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Yellen Fed Dollar Manipulation – Currency Wars Escalate

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015

Mike Gleason & Bo Polny
Tue, Mar 3, 2015
Subject; Janet Yellen’s QE Slow Collapse

Forecaster Predicts Big Move in Precious Metals… Soon
Welcome to this week’s Market Wrap Podcast, I’m Mike Gleason.
Bo Polny Gold Market Interview
Exclusive Interview with

Coming up with have a must hear interview with market cycles analyst Bo Polny of the Gold 2020 Forecast. Bo’s research is signaling some significant turning points in both the metals and stock markets that every investor should consider. Don’t miss a fascinating and thought provoking interview with Bo Polny coming up in a moment.

But first, this week’s market update.

All eyes were on Washington this week as members of Congress battled over funding the Homeland Security Department and President Obama’s executive amnesty. Congress also found time to quiz Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen over the Fed’s transparency and interest rate policy.

Yellen testified before the House and Senate on Tuesday and Wednesday. She tried to fend off Republican critics who say monetary policy is being unduly influenced by the White House. Yellen also emphasized her opposition to Senator Rand Paul’s Audit the Fed bill. No surprise there.

Behind the scenes, the Yellen Fed is also employing its Congressional Liaison Office to lobby legislators to protect the Fed’s ability to secretly manage the dollar. And they’re twisting the arms of key lawmakers, when necessary. But the main thrust of Yellen’s Congressional testimony was that the economy is gaining enough strength to warrant rate hikes later this year – probably by September, many Fed watchers say.

Yet as of now, the disinflationary effects of plunging oil prices are still working their way through the economy. This week we learned that the Consumer Price Index contracted by 0.7% in January. However, excluding energy and food, the so-called “core” CPI rose by 0.2%. Yellen and company believe inflation will tick up later this year toward their target 2% rate as unemployment falls, economic growth picks up, the stock market keeps rising, and a new era of endless prosperity commences.

Well, not all analysts buy into such a rosy outlook. Here’s what the author of both Currency Wars and the Death of Money James Rickards had to say in an appearance on RT News.

James Rickards: The Fed has the worst forecasting record of any major institution I can think, worse than Wall Street believe it or not, and worse than private analysts. When the Fed says they see enough growth to justify a rate increase, that’s almost certainly means that the growth is not there because their models are consistently wrong.

Basically the world is set up for a rate increase and the world is set up for QE in Europe. We already have extreme QE in Japan. So you look at that, you’re a global investor, you’ve got to allocate your capital somewhere. You say, “Huh, if I come into the US markets it looks like I’m going to get a little bit of a yield. If I go into these other markets I’m going to get negative yields, so I’ll buy US dollars.”

It’s just capital inflow. It’s nothing to do with trade. Basically it’s capital inflow, it’s driven by the expectation of an interest rate differential. Now where it gets interesting is that if I’m right about the economy, later this year the fed’s finally going to wake up and smell the coffee and see how week it is. Again, based on my conversations with Fed officials, If the data comes in weak they will not raise rates. They think it’s going to come in strong.

That’s the difference of opinion, but if it comes in weak they won’t raise rates. There’s probably a lot less than meets the eye in terms of ECB QE. So by April or May we may be at a point where it appears the Fed’s not going to raise rates and appears that Europe is not as easy as people thought, and this whole trade could flip. All of a sudden the strong dollar could go to being a weaker dollar and the euro can rally. I think we’re at the extremes of the range right now and this could turn around very quickly, but that’s also characteristic of currency wars.

Around the globe, currency wars continue to escalate. This month Ukraine’s currency, the hryvnia, went into total meltdown mode. The Ukrainian government has announced emergency measures to try to stabilize the falling currency. But this comes too late for Ukrainian citizens who have seen the purchasing power of their wages and their savings evaporate. The war-torn country now faces the prospect of hyperinflation and economic collapse.

Prior to Ukraine’s currency troubles becoming a full-fledged crisis, the country’s gold reserves had been raided by corrupt officials. That assault on the Ukrainian economy wasn’t conducted by Vladimir Putin or Russian insurgents. No, the Ukrainian people got swindled by their own government. Yet individuals with the means and the foresight to own gold for themselves are seeing the value of their gold soar in terms of Ukrainian hryvnia. More importantly, their gold is holding remarkably stable in terms of its real-world purchasing power.

