at
least some of your private property in the face of worldwide outrage. 29
bankers sentenced to prison in Iceland…..2000 bankers indicted in

The world’s wealth still belongs to the world’s people. I have not sold my

Anna: How so—-and why not? You appear to have sold everything else, every
kind of loony story line there is, right up to the Gold Fairy, Wolfgang
Struck. If you had had your way, the innocent people of this world would
have been "struck" indeed!

"Come here, little girl, I've got candy! I will give everyone $100,000.00
worth of gold, so you can play in my casino! Don't read the fine print that
says you are giving me your name, your body, your children, your land, your
businesses, your patents, your copyrights, and everything else in
perpetuity in exchange for this gold….that I stole from your grandparents
anyway. Don't notice that this will destroy the BRICs Alliance as it is
being born and tank the value of gold for years to come."

That's the kind of "fruit" you've been selling, Karen. Why don't you just
stop now. Sit down, shut up, admit the Truth and await your day in a real
court? I have better things to do than keep people from being misguided by

Karen Hudes
Acting General Counsel,
International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
Overseer Mandate Trustee, Global Debt Facility TVM-LSM-666



Dinar RV Wrestle – Karen Hudes NWO Bank Official

Saturday, January 16th, 2016

Judge Anna Von Reitz
Fri, Jan 15, 2016
Subject; Priority Creditors of 1933 US Bankruptcy

KAREN HUDES: Ms. von Reitz has not yet answered my question:

ANNA: "Ms.von Reitz" is not the proper party to address, is it, Karen? You are The claimant and beneficiary whose vessel is organic and who is live flesh and blood is not an officer of the Crown and holds no office related to the Crown. The woman calling you to task is called "Anna Maria Riezinger" and she is not a "Ms." of any kind. You are an attorney and you are presumed to know that. So let's start there. That your mischaracterization was translated and that others delivered it to me (nothing in the mail,nothing direct via email, either) is merely chance. One doesn't misaddress questions, Karen, unless one doesn't want the answers, which is what I estimate your situation to be.

KAREN: Do you deny that General Joseph Dunford is a Knight of Malta and that he is heading the martial law in the US?

I have no knowledge of General Dunford's associations religious, fraternal, or otherwise. I address him in his capacity as a Commanding General of the American Armed Forces, the Successors of the Grand Army of the Republic in the present day, and as a result, of course he is heading the "martial law" in the United States—- the same martial law that has existed since 1863 when Abraham Lincoln issued General Order 100 and still obligated to maintain the duty established under it to safeguard our money. Get the connection? You keep hopping up and down about "martial law" when it is a documented historical fact that the Federal United States (merely a contractor supposed to be providing services to the peaceful Continental United States and doing a damnably poor job of it) has been at constant war and operating under martial law for 150 years.

KAREN: Why did you think people wanted their gold to go to him?

ANNA: See above. It is not only Dunford's commission, but his life as a Fiduciary on the line if he fails to honor the duty owed to the American People. Know anyone else in a more compelling and official and responsible position to receive the gold back?

KAREN: Ms. von Reitz and her husband have no standing to make any claim against the Global Debt Facility or to prevent the Global Debt Facility from cancelling all countries' debts against the Treaty of Versailles bonds worth 2 quadrillion dollars in the Global Debt Facility:

ANNA: I have already disabused your ignorance concerning our standing. We are each members of the "free sovereign and independent people of the United States"—– that is, the *Continental United States* and we have claimed and documented that status before the United Nations, the Holy See, and HRM Elizabeth II without any argument or objection. Even if we were the only Americans left, we would still have standing as the heirs of the Priority Creditors of the 1933 Bankruptcy and we would still have the ability to act under the Last Man Standing Rule to exercise the entire duty and contract owed to all other Americans. As it happens, there are about 360 million of us still able to act in this capacity and we are not the only ones competent to do so.

KAREN: I have answered her other assorted claims in the attached mark-up. People were telling me to drop everything else that really mattered in order to deal with Anna von Reitz. There was a big crunch last week: 

ANNA: As you well know I asked you only five (5) questions which you are obligated to answer one by one and deliver that answer to me, all properly addressed to the lien claimant within the time period specified. No such answer to those five questions has been received. You and your organization are in default and the clock is ticking.

KAREN: David Wyn Miller was trying to horn in for the umpteenth time, and I sent him packing for the umpteenth time,  The Philippines government was trying to steal humanity's gold, this time in a court case relying on the International Court of Justice decision and CIA memo that the World Bank and IMF Board of Governors declared to be null and void 

ANNA: These are the sorts of statements that you make, Ms. Hudes— as if you and the World Bank and IMF Board of Governors were God, able to declare international law at will. Again, I hate to disabuse you, but your corporations are nothing but paper and when you operate as criminal cartels in violation of your charter all such corporations are subject to liquidation and the disposal of their assets to their creditors.

KAREN: I had to start the bidding process to contract with a security printer for certificates to exchange Federal Reserve Notes for US Treasury Dollars  I had to find out from the Swiss whether we need to print new US Treasury Dollars, or if UBS will provide the uncut dollars that Ronald Reagan printed after the Grace Commission report about all of the US income taxes going to the Fed on that scam called country debt

ANNA: It is important for you, Karen, and for the World Bank Board of Governors and the IMF Board of Governors to understand that the Creditors are the American people and the Continental United States known as the united States of America, not the Federal United States. The people who are owed the assets we have claimed are living beings in organic states and our money is the lawful United States Dollar defined as an ounce of fine silver, as I have explained to you before. The Federal United States is a separate entity— they are the ones trading in "Federal Reserve Notes" and "US Bank Notes". Giving our assets to the Federal United States is like me giving your assets to your cleaning lady and "calling it good"—when in fact I have specifically instructed you not to do that.

