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Economic Collapse – New Gold Backed $100 Awaiting the Crash

Friday, October 8th, 2010

Bix Weir 
Sat  Sept 23, 2010
Subject: Get Ready for a Gold Standard

US Prepares For Gold Standard

Bix Weir



Restore America Plan Miracles – Changing Hearts – Kelby interview

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

God took charge of what was known as the Restore America Plan.  On January 31st all the plans were set and people were invited to jump on board to help save our liberties.  The Republic of the united States is official now. 

Have you examined the Civilian Inmate Manual?  There is a difference between a good idea and a God idea.  The Elders and the Guardians of the R A P did have a plan to save America.  A few things from the plan have taken place, but God had some surprises for us.  The Republic is back.  The battle is not over and if we lose our Stand for our Republic then America may have no tomorrow.  On the 29th of September gold was scheduled to back the supply of money in America, again.  The Corporate U S A may not be able to write blank checks for their pet projects any more.  Can God Save America?  Will Americans save their neighborhoods by Standing with the Republic?   

Robert Hender  " R J "

Wed  Sept 29, 2010 

Subject: Liberty Needs Our Prayers     Links to 2 hour radio interview below

   If we do nothing then the NWO wins. 

   On the radio today at  Kelby Smith of the Republic of the united States joined me to discuss some of the miracles he has witnessed in the Restore America Plan movement.  At  you can take a look for yourself to determine if you participate with the Republic. 

   On Thursday last week Sept 23rd a New Congress convened and elections were held for the Republic of the united States of America.  Statesmen and Delegates came together from across America to vote in the Executive branch, the Legislative branch and the Judicial branch of this government. 

   Under the direction of Tim Turner trainers were sent out to offer support to De Jure Grand Jury Foremen and to Ambassadors who are working with th Republic. 

   America may be a moment away from occupation by foreign troops.  Last weekend quiet FEMA demands were leaked, telling America's troops to get ready for martial law.  Rumor has it that the Federal Reserve has been taken over due to insolvency.  The dollar and the euro may be defunct as of October 1st, according to some reports. 

   New World Order thugs have plans for a New, Gold Backed Global system of money. 

   The Republic of the united States are working on their own Treasury, backed by gold too. 

   Which direction will America go? 

   Do you get your news from Benjamin Fulford? 

   Do you get your news from CNN and ABC and CBS and NBC and FoxNews and HLN and MSNBC? 

   Do God's answers to your prayers Inform you of God's next move? 

   We throw people to the wolves too easily, or under the bus.  Most of us have no idea about the countless hundreds or thousands of hours of work in our behalf that Tim Turner and his Team have been performing for Liberty.  These men and women have been facing challenges and roadblocks that may stop any one of us in our tracks.  God has been opening doors and solving problems and some day we'll get more details on these miracles. 

   At the website  you can join the Republic.  You no longer have to be a De Jure Grand Jury member, but you can stand as an American with Liberty again. 

   The fiscal year ends for the United States on the 30th of September.  Under martial law, executive orders are already in place that may cancel the November elections, that would keep this current U S congress in office and that may allow President Obama to assisanate anyone he wants.  At the end of July the CBO, Congressional Budget Office declared that the debt load of the United States was not recoverable.  Depending upon which source you use, this un recoverable debt could be somewhere between $220 and $350 Trillion. 

   Placing America's money back on a gold standard is a good move.  If a government can no longer print money out of thin air then gov't promises and activity may have to be curtailed.  This gold standard may be a remedy some Americans aren't ready for.

   When we stop living for an immediate reward? 

   When will we consider our children and their children in the decisions we make? 

   The Amish people are not under the jurisdiction of the corporate UNITED STATES.  As the Amish people travel they use their Bible as their identification. 

   In the courts today Judges work to protect the banks.  Judges mock the law, as they seek admissions by persons. 

   America needs our prayers. 

   God is changing the hearts of World Leaders, of the Military, of Corporations and of Americans who have been lied to. 

Listen To Hour 1

Listen To Hour 2

Be Free,   Robert Hender,   R J