As for gold prices in the U.S., for the second straight week gold found support at the $1,200 level and staged a modest rally. Spot gold currently comes in at $1,215 an ounce, up 1% on the week. Gold continues to trade at a premium to platinum, which now trades at $1,186 after managing a modest 1.8% weekly gain through trading as of this Friday morning recording, with a good part of that gain coming thanks to a rally today.

Other metals are showing greater strength. Silver looks higher by 2.2% this week and now trades at $16.63 an ounce. Palladium is up 4.1% to trade at $814 an ounce. And finally, copper is having a big week, with spot prices gaining nearly 5%.

Though each metal has its own unique fundamental drivers, ALL metals can help preserve wealth during a currency crisis. Among the metals, gold is most commonly thought of as money. But silver can function as money, too. It has for centuries of human history. And it is today the most versatile metal for hoarding and transacting,

Silver bullion products from tenth-ounce rounds all the way to 100-ounce bars are available through Money Metals Exchange. Pre-1965 90% silver coins remain a popular choice for those seeking practical barter money. Though not quite the bargain they have been in recent years 90% silver dimes, quarters, and half dollars currently carry a modest premium given the reduced supply available on the secondary market given these low spot silver prices. But these historic circulated coins have the potential to show premium increases when they become more sought after by investors. Diversifying into various sizes and types of silver will certainly improve your resilience in a time of crisis.

As currency turmoil spreads throughout Europe, with some countries experiencing runaway inflation and others beset with negative interest rates, the U.S. dollar is at risk of becoming over-bought and over-owned as a false safe haven. Yes, dollar strength as compared to other un-backed fiat currencies could persist a while longer. But the dollar also has a long way to go on the downside when momentum does shift. We suggest that it’s better to accumulate precious metals now and risk being too early than to wait and risk being too late.

Well now for more on the state of the gold and silver markets — some interesting commentary and analysis on what one technician believes is going to be big year for metals — let’s get right to this week’s exclusive interview.

Mike Gleason: It is my privilege now to be joined by Bo Polny of Bo was a real student of the markets and offers some fantastic technical analysis on the precious metals with his detailed market cycle work. Bo has made some important calls of major tops, and major bottoms in recent years in the metals markets, and that’s earned him a reputation of a great market timer and analyst. It’s great to get a chance to talk to him today. Bo, thanks for joining us. How are you?

Bo Polny: I’m great. Thanks Mike. I appreciate you calling and setting up this interview. Thank you so much.

Mike Gleason: You’re expecting some big things in the markets this year, and I want to get more into the specifics with you of all that in a moment, but first in terms of precious metals, back in 2011 when gold reached nearly $1,900, and silver nearly $50 an ounce, you successfully called the top in those markets, and you sold your positions at what were ultimately the highs for both metals, but now you’re saying that the bottom has been put in. You’ve been on record saying that several months ago, November of ‘14. You’re flashing a buy signal for gold and silver saying it’s time to get in. Now we’ve heard from a number of forecasters who were calling for bottoms back in 2012, 2013, and this corrective period has certainly gone on longer than many of us would have expected, so why are you confident that we have seen those lows in the precious metals this time, and what is your research showing there? Talk about that.

Bo Polny: Looking at timing of these events, off the top of 2011 in April, the very end of, and the very first day of May what end up happening was silver topped out at $49, and then since then obviously it’s dropped and we went from $49 all the way down to a low of $14. Here’s how cycles work. Probably the best place for me to start is talking about cycle work, and how you can project a possibility of a low. It’s the Law of 7s. Throughout nature 7 replays itself over, and over, and over again. It’s something that we are never taught in school. Something no one talks about, but there’s a law of 7s, and I want to illustrate that to you before we can get into talking about bottoms in gold, and silver. A Law of 7 talks about if there’s 7, cluster of 5, with a completion of 2. That takes us to 5+2 is 7. Here’s examples of that. The human skin has 7 layers, 2 inner, 1 outer. Cervical spine and the human spine has … The neck has 7 vertebrae. Two that are movable, and then 5 that are fixed.

You have 7 days of the week. Five and two. You have two days in a weekend. Rainbow has 5 primary colors, and 2 bridge colors but a total of 7. The sound do, ra, mi, fa, so, la, ti, do goes back to do, so, there’s 7 there. Oceans run in waves of 7. Seven cardinal signs. Seven hills of Rome, Seven wonders of the world. Seven oceans. Seven continents. My point is, if you take the 7 and you cut it in half, what do you have?

Mike Gleason: Three and a half.