I am as concerned for the welfare of the people of this planet as you or anyone else could ever possibly be. That concern includes returning the assets of the American People to the American People —- not the British Subjects who are merely nesting here as "residents".

Minesfield CrossOver Agreement & Secret Book of Redemption MisUse

Sunday, January 3rd, 2016

Judge Anna Von Reitz
Sun, Jan 3, 2016
Subject; Global Currency ReSet Abuse


For those just now waking up—- the Federal Reserve is not and has never been any part of our government. It is a mostly-foreign private association of banks operating as a criminal cartel on our shores. The Fed was invited here by other criminals impersonating our lawful Congress of the United States more than a century ago. The details of how this happened are presented in our sworn and published affidavit of probable cause, "You Know Something Is Wrong When….An American Affidavit of Probable Cause" and *The Creature from Jekyll Island. *

Second, at the end of the Second World War the Allies set up the "Global Debt Facility" as a depository with the intention — at least on paper — of using this international collateral for the benefit of Mankind.

So much for good intentions and public relations. Of course, much more sinister and self-interested agendas were in play—one of which was the rape and pillaging of America and the dispossession of its people via fraud, misrepresentation, and deceit.

Attached you will find nine (9) important documents that establish at least one (1) of the several versions of the Minesfield Crossover Agreements alleged to exist and referenced by Ms. Hudes, and also a couple pages from the Secret Book of Redemption. This extraordinary work explains how the Federal Reserve self-sabotaged its fiduciary responsibilities by introducing deliberate errors in the issuance of bonds and other documents so as to provide a predetermined excuse for not paying legitimate debts when they came due.

Scan0001 Scan0002 Scan0003 Scan0004 Scan0005 Scan0006 Scan0001SBR Scan0002SBR Scan0008 GOLD BULLION CERTIFICATE 

The Federal Reserve has also been instrumental in the Federal Reserve Note Scam and the enslavement of Americans mischaracterized as British Crown subjects.

A "Federal Reserve Note" like any "note" is a Promise to Pay—-like a bond is also a promise to pay at a later date. This particular "note" was given a very special, very beneficial backing— members of Congress acting in treasonous self-interest established a fixed "dollar for dollar" exchange rate between the "Federal Reserve Note" and our actual United States Dollar.

As a result, the Federal Reserve Banks were enabled to pawn off paper I.O.U.s in exchange for our actual gold and silver—-and also for our unpaid labor and other resources.

To avoid paying these I.O.U.s they simply collapsed the old "Federal Reserve System, Inc." and entered it into bankruptcy. All our gold and silver was stolen and transported overseas in "equitable exchange" for worthless paper, and then even the debt represented by those I.O.U.s was discharged in bankruptcy—which should have never been allowed.

That answers the question of where all the gold in Fort Knox went.

Bill Clinton had the last of our reserves shipped out during his final years in office. He also pretended to have the authority to sell off our homes, businesses, roads, bridges, and other public infrastructure to foreign investors. Literally billions of people globally plus 390 million Americans have been victimized and defrauded. Governments all over the world are looking to us to make good on all the private Federal Reserve Notes and all the bogus sales of our property that these con men pretending to represent us have sold to investors in our names. Literally.

That is who and what the Federal Reserve is—- an international crime syndicate brought here and allowed to run rampant by the British Monarch who is supposed to be our Trustee on the Highs Seas and Inland Waterways, expedited by our own employees and by other people obligated to serve us in Good Faith by every treaty, Constitution, Public Law and trust obligation there is.

The primary beneficiaries of all this criminality are in order of importance: the Pope, the Queen, Jacob Rothschild, and several corporations including SERCO.

The Pope agreed to forgive all "debts" arising from these false claims and agreed to return all American assets to the Americans they belong to. He has also taken other very important steps toward remedy.

The Queen is not eager to give up her ill-gotten gains and neither is Jacob Rothschild, who is still smirking and bobbing, confident that he and his criminal empire will escape the wrath of the world's people and trick them yet again.

There's only one big stumbling block. They can pay off any country on Earth except one. They can't possibly pay back the Americans, who have been the biggest victims.

It simply can't be done.

There isn't enough gold or silver to pay back what they owe us already.

That's why from their perspective, they have to do one of two things—- (1) work a final fraud scheme to gain immunity from prosecution and release from their debt to us; or, (2) kill off the Americans to reduce the amount of debt they owe and collect on the million dollar life insurance policies they've placed on each one of us.

But now they have just realized something rather crucial.

As long as there is *one* American left alive anywhere on the planet, that American can claim back absolutely everything owed to *all* Americans since  this fraud scheme began— and tracking down and murdering every American worldwide doesn't seem like a viable option.

They have always counted on their control of the "US Congress" as their final playing card. They haven't counted on us pointing out that the "US Congress" isn't *our* Congress.

Karen Hudes thought she had everything nicely done up in time for Christmas. She had cronies all lined up to accept our share of the gold from the Global Debt Facility. Once they accepted the gold— "in our behalf"—and accepted all the immunities and guarantees and releases hidden in the fine print, her bosses would be off the hook, free and clear, able to claim immunity and keep all our assets, too.

Luckily for the "free sovereign and independent people of the United States" the federal toadies don't represent us in this matter and have no basis to claim that they do.

As a Trustee, Karen Hudes and the other 188 Trustees of the Global Debt Facility are in a bind. The Americans are owed their share of the gold in the Global Debt Facility. The Federal toadies have no basis to accept it for us. It isn't in our interest to accept any fine print that gives the Queen and Rothschild and their cronies a "Home Free and Keep Our Assets" card.

And we are in no mood for Trojan Horses.

Those who have been listening to the exchanges between Karen Hudes and I have repeatedly heard her warnings about "World War III" — any such thing would be precipitated by the efforts of the criminals to assert false claims against us and our assets and their refusal to pay their own debts.

By now the entire world knows that the Americans have been the innocent victims of fiduciary trust fraud on an unimaginable scale, and millions of Americans know it, too. The Russians and Chinese know who to blame. If the Russians and Chinese want gold, they aren't coming after us. Our pockets have been picked clean. Nobody is going to blame us for the lies of the Federal United States. It's all too apparent who the criminals have been and it is also too apparent that the American people have suffered along with the rest of the world.

Ms. Hudes would have the world believe that I am working for some Evil Network of Global Control and am single-handedly holding up the Global Reset and preventing poor people all over the world from receiving their fair share of the Global Debt Facility gold. I say that Ms. Hudes is accusing me of what she is doing herself. She is trying to gain immunity for her bosses—some way that they can wash their hands and avoid being responsible for their insurmountable debts to us and the rest of humanity. It is their refusal to come clean that is holding up distribution of Global Debt Facility assets.

They, not we, are keeping the gold hostage, trying to use it as leverage for themselves, and trying to trick us all into accepting a bowl of porridge for our birthright.

Under their current plan the same corrupt politicians retain control and all the benefit of the gold goes to prop up national currencies which are nothing but a breeding ground for manipulation, fraud, and profit for the usual suspects.

The only benefit to the people Ms. Hudes can suggest is that they will no longer have to pay interest to the banks on the money their governments mint or print. It will mean the end of usury she says. Pray tell, why should anyone have to pay interest to the banks in the first place?

Nobody's currency has been backed by the banks. It has all been backed by the labor of the people and the value of their country's land, commodity, and product assets. The interest we've all paid to the Federal Reserve –for example– was nothing but another gratuitous fraud scheme, a charge for a non-existent service.

So we just mindlessly donate the gold from the Global Debt Facility to the same criminals who have enslaved and defrauded us and in exchange we get what? The cessation of yet another fraudulent claim?

How does that benefit any poor people? Instead, it benefits the banks. They realize that we are looking at them and questioning their existence and examining their records and their operations and it is just a matter of time before someone says, "Why are we paying interest for a non-existent

Another recurring theme in the dialogue is that I and by implication, "the Americans", are being selfish and unreasonable, and that's why everything is held up. The inference is that I am keeping all this gold from benefiting the poor people of the world and standing in the way of President Marco's Prayer— but the poor people aren't slated to get any benefit anyway. The banks are just colluding to pay the banks again and making sure that everyone has new poker chips to play in another round of "Global Economy" still completely controlled and manipulated by the same Corrupt Old Bastards Club that brought us to this end.

How about a totally different result? Something that actually helps all the people of the world and permanently solves the problem of idolatry and dishonesty being enshrined at the heart of our economic system?

To the extent that we need a planetary-wide currency system to facilitate trade, this can be accomplished by a simple numeric accounting system. No 
banks are required. None at all. Just a user friendly accounting system similar to an ATM that accepts deposits, transfers, and withdrawals, a multi-tier computer system similar to the internet devoted to financial transactions, and geeks to troubleshoot.

To the extent that we need to provide for the basic needs of all people this can be accomplished by the same numeric system by providing basic living stipends sufficient to pay for food, water, housing, sanitation, transportation, education, and health care deposited into each individual account. Mankind can finally be set free from want and fear of want. No more starving children. No more charity drives. No more slavery. No more anxiety. No more reason for war and conflict.

Why is this possible? Because money is a symbol standing for the value of our labor and the Earth's natural resources that we are all heir to. Labor–which includes our creativity and inventiveness–and natural resources, are the only sources of wealth on this planet. There is already more than enough value vested in our energy and the Earth's resources to back every possible legitimate need anyone could ever have. There has never been any reason for people to suffer and go without basic needs.

To the extent that we need to provide for new investments, this can be accomplished by giving everyone their own investment account with an additional amount credited to it each year—and let people loan their investment money without interest to any worthy lawful endeavor they support. We know that this is a difficult concept for people who have been trained to "work for money" to grasp, but money is an arbitrary product whether it is made from gold or plastic or glass, whether it is in the form of a coin or an accounting ledger. In the past we've made money of different kinds
and let these compete like different varieties of chocolate bars— the Dollar versus the Ruble versus the Yen— it is time to move beyond that.

People have been wrongly taught to put their faith in money and its external forms, to idolize it as a false god, when in fact, in an honest monetary system, its a hum-drum daily tool.