Bo Polny: Three and a half. If you go to May 1st 2011, 3 and a half years. Do you know where you end up? November 1st. I did an interview right then, and I was saying this is 3.5 years exactly to the mark, gold should be bottoming right here, gold then dropped 40 hours later, hit a low at $1,130, and lowest held to date. Through nature it hit a low 42 months to the mark exactly 3.5 years from the high. Why I’m saying that’s a low is because that’s a critical juncture in the cycle of 7s, or the half-way points. Further on you take that point, and this even gets way more exciting because on cycle work silver bottoms after gold. When did silver bottom? Three to four weeks after November 6th, right on December 1st the Swiss referendum silver dropped to $14.14, I think, and then it reversed all within one day. I’m sure we all remember that. The silver low cyclically came in secondarily after gold.

Since then silver and gold have gone up into January, but then have also come down and gone sideways. What happened in 2011 after silver topped? Gold went up to … It was a specific amount of time window. There’s a time frame that it went through, but then it went all the way into the end of August. What happened on the end of August 2011? $1,900 gold.

Mike Gleason: Right. I guess that’s the high that we saw, $1,900, $1,910, right in that range right there.

Bo Polny: Exactly. So that was a top in gold. Let’s have some more fun. The Law of 7s, cut the 7 in half, 3.5, 42 months. The end of August, 1st day of September is 42 months to the day right here. That’s why I actually wanted to make sure we had the interview here, because this is a very interesting time. We should have had a low in gold, we should have now come off the low, had a low in silver a month later, created a wedge for the past 3 months, and now that we are officially completing the 3.5 year cycle off the 2011 gold top at $1,900, we are about to see some pretty fantastic moves as the wedge, or the triangle breaks vertically for gold. I hope that answers your questions as to how I look at timing, but it’s relation to taking numbers, and mathematically applying them to gold and silver.

Mike Gleason: Expanding on that a little bit. Talk about the significance of 2020. You’ve got the Gold2020forecast, of course, what’s the significance of the year 2020 in that 7 year cycle work?

Bo Polny: What happened in 1980? We had a high in gold. Take 3 cycles of 7. You take 3 times 7. You know where you end up? Okay, what happened in 2001?

Mike Gleason: Yeah, that’s where I guess we reached a market bottom in gold.

Bo Polny: That’s correct. We are 2 cycles through 3, 7 cycles of 7. Gold in the year 2015 completes a secondary cycle of 7 to then embark on a third cycle of 7. There’s no way the bull market is over in gold. This was nothing but a correction.

Mike Gleason: Turning here to the equities market. You’re a follower of all markets of course, and you look at the cycles in all of them. We have one asset class that’s maybe ready to roll over, and after a nearly unprecedented, and unabated advance over the last few years when many people were suggesting that it was going to be nearing a top it didn’t. What does your research tell you about the US equities market?

Bo Polny: Mike I provided you a PDF layout, and I’m going to have it linked to my web page here shortly, but I think you’ve got it, and might want even link it to this interview. However, in that update is dated the 24th of February, there is an S&P stock cycle that I laid out in there, and what it shows is a topping pattern that occurs on a 24 months window. Basically, using this chart they’re monthly candlesticks, and what the chart tends to indicate is that the US equity markets have a topping patter of 24 calendar months, which would be 2 years. If you look at the cycle you’ll notice that in 1998 was the start of the 24 month cycle pattern. It topped in 2000 and then crashed. You’ll also notice that in 2006 was the start of the next one. That went up until 2007, and then we had the crash that followed that until the bottom of 2009. Since then we’ve had the S&P and the US markets move upwards starting in 2013. That ran an entire 24 months, and as of now that cycle itself should be complete.

Point is if you look at the secondary chart on page 2 what you’ll see is that when you compare the S&P against the US dollar, the cycle is extremely much more apparent, but the point is that, that cycle now indicating that the roll over phase should be here, and we should be seeing equity markets reversing and going in the downwards direction. From the day counts, again I don’t like to do day counts too much on the S&P, or the US markets, but I do believe that we could starting even as early as next week, so the first week of March start to see the equity markets rolling over.

Mike Gleason: Back in 2011 during the run up in the metals we had a gold to silver ration in the low 30s, but now we’re roughly 73 to 1 as we’re talking now on Thursday. What do you expect to see in the ratio from here on out? Do you expect that to narrow in silver’s favor?