Those who control the production of money and who determine its accounting are all —-as the present circumstance proves and as 8000 years of history provides—- universally and inexorably corrupted by it and reduced to being dishonest profit-mongering white collar thieves.

Has the lesson been learned yet? Have we all suffered long enough? Senselessly enough? Is it time to do away with banking— and go to an Open Account System?

There is no reason for any child growing up in any place on this planet to go without food, water, shelter, and anything else that they need. Nor is there any reason for any retiree to go without a solid level of security, comfort, and enjoyment in their old age. The senseless greed of small-minded and smaller-hearted men has perpetuated the Myth of Scarcity in the midst of plenty–and it is nothing but a self-serving blasphemy against Nature and God.

There is also no reason for our money to be outside our local control. No reason for gleaming bank towers overwhelming the skylines of our cities. No reason for the Christine LaGardes of this world waving their hands and blankly discussing how they are going to seize the retirement accounts of senior citizens. No reason for Paul Ryan mindlessly grinning like a Halloween pumpkin as he discusses all the "necessary cuts" to Medicare and other services that people have already paid for umpteen times over. There is no "National Debt". It's all hokum, Smoke and mirrors promoted by thieves. We have only believed in "money" because we have been kept ignorant and deprived of this critical tool by force, and we now fully realize that this Ultimate Fraud has been served to us at the hands of vicious self-serving  criminals who profit by it.

There must be a great cleansing of our minds and our hearts, a sucking in of new vision like a rush of air to our lungs. Any hope that the bankers and politicians have had that this would be business as usual —just a wrap up song and dance to finalize the Greatest Fraud in History— will be sadly disappointed. The Americans are awake— fully awake. The doors have been opened that no man can shut.

We are going to demand our share of the Global Debt Facility gold free and clear of any strings. We are going to liquidate the corporations that have acted as crime syndicates on our shores. We are going to lead a profound and permanent reform of the world monetary system. We will be cleaning out vacated public offices from sea to shining sea. We will be reforming and replacing the courts. We will be amending and updating The Constitution and putting an end to any outdated and prejudicial association with Great Britain allowing it to meddle in our affairs. If we get any offer of violence whatsoever from those responsible for these crimes committed against us and the other innocent people of the world, we will join with the Chinese and the Russians and everyone else who has been defrauded by these thugs and we will make sure that the promoters of these crimes never have the opportunity to harm anyone again.

Let that be a promise heard round the world and especially in Washington, DC.

Dinar RV New Raw Deal – Karen Hudes Bankster Gangster

Saturday, December 26th, 2015

Judge Anna Von Reitz
Sat, Dec 26, 2015
Subject; Dinar RV Welfare Trust Scam

Dear Anna von Reitz, letter from Karen Hudes

Reply of the board? This is what I said and this is what I meant:

Inline image 1
Let me try and communicate to you what I said in my last email, and what I
shall do with each successive email that you send to me. I do not think it
is a good use of my time to interact directly with you because you
misconstrue my plain language and twist it.
Good bye.

Karen Hudes
Acting General Counsel
International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
Ovwerseer Mandate Trustee
Global Debt Facility, TVM-LSM-666


Correction, I believe—- "taken on board" is a nautical term, Karen,
appropriate to Admiralty and Maritime law, which is what you practice after
leaving "equity" behind. If you think I am one bit slow in this arena,
think again.

It won't do any good to try to obscure the "pillar v. post" conundrum you
are offering here. We know the difference between the "Public Charitable
Trust" and the "US Trust" and the "United States of America Trust" and so

We also know the difference between the "Global Collateral Accounts" and
the "Global Debt Facility" and any number of other permutations the banks
may try to run. You must remember that the truth is always simple. It's the
lies that are complex.

You have proclaimed that you are a "Trustee" and said so before the whole
wide world. You have said the same about the other 188 members presiding
over distribution of the Global Debt Facility funds.

You have stated on numerous occasions that the gold in the Global Debt
Facility is to be used to benefit the people of this planet.

The only way you can hope to escape returning the assets to the Americans
that are owed to the Americans is by pretending that they are not
"people"——and that is in fact what the banks have been doing for
decades, pretending that we are the willing "co-beneficiaries" and
"co-trustees" of the Public Charitable Trust — a welfare trust set up for
impoverished former slaves after the Civil War instead of "free sovereign
and independent people of the United States" owed the full value plus
interest of our "borrowed" national trust assets, plus all the gold
confiscated by King Rat Roosevelt, plus interest on that, too.

Admit it, Karen, you are trying to finesse yet another "New Deal" for your
bosses, in which we are hoodwinked into accepting a bowl of porridge for
our birthright—- a deal in which your bosses gain immunity AND release of
all claim against them for the vast bulk of the debt they owe the American
people, by doing what?

Handing a portion of what we are owed to bank franchise employees on the
pretense that they have authority to accept "in our behalf"?


This is my Notice back to you, Ms. Hudes, that if you even attempt any such
silly duplicitous scam against the American people—-any more claim that
we are acting in any capacity related to the Public Charitable Trust
whatsoever, any claim that our "whereabouts" are unknown, any claim that we
have "abandoned" our names, our land, our credit, our homes——or our
gold—–and we will have your gig line up the yardarm.

You and the World Bank and your Buddies in "Congress" will all be facing

Top 6 Global Currency ReSet Questions – Return to The People, their Gold

Monday, December 21st, 2015

Judge Anna Von Reitz
Mon, Dec 21, 2015
Subject; Global Currency Reset Fraud by IMF

From Karen Hudes – Dear Anna von Reitz,

The World Bank and IMF administer the Global Debt Facility containing the world's international monetary gold reserves. The 188 Ministers of Finance and Development on the Board of Governors of the World Bank and IMF have agreed that these monetary reserves in the Global Debt Facility are going directly to the people in their currency. The gold in people's checking accounts will present issues, but these difficulties can and will be overcome. You are wrong in stating that the Board of Governors and me as legal counsel and Overseer Mandate Trustee of the Global Debt Facility are not returning the world's gold to the world's people. The Global Currency Reset will extinguish country debt and usury. With the termination of Dr. Jim Kim and Sean McGrath on December 18, 2015, the resistance to implementation of the Global Currency Reset has been removed.

You are also incorrect in stating that the Bretton Woods institutions were hijacked almost from the start. In 1947 the President of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development tried to repeal the powers of the IBRD's Board of Executive Directors through a single Memorandum. I was locked out of the World Bank headquarters in 2009, the day after I rescinded that Memorandum. *

* The power of the Board of Governors to fulfil their mandate under the Articles of Agreement of the Bretton Woods institutions remains intact:

Gold went into backwardation (where the price of gold to be delivered in the future is higher than the price for immediate or "spot" delivery) back in July 2013, and gold has stayed in backwardation since then. When gold went into backwardation in 1971, the Federal Reserve Note went off the gold standard. If gold goes into permanent backwardation because the Global Currency Reset is delayed, this will cause mass starvation, pestilence, and the unilateral surrender of US military might, bringing the world into another Dark Ages and WWIII, just like the way the amount metal in the Denarius was removed to bring about the Dark Ages in 300AD. Ferdinand Marcos' prayer to the United States makes this very clear. @KarenHudes It is time to answer Ferdinand Marcos' prayer:

As legal adviser to two Popes: Benedict XVI and now Pope Francis, your email to me dishonors Ferdinand Marcos' memory. A delay in the Global Currency Reset will allow the Federal Reserve Note to crash.

You state that the gold governed by the Bilateral Minesfield Breakthrough Successor Agreement is not held free and clear of competing claims. The 50 year period of sequestration was deliberately agreed to so that the Board of Governors of the World Bank and IMF would not be bogged down with competing claims when the time came to distribute the assets in the Global Debt Facility to its beneficiaries: all of humanity. I have made it clear to all the parties: there is no group which has priority above the rest of humanity. The Board of Governors of the Bretton Woods institutions offers the international monetary gold reserves in the Global Debt Facility to all of the nations and peoples alike:

The Bilateral Minesfield Breakthrough Successor Agreement was written by
Ferdinand Marcos, lawyer for Jose Antonio Severino Mcleod Diaz Tallano, more popularly known as Dr. Jose P. Rizal, who went to the Vatican in 1898, where he went by the name Rev. Father Jose Antonio Diaz. Rev. Antonio Diaz was Superior General of the Jesuits from December 14, 1942 to September 14, 1946. It is quite telling that Wikipedia has removed Rev. Antonio Diaz from its list of Black Popes. The Vatican was obviously displeased that Rev. Father Jose Antonio Diaz established the Bretton Woods institutions with a mandate to return the world's gold to the world's people. Which is exactly what is going to happen, with 90-95% likelihood, according to the power transition model developed by Ronald Tammen, Chair of the Department of National Strategy at the National War College. Power Transitions: Strategies for the 21st Century. See also:

In his townhall meetings of December 2, 2013 and March 12, 2014, General Dempsey refused to answer why it was not in the security interests of the US to accept the US monetary gold reserves in the Global Debt Facility. General Dempsey cancelled his Townhallwithin ten minutes of the scheduled time on March 10, 2015 to evade my question again.

*. The power transition model provides a clear benchmark for what is patriotic and what is not, and shows the Knights of Malta in the US Department of Defense for what they are, just as gold provides a clear benchmark for what is true money.

Karen Hudes
Acting General Counsel


Dear Karen Hudes,

Thank you for your prompt reply. I think we are playing from two different sets of facts. To expedite things and speed up the reset please answer the following questions:

  1. Why should gold that is owed to Americans be given to and controlled by foreigners who have no connection to us but a dishonored service agreement? Bottom line—-why should our share of the gold be handed over to people who have *no delegated authority to represent us in this matter at all?* 

    You and everyone else can see that this is a legitimate problem —and not one of my making.

  2. Why should we accept such an arrangement as any kind of payment *to us?* If you, as a Trustee, give my gold to Jake Down the Road, I’m sorry, Karen, but I still haven’t been paid and I am still the lawful Beneficiary who is still owed everything I was ever owed, plus interest.
  3. Why are you insisting that the solvency of the “Federal Reserve Note” is of such critical importance? The FRN is a private domestic currency—in-house Monopoly money—with a fixed exchange rate against the actual United States Dollar, which is and has always been *our* currency.

If the “Federal United States” can’t make it after a hundred years of exchanging their worthless paper for our silver and gold, that’s their problem. They haven’t bothered to honor the only contract we have with them —so give us all ten good reasons why there can’t be an orderly conclusion to our final divorce from the British Empire? Do you think we still need the British Navy to protect us?