Bo Polny: Absolutely. You can go back in history, and there are many times that the gold/silver ratio can get into the 60s, or 70s, but it never ultimately stays there. The low number would come into the range of around 15 give or take. At 70 you’re talking pretty substantially cheap silver. Bottom line if you’re going to be doing any kind of investing in the precious metals my thought personally, which I believe in, would be to own silver first. When the ratio approaches smaller numbers getting not maybe say 30, or even 40, then at that time you might want to look at, never selling your precious metals, but swapping your silver, and then flipping it in for gold, because gold in a long term is a better deflationary hedge. If we’re looking long term at the equities continue to falling eventually to their downside in the years to come, which I personally foresee happening, I think gold long term would be a better investment, but in the short term silver is definitely by far the trade of choice, or the investment of choice.

Mike Gleason: Most of our listeners probably aren’t necessarily market timers, or traders, so in terms of the broader picture from a macro level, and you covered this a moment ago, but why do you believe it’s important for someone to have metals given the current financial and economic landscape, because obviously things are maybe a little bit scary out there right now.

Bo Polny: I look at it as gold and silver have no counter party risk. When you have it in your hands, you have it. Anything paper is paper. At the end of the day you either have something physical, or you’re owning paper. It doesn’t matter if it’s stock, it doesn’t matter if it’s SLV, or a GLD, or if it’s 401(k)s. Those are all paper entities versus gold, and my belief is that when you have aggressive price movement on gold and silver, what happens is I think that’s going to be harder to get your hands on it, but more importantly is you’re going to have large premium spreads. To get your hands on it … right now the premium on gold might be $30, but imagine gold going to $2,000, over $3,000, that spreads going to become $200 possibly just to get your hands on the gold. I honestly believe that I think it’s much more prudent to have physical, A, for no counter party risk, and secondly the ability to have it, because I don’t know how easy it might be later on to get it.

Mike Gleason: Most of the moves in precious metals bull markets occur in a short period of time. Talk about that. I guess we’ve got a mutual friend David Morgan who says that you see parabolic moves the last 10% of the time period, I guess counts for 90% of the move or somewhere along those lines. Do you foresee that type of blow off top happening at the metals in some point before it’s all over?

Bo Polny: Absolutely. I’ve been forecasting that to we’re going to see large prices in gold and silver, and I’m still saying that events going to happen. You have to remember we’ve had 42 months, 3.5 years. We’ve had half of a 7 cycle, a 7 year cycle of a bear. This is critical to remember. When 1 cycle ends, a new cycle begins. The new cycle could be something that we’re not used to. We could have very fast changing prices because it’s been 3 and half years of low prices. I still see the cycle coming to an end even this year. Another words, a big move still happening. For that to happen that would basically summarize what David Morgan has said, and that’s how we became friends is if you look at 3.5 years, and then you have a massive move, well say in only 1 year, then that would make his statement to 100% true.

Mike Gleason: This is all incredibly interesting stuff this whole 7 year cycle stuff is very fascinating, and it’ll certainly be interesting to see how this all plays out. Well Bo before we let you go, tell our listeners how they can learn more about all this, your service, your website, and how they can follow the work you’re doing there, and then also about the Polny 2020 Gold Index.

Bo Polny: I look at it this way, anybody who’s invested in gold, I think it’s critical for everybody to have at least an edge. I believe the edge is timing. You can look at prices all you want, but if gold shoots up $100, or $200, or $300, you think, “Whoa. Should I sell, or should I not sell?” Or, “If it’s the bottom right now should I be buying?” If you’re buying because you feel it’s right, I think that’s 100% great anyway because the prices are so cheap regardless, but the point is that when it starts to move, or more importantly before even starts to move to know when to do something; when to act. If a top is coming in, or if there’s a big rise like we spoke about, and prices start to go pretty aggressively to the upside, how will you know when to do something about your position? That’s what the Gold Index is all about. It basically covers what we’ve discussed here in greater detail, and more importantly is what I give is specific timing points.

There’s actually a couple at this point very important time points for 2015, and I think anybody invested in gold should be aware of those time points, and again that’s what we offer within the Gold Index, and then we also cover the equity markets in there as well too.

Mike Gleason: It’s great to get hooked up with a guy like Bo. He’s done all the work for you, and his predictions have certainly been uncanny. He really has this stuff down to a science and it’s fascinating to listen to you, and have you on. I really appreciate it. Hopefully we can do this again before it all unfolds. Thanks very much for joining us Bo.

Bo Polny: No problem Mike. I appreciate it, and to finish with a 42 months cycle off that gold top we might really want to watch what happens as early as even tomorrow, or into the start here of March, because I think we might have some exciting times ahead.