4. Why do you think that the military might of America will “collapse” if we change our maid service?

I have no doubt that the reason General Dempsey avoided your question is that he didn’t want to tell you out loud that the United States Forces —that is, American Armed Forces—are quite a different thing than “US Armed Forces”. Without us, Karen, the “US Armed Forces” pretty much dwindle down to the Puerto Rican Navy and the Home Guard on Guam.

Fortunately for everyone concerned, we are not dependent on the Federal United States. They are and have always been dependent on us.

5. Gold “backwardation” is just fancy jargon for not enough metal reserves to meet demand and quell crazy speculation. You want to release the reset to give everyone their fair share of gold, ease all these tensions and get the world economy flowing again. Understood.

Why not give the *American *share of the gold to the *Americans *and get on with it?

General Dunford secures delivery, the gold backs the actual United States Dollar, and all is right with the world. Tell us why that seems so very difficult?

6. My advice to the Vatican and the Pope and to you is all the same. Give the gold to the people it is actually owed to and don’t fool around playing politics. Let the people sort things out for themselves. We don’t have a problem with you giving a fair share to the Puerto Ricans and the Samoans and all the other people in the Insular States and Haiti and everywhere else. We are all for it. We simply want our share delivered into our hands and into our control. Britain has acted as Mommy Dearest for the last time. We have no contractual obligation to the Brits or the Federal United States related to this matter and you have been notified. That should be that.

And if it isn’t, this is your moment to explain to the whole world why not?


Top 4 Dinar RV Leaps – Dinar Transactions Began Today

Friday, October 23rd, 2015

Frank26 & Office of ZAP
Thur, Oct 22, 2015
Subject; Dinar RV Transactions Have Begun

Frank26: I call it a LAVA FLOW for a very good reason.
Have been SHARING that the last 3 weeks to be ……. S .. L …. O … W.

But may I suggest that after next MONDAY and After Your MONDAY CC ………. THE LAVA FLOW WILL BECOME LESS VISCOUS ………. It will run at a much Quickened Pace !

In fact may I suggest that the viscosity lessens starting today ……… Yellow Light.

Told You WHY ………. Last night and WHAT would be done on that day…….. 2 come.

ZAP Mid Week Update
1. Christine Lagarde met Li Jinping in the Chinese Embassy in London yesterday
and agreements were signed
2. Jinping met the Queen in private yesterday and agreements were signed
3. Dinar transactions began today
4. Christine Lagarde will not release codes for boxes and bonds till Monday
AND China State-President XI is in London HYPERLINK He and the Queen announce the GOLDEN ERA – the news is that everything should start late tomorrow afternoon
Selamat Balik! This reality is being swiftly disassembled by the various decisions of a
new group of the ancient families and the new royalty of Europe. Their decisions are
making it possible to speedily take down the many-headed monster that is the cabal.
Those who are involved in the legal aspects of this operation are quite pleased that
these vital decisions are finally being made.
Our liaisons report that the new financial system and its many parts are in fact completed.
We expect these newly finished parts to take on the US Federal Reserve and its numerous
central bank allies. The many precedents set up by our legal division promises to make these strikes quick and easy. These banks lack the precious metal support offered to the world by the new financial system.
Hence, we feel that this new system can be in charge of a new financial reality before
this 10th Gregorian month ends. These events can clearly signal that the many currency
revaluations and the grand global currency reset can be finished and put into operation. This is to be the time when a whole slew of new governance is to be operating.
These new governments are to finally end the decades-long UFO cover up!