Mike Gleason: That’ll do it for this week. Thanks to Bo Polny of We’ll have a link to his page from this podcast interview. Again, it’s Check back next Friday for our next weekly market wrap podcast. Until then this has been Mike Gleason with Money Metals Exchange. Thanks for listening, and have a great weekend everybody.

Mike Gleason is a Director with Money Metals Exchange, a national precious metals dealer with over 30,000 customers. A graduate of the University of Florida, Gleason has extensive experience in management, sales and logistics as well as precious metals investing. Gleason has hosted a weekly precious metals podcast since 2010, a program listened to by thousands each week.

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3. Just called a special session of the legislature, sure to cost another $100,000 of Utah tax-dollars, so they can retract a bill he should have vetoed in the first place, but didn't.
4. Attempted to shut down all public access to government records that might implicate him in some future scandal.
Political Psychopaths don't feel the same range of emotions that normal people experience. They can only experience fear, greed and the occasional elation when they find out they got away with another crime at the public expense. Absent are normal emotions like remorse, shame, and the feeling of accomplishment that awaits those that know they put more into public service than they took out.
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1. Continually eating food processed from a microwave oven causes long term – permanent – brain damage by “shorting out” electrical impulses in the brain [de-polarizing or de-magnetizing the brain tissue].
2. The human body cannot metabolize [break down] the unknown by-products created in microwaved food.
3. Male and female hormone production is shut down and/or altered by continually eating microwaved foods.
4. The effects of microwaved food by-products are residual [long term, permanent] within the human body.
5. Minerals, vitamins, and nutrients of all microwaved food is reduced or altered so that the human body gets little or no benefit, or the human body absorbs altered compounds that cannot be broken down.
6. The minerals in vegetables are altered into cancerous free radicals when cooked in microwave ovens.
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Surviving A Societal Breakdown
Baltimore, Maryland – “…little electricity or gasoline…” reports an eyewitness from The Washington Post, visiting Sendai, Japan. “Nearly all restaurants and shops are closed…roads blocked…supplies depleted…the devastation is catastrophic.”


'Dying To Have Known' Documentary Features Gerson Therapy Natural Cancer Cure
The small California town of Oakhurst recently had several screenings of the 2006 film Dying to Have Known, a well-done and highly-informative documentary by esteemed filmmaker Steve Kroschel that explores the evidence and effectiveness of the infamous Gerson Therapy in treating and curing cancer naturally. Dr. Carl Bosco, a practicing naturopathic doctor for 35 years, organized the viewings of the film, which highlights numerous individual cases of cancers cured using Gerson Therapy, as well as interviews with various doctors and medical experts who share their honest assessment of its viability.


Apples Could Hold Key For Increasing Lifespan
Sure, apples are delicious and healthy. And, as NaturalNews has previously reported, there is a growing body of evidence showing apples fight cancer. In fact, half a dozen studies published by Rui Hai Liu, Cornell associate professor of food science and a member of Cornell's Institute for Comparative and Environmental Toxicology, have found eating apples is an especially powerful way to prevent breast cancer.
* Related Article:
An apple a day really does keep the doctor away

Psychiatric Drug Industry Driven By Wealth, and Stealth, Not Mental Health
Drug company corporate websites tell us of their integrity and utmost commitment to people's health and well-being. The American Psychiatric Association's website begins with "Healthy Minds. Healthy Lives" and asserts the "highest ethical standards of professional conduct." Yet a mountain of evidence points to an entirely different picture.

The Dose Is The Poison
The principle of hormesis has been understood for centuries: large and small doses evoke opposite effects.

CAUGHT ON TAPE: Former SEIU Official Reveals
Secret Plan To Destroy JP Morgan, Crash The Stock Market, And Redistribute Wealth In America
…plan starts by attacking JP Morgan Chase in early May 2011


Leftist “Economic Terrorists” Are Patsies For The Real Economic Terrorists The controversy generated around the remarks of former SEIU official Stephen Lerner and his plan to rally unions, lawmakers, student groups and community organizers around a plan to crash the stock market, destroy big banks and redistribute wealth in America by destabilizing the country will be exploited by the real financial terrorists when they decide to launch the next false flag attack on the U.S. economy…“Lerner’s plan starts by attacking JP Morgan Chase in early May, with demonstrations on Wall Street, protests at the annual shareholder meeting, and then calls for a coordinated mortgage strike.”
(Note, Glen Beck talked about this yesterday on his FOX TV show.)

Six Libyan villagers are recovering in hospital after being shot by American soldiers coming in to rescue the U.S. pilots whose plane crash-landed in a field.
Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry at a press conference Friday morning, the day before the No. 1 nuclear power plant in Fukushima Daiichi TEPCO announced that it was found that the temperature of 400 degrees Celsius in a nuclear reactor.
2011 is shaping up to be a really bad year for the U.S. economy. There are all kinds of indications that big trouble is ahead. So far financial markets are weathering all of the chaos around the world fairly well, but just as there were huge flashing warning signs before the 2008 financial crisis there are also huge flashing warning signs now.



In its first trading since late January, the Egyptian market crashed. about 10%. That’s apparently limit down, so trading is already over.
Chasing all the fluttering glow in the dark swans over the past month has put some of the key issues facing the US economy on the backburner. But just like today’s surging inflation update in the UK confirmed, there is only so long that any given crisis can be used a distraction from the real problems at hand.

Vatican tells U.N. that critics of gays under attack

Tue Mar 22, 2011 –GENEVA (Reuters) – People who criticise gay sexual relations for religious or moral reasons are increasingly being attacked and vilified for their views, a Vatican diplomat told the United Nations Human Rights Council on Tuesday…the Vatican believed in the inherent dignity of all (gay) human beings and condemned all violence against people because of their sexual orientation or behaviour.
Salt Lake Tribune–Mar 22 2011–Washington • Utah’s Republican members of Congress aren’t sure President Barack Obama should have sent the U.S. military into action in Libya and want the commander in chief to more fully explain to the American people why the attack was necessary. “I’m deeply disturbed by the fact the president didn’t come to Congress to seek authorization,” Sen. Mike Lee said Tuesday, noting it was akin to an act of war and only Congress has the power to declare that…Like Lee, Chaffetz says Obama should have sought out Congress’ view, not the United Nations, and he still needs to explain how long America will be involved in the conflict and what “success” will be.


Van hits deer near Manti, 2-year-old boy dies was killed by an air bag

The Utah Highway Patrol says a toddler sitting in the front passenger seat of a van was killed by an air bag that deployed when the vehicle struck and killed a deer near Manti Tuesday night.



Top 8 Solutions – Collapse Is a Part of the Solution

Friday, March 25th, 2011

 Bix Weir

Wed  Mar 23, 2011

Subject:  New $100 Bill Hidden Meanings  




























home | RTR Letters | TRANSITION 2011 & THE TREE OF LIBERT . . .



Bix Weir
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"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants."

– Thomas Jefferson


It seems "We The Sheeple" have been asleep for the last 60 years in America. We went to bed soon after WWII and woke up in a land that we do not recognize. We are financially and morally bankrupt, engaged in senseless wars around the world, invading the privacy our citizens, completely shredding our US Constitution and all the while sucking the last bit of Liberty from once free AMERICAN CITIZENS. We have totally forgotten who we are.

Just watch this cartoon from 1948…


For close to 100 years the United States of America has been at war with a group of bankers and power brokers who's goal it was to take over all aspects of our lives. In doing so they would be able to steer us in whatever direction they thought would most benefit their own self serving goals. One of their major drivers was their determination that with a rapidly growing population the natural resources of the world would eventually run out and we would all have to suffer. If they were to decrease the population they could prolong the natural limitations on human consumption and create a smaller human population that would be much more manageable and easier to control.

In order to implement this "master plan" it would take the buy-in of many facets of our society including businesses, the media, other governments around the world, the military, the education system, the health and human services systems and many others. They mainly used power and influence (Plan A) to convert people towards their cause but at other times they relied on threats and force (Plan B). For those who resisted, the common response was…"If you resist our most generous offer we will destroy you and yours." For most people that was enough for them to turn to the Dark Side. As for those who continued to resist, such as JFK, there was murder and cover-up (Plan C).

After 911 a very secretive group of people which I call "The Good Guys" decided that enough was enough. Together with many nations around the world, the Good Guys are in the process of destroying those that have ruled us for so long. The means of their destruction was to give the Bad Guys enough financial leeway and avenues for them to destroy themselves.

So for the past 30 years the Bad Guys have been using and abusing the financial system for their own benefit at a reckless and furious pace never realizing that they were sowing the seeds of their own destruction. Hundreds of trillions of pseudo financial instruments were created called "derivatives" that really have no intrinsic value at all. They are merely "side bets" on tangible assets that are multiplied by the trillions and counted as "assets" on the banks balance sheets (as well as off their balance sheets in "Special Purpose Entities").