New World DisOrder Mob On the Run – General Joseph Dunford in Command

Wednesday, October 14th, 2015

Ben Fulford
Tue, Oct 13, 2015
Subject; NWO Mob On the Run

The Khazarian mob is on the run as US military takes over Federal Reserve Board
The US military, under the new leadership of Marine General Joseph Dunford, has come out with guns blazing to free the people of the United States and the world. Under his command, the US military has taken over the Khazarian mob’s main source of power, the Federal Reserve Board. To confirm this, go visit the home page of the Federal Reserve board, it is no longer
but is now
The Chinese coordinated with this move by announcing their China International Payments System alternative to the Khazarian controlled SWIFT system meaning their take-over of the US dollar system outside of the United States was proceeding as planned. The implosion of the big Khazarian mafia banks is now just a matter of time.
Furthermore, there have been huge ongoing military moves in the Middle East aimed at removing the fascist Khazarian Nazionist government of Benyamin Netanyahu in Israel, according to Pentagon and Russia sources. To facilitate the Russian purge of Satan worshipping Nazionists from the Middle East, the Pentagon has withdrawn all its aircraft carriers from the Persian Gulf.
The rogue Netanyahu regime only added gasoline to the fire last week by faking a US air force air raid against Syrian government forces in Aleppo, according to other Pentagon sources. The Russians were not fooled by this maneuver and responded by sending missiles and fighter jets over Iranian airspace (with Iran’s permission of course) to attack multiple targets in the Middle East, killing hundreds of Israeli, Saudi and Turkish troops operating against international law in Syria and Iraq, the Pentagon sources say. The real message of course is that the US military was ready to step aside and allow the Russians to clean up the mess in the Middle East.
Fearing for his life and that of his regime, King Salman of Saudi Arabia checked into a hospital claiming severe Alzheimer’s disease while his son, the real power, Defense Minister and Crown Prince Salman flew to Russia where, according to Pentagon and Russian sources he offered the surrender of his regime.
As the rather crude Arab saying goes “one day the stick is in your hand, the next day it is in your ass.” In effect, the Saudi prince bent over and offered Russia control of the oil market in exchange for his regime’s survival. To sweeten the pot, Salman offered to pay for the two French made Mistral helicopter carriers that Egypt is buying after France was forced to cancel the sale to Russia.
The Russians agreed with the Saudis that some sort of “political settlement,” including the end of the fake terrorist ISIS caliphate, was needed. However, with the Chinese, Russians and Iranians supporting Yemeni forces seizing key Saudi oil fields it looks increasingly likely the “political settlement” will be the abdication of that odious Satan worshipping pseudo-Muslim family and their ceding of control of the Muslim holy lands in exchange for their lives.
Perhaps a comfortable retirement in the French Riviera could be arranged. That would no doubt be preferable to the beheading many of them deserve and some of them may get.
The other Middle Eastern autocrat who is in a deep state of funk is Turkey’s President Erdogan. The Pentagon is withdrawing all its forces and anti-missile defenses from Turkey as part of its general disengagement from the region. The only thing they insist on, and will continue to get, is regular gasoline supplies for their fuel guzzling military engine.
Erdogan has been caught bombing Kurds in his own country, stealing industrial infrastructure from Syria, working with Israel and generally being an anti-social trouble maker. As payback, the Rothschild pipelines carrying Syrian and Iraqi stolen oil through Turkey are being cut off by the Russians and Kurds.
The cut off of Middle Eastern oil money is going to be the last nail in the coffin for many of the criminal mega-banks that have survived thanks to petrodollars. That is one of the main reasons why the IMF, the UN, the BIS, Citibank, the Bank of England and others have been warning of an impending financial crisis. The financial head of the Nazionist octopus is being cut off and soon the various arms will stop their doomed struggles.
With the imminent removal from power of its European and American sponsors the fate of the Nazionist Netanyahu regime in Israel has also now been pretty much sealed. Netanyahu was forced to cancel his planned visit to Germany because German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the German regime told him he was not going to get any more German submarines.
The blackmail against German auto-makers like Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz etc. using a fake “emissions scandal” has only served to strengthen the German’s resolve to work with the Russians against their Khazarian tormentors. The flood of millions of “Syrian refugees,” many of them trained sabotage agents who were never Syrian, has also alarmed many sensible Germans. The Germans are getting ready to re-issue Deutschemarks if necessary and improve their relations with the Christian Putin regime in Russia.
The French have also thrown in the towel and are no longer working for the Khazarian mob, according to British MI5 intelligence. The French have told the British they will be integrating the EU with Russia and that if the British were against that, they should leave the EU project, the sources said.
In the Far East, meanwhile, some big changes are also starting to be seen. The Chinese communists and the North Korean regime have patched over their differences. The announcement by the North Koreans that they had nuclear inter-continental ballistic missiles capable of hitting the United States and Europe was a sign that Japan and the Korean peninsula were no longer open to nuclear blackmail by the Khazarians and their dwindling collection of slave regimes, North Korean and Chinese sources said.
The CIA sent a warning to the White Dragon Society that the Khazarians were going to try to force a German style emissions scandal and other scandals on Japanese corporations like Mitsubishi, Honda, Toyota, Mazda etc. in order to try to force Japanese industrialists to continue their submission. Any such attempt will fail because the Abe slave regime is losing its support after forcing the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement on its people and industry.
Although the TPP is mostly the result of complex technocratic horse trading and will have only minimal effect on the real economy, the fact that it was negotiated in secret and gives secretly selected corporate courts power over the Japanese government has angered nationalists here.
In any case, even as the Abe slave regime clings to power, an offensive against their remaining masters in the US is well under way. Even as this issue went to press, Abe’s masters have contacted the WDS to negotiate a peace deal.
Meanwhile, Pope Francis is expected to show up in Mexico where he is considering announcing a holy war against the Khazarian mob still clinging to power in the United States and some Latin American countries, according to P2 freemason sources.
Former US President, and long term Nazionist Fuhrer, George Bush Sr. showed his fear recently when he was asked by a truth seeker about secret US government projects. Bush answered “Americans can’t handle the truth,” before being shut up by his handlers.
What truth can’t they handle Bush? The fact that you and your cabal assassinated President John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King and thousands of others? The fact that you took over funds meant for the people of the world and used them to advance your genocidal fascist New World Order? The fact that you and your fellow Nazionists manufactured and spread deadly diseases like HIV, Ebola, Bird Flu, SARS etc? The fact you sold US military secrets to the Chinese and North Koreans? The fact your gang murdered close to 3000 people on 911 to stage a fascist coup? What about the chemtrails, the plan to microchip the people etc? The list goes on but, let us face it, you know that, as you told Journalist Sarah Mclendon in 1992, “if the American people ever find out what we have done, they would chase us down the street and lynch us.”
The US military under General Dunford has taken an important first step in nationalizing the Federal Reserve Board but a lot more needs to be done. Why is Obama still publicly telling lies about Syria, 911, the Ukraine, 311 etc? Why hasn’t the military started the mass arrests of the known criminals behind 911, Wall Street fraud, massive political bribery etc.?
As many informed US citizens and many inside the Pentagon and the agencies have pointed out, this is high treason and it needs to be dealt with by men with guns because nobody else has the power to enforce the US constitution and the laws of the land. Come on General Dunford and the patriots in the US military, the history books await your decision. Will you be a hero of humanity or will you go into the garbage can of history as a failure? The people of the world are waiting and hoping for the best.