Given the leveraged nature of our financial banking system, some of the "safer derivatives" were used as Tier 1 capital on the balance sheets. Having more Tier 1 capital allowed banks to create even more fractional money to invest in even more derivatives slicing off what they deemed as the safest portion to count as more Tier 1 capital. Round and round it went until the dollar volumes got completely out of hand.

In 2007 the "value" of all these monetary instruments was called into question by the Good Guys and thus the crash began. Banks were imploding left and right as their Tier 1 capital shrank forcing them to sell off toxic assets at an ever increasing pace. This, of course, fueled further price drops as the GREAT DE-LEVERAGE gained momentum.

Finally, the US Treasury and the Federal Reserve Bank pulled out all the stops and flooded the global banking system with enough cash to build a large enough "cash levy" to stop the mighty toxic flow of sludge…but the sludge remains and the levy was not built to last forever.

Now the GREAT DE-LEVERAGE must resume.


So here's my latest TIMELINE for this transition. I will not give specific dates (because I'm always off on the dates!) but I will give you my framework as to what to expect during the transition.

Beginning the Transition 2011:

1st Half of 2011.

CONGRESS: The new "US Congress" will ultimately force the crash by not significantly raising the debt ceiling thus causing the default on the US Dollar. They are also in position to reject the next round of bankster bailouts. All the Bad Guy Congressmen will have to go along or be exposed as the traitors that they truly are.

STATE GOVERNMENTS: Since the US States can't print their own money (yet) to get out of their fiscal jams they are leaning on "austerity measures" that will boil the blood of the working class. "What? No more free lunch? How come the Banksters got a free lunch?" Can you hear them? If you can't now you will in the VERY near future!

WIKILEAKS: The release of secret bankster emails will wreak havoc on the credibility of some of the largest banks in the US (BofA may be the target). The rumors are these leaks will reveal that the MORTGAGE FRAUD mess was done intentionally by the Banksters to line their own pockets. This will begin the ANGER phase of the transition.

CFTC & POSITION LIMITS: The CFTC will implement the position limits as they are currently proposed. It's no silver bullet but it is enough to handcuff JPM enough when the ATTACK ON SILVER begins by the good guys (with the help of China). The end of March may be that "Come to Jesus" moment for the banking cabal. The timing is in line with EVERYTHING else.

HYPER INFLATION: There will be targeted bouts with hyper inflation as food and commodity prices are driven higher by the market rigging programs. This is a "lesson to be learned" by the populace due to the massive monetary stimulus programs. Once WE THE PEOPLE see the rampant inflation we will not only support but demand that Congress end the continual money printing.

CHINA: At some point China will play their part by economically attacking the US with purchases of gold and silver breaking the backs of the Bad Guys. The US will deem them a "currency manipulator" and Globalization will abruptly END.

COMPUTER TRADING GOES HAYWIRE: The Good Guy and Bad Guy computer market riggers are going to clash in an epic cyber-battle. Prices in every market will swing wildly both up and down in ways never seen before. This will cast doubt on the entire concept of computer trading and ultimately destroy the market trading mechanism.

WE THE PEOPLE: We have awoken from a VERY long slumber. Although most of the people of the world cannot explain how our corrupt financial system runs…they now know that it is evil and Congress will be called upon to put an END to it once and for all. This is a time of AWAKENING and the people are now READY.

The Crash

Sometime in 2011

At one moment in the very near future there will be a crash like never before seen in mankind's VERY brief electronic financial history. At that moment the entire world of global commerce will be STOPPED in it's tracks. No markets will trade, no banks will be open, no exchanges will be transacted and there will be very little information about what is happening. It will be as if the earth stood still. Everybody will fear that they have lost EVERYTHING…and they will…at least every asset that they held in the electronic financial system.

This is a necessity in order to "start fresh". We must wash away all the SHADOW BANKING MONEY or the "Bad Guys" will regroup and attack again. All electronic wealth must and will be destroyed.

The exact timing of this event is unknown but this moment will be remembered for hundreds of years into the future. At that very moment we MUST take back the controls of our monetary system from the Banksters. This is that defining moment where WE will either let the Bad Guys take complete control of our lives and destiny or WE will stand up and say NO MORE!