Top 5 Steps to a New Republic Transition – Jade Helm Good Guys

Monday, September 21st, 2015

Drake Bailey
Mon, Sept 21, 2015
Subject; New Republic Transition – 137min Neighborhood Preparedness Teams Needed

WHEN the positive US Military are ready to do what needs to be done, we won’t find out via covert phone calls to one YouTuber or Lightworker. We will know without a doubt that it is time.

At least 70 per cent of the military is on the side of The Republic—and growing. They have made it clear to a number of high ranking officers that if they do NOT toe the line, they will not be long for this world.

When it is time to “clean” the government (it’s not a take-down) there will not be a collapse. Here’s how the 5-step plan will work:

The nation will shut down completely with no one and nothing going in or out. It will be like an Iron Curtain. No ships, trains, planes, International phone calls, satellite signals; all communications will be shut down linking the country to the outside.
The positive military will remove the corrupt politicians.
The military will notify Oathkeepers and militias to seek their assistance in keeping an eye on the general infrastructure, such as power plants, dams, etc. IF they believe that is required to monitor attempts at sabotage, etc.
We will revert to the original founding documents, abandoning the bogus modifications the imposters made to suit their agenda.
A temporary skeleton government will step up to negate statutes, municipal ordinances, etc. put in place by corrupt entities without the approval of The People. Drake was asked to be a part of that group and I can’t think of a better candidate. He knows the laws, the constitution, and is used to dealing with all echelons of the government and military. He left the military with top secret clearance and is a spokesman to dispense intel to the public.

Drake stressed that the country will NOT simply fall apart. It will be done with as little disruption to the day to day business as possible—but it is wise to prepare now for any eventuality as he has been encouraging for some time.

There will be no doubt as to when it’s going down. If we don’t see the Navy along all coasts, the airforce patrolling the skies, and troops marching down the streets of America—then it’s not happening! It’s as simple as that.

Before that can happen, he says we have to unify and organize ourselves. That’s “WE” The People.
Oathkeepers have volunteered to help organize “community preparedness teams”. We need to let as many people as possible know what is coming—and why.

He said Jade Helm is part of the “cleaning” and alluded to his past intel that it’s a two way street. What Jade Helm may have appeared to be isn’t what it is. It wasn’t limited to a handful of states in the Southwest. It’s Nationwide.

Question to Drake: What’s going on in Virginia? Militia members need to know if they should pack up and go there.

Drake: No. I wouldn’t pack up and come to West Virginia. What these people are calling for is Horse Hockey. I’ve already had discussions with these people.

The Nations State Project made each individual State a Sovereign Nation before the World Court in the Hague. Each of the 50 States is registered into the Civilian Division of the Hague Court. This gave our individual statehood back. We are no longer a part of the USA Inc., or have anything to do with it if we do not desire it so.

This was done in response to a request by the Pentagon for us to do it. I was the one who did the Process for West Virgina.

This man in West Virginia has decided that he can assume certain powers and capabilities on the legal basis. We have already completed the freedom portion of the process he is undertaking. The only thing left — and I mean the absolutely only thing left — is to Unincorporate West Virginia. If this guy has what it takes to do that, then and only then, can West Virginia remove all of its Politicians on a legal basis.

I just don’t think we have that much time left. I think that things are going to happen before then.

Now what we need to do is know that you’re going to have an upset, you’re going to have things occuring on a national basis — that’s a big difference between a state or a county or something, and the things that everybody else has put out.

This man wants to start a Revolution basically — be it peaceful or otherwise, it doesn’t make any difference — which is an act of Insurrection. And he can do time in federal prison for that.

I don’t have anything against our government at all — I don’t like who’s running it and I don’t like the crooks that are in there — and we do need to fix that — but rising up against the Government, per se, — No! No!

We have a decent government. The structure is fine. We have to negate a bunch of the laws, Horse Hockey regulations, and all these other rules that don’t mean anything — because we need to take care of that — and that is coming.

So bear these things in mind. Don’t be running to West Virginia bringing your bag and baggage. What are you ging to do when you get there and there’s only a couple of hundred of you. Not much.

So, you know, when the whole of the population of the States say, “NO! WE’VE HAD ENOUGH!!!” — you can THEN accomplish something. Outside of that you can’t. OK?

Host Thomas Williams:

Even this week the Justice Department is changing the rules so they can prosecute executives. That’s for our benefit. It’s not for their benefit.

The Australian Prime Minister is being forced to step down. Australia is a Cabal country. It comes under the Commonwealth, Queen of England and the Crown, and that stuff. This is a significant event when you tie it in with a lot of these other things. Now the next week or so is probably “the line in the sand” for us.

The man in a dress coming over and pontificating — pardon the pun — will set their direction. He may offer you untold riches to hike you into their Game and I fear that many will be taken in by that because lots of us are suffereing financially. But you’ll suffer a lot more if you take it [the bait]. A little bit of hardship to gain our freedom, is the way forward.