Here is what I BELIEVE…WE THE PEOPLE are on the threshold of taking BACK the reigns of our financial future. The crash of 2008 was the long awaited alarm clock ringing loudly. We have been learning lessons for the past few years and we are now READY to face our captors armed with knowledge and the backing of the US Congress.


Watch this and think about the LAST time we were AWAKE in the above 1948 cartoon…will we fall back to sleep or will we FINALLY stand up and FIGHT?



Draw your swords and enter the battle.

It is up to ALL OF US to take back our country and our lives.

May the Road you choose be the Right Road.

Bix Weir

PS – Have you seen our new money?!

The Hidden Meanings in the New $100 Bill


Top 5 Denials – Economic Collapse as Nobody Notices

Thursday, March 24th, 2011


Thur  Mar 24, 2011

Subject: The Reality Detatched American

    3 Things You Can Do to get ready…   Buy Silver – 330-636-6292     Buy 1yr Food Storage – 435-528-5899     or  435-283-3733

An awakening video. Quite impactful.    


From: Bix Weir 
Thu, Mar 24, 2011 : 
Subject:  I Want to Be Clear

I have had many emails lately about the silver price moves and I just want to make it very clear to everyone where the silver price fits into the Road to Roota Theory. Here are a few issues that are important to understand as we ease into the chaos…
1) Only physical silver in your possession will survive the global fiat monetary meltdown.
2) Using computer trading programs "THEY" can place the COMEX price of silver ANYWHERE they want from $0/oz to $…infinity so count your silver in ounces and not fiat money.
3) If there is another silver price slam (to coincide with a global market crash) there will be no physical silver available for purchase at the lower prices.
4) Those looking for leveraged silver investments must understand that there is massive leverage in real physical silver as the Bad Guys have sold many times more physical silver than exists in the world.
5) The "New CFTC" is designed around a "post crash" market regulation regiment and will not be the CAUSE of the silver chaos so keep this in mind as they extend and delay any hard position limits that may cause havoc in the silver markets.
6) The end of silver price manipulation will mean the end of all un-backed fiat monetary systems as control of silver and gold is 100% required for an un-backed currency system to exist. 




7) An investment in real physical silver can "Change Your Stars" in a way you had never dreamed possible…and you deserve to be rewarded!
All the best to everyone.
Bix Weir






Economic Collapse – America’s Great Collapse – John Williams interview

Sunday, December 19th, 2010

Economic Collapse – America's Great Collapse – John Williams interview

John Williams is an economist for and he sees a Great Collapse looming for America.  On Purpose Ben Bernanke seems to be driving the dollar to a complete collapse.

   Have you bought your silver yet?  Call 435-283-3733

   John Williams says that America has no back-up plan.  Holding on to real silver and real gold or other commodities may be the difference between surving the Coming Great Collapse, or not. 

    Tell your friends, it's time to get ready.


John Williams of Shadowstats discusses what he sees coming in the next 6 to 9 months.





Economic Collapse – Vatican is Complicit

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

Economic Collapse – Vatican is Complicit 

There is no one cause for the financial meltdown that is going on.  We are not getting the truth from the " Main Press. "  Dave Cleveland does a wonderful job connecting some of these dots for me. 

Gun confiscation in New Orleans
VATICAN CITY (AP) …The Vatican has pledged to comply with EU financial standards and create a watchdog authority. Gianluigi Nuzzi, author of "Vatican SpA," a 2009 book outlining the bank's shady dealings, said it is possible the Vatican is serious about coming clean, but he is not optimistic.
"I don't trust them," he said. "After the previous big scandals, they said 'we'll change' and they didn't. It's happened too many times."



Why do we let this creepy company called Google spy on our emails?
Read more:



New Rules: You and the IRS this January 2011!



John Williams, Hyper-Inflation Coming in 2011–YouTube


John Williams of Shadow stats calls for hyperinflation in 6-9 MONTHS, 2011.



German finance minister defends euro


Sun Dec 12, 2010–BERLIN – Germany's finance minister is quoted as insisting that Europe's common currency will not fail, warning that those who bet against the euro "will not succeed."

Navy Test Fires Electromagnetic Cannon—The US Navy announced a successful test Friday of an electromagnetic cannon capable of firing a projectile 110 nautical miles (200 kilometers) at five times the speed of sound.*/



Israeli Sperm and Eggs take a hit from DU


The military forces using uranium weapons …The Israeli national sperm count has fallen 40% in less than ten years according to the Israeli Sperm Bank. Another eight years of this and Israel is extinct, history, a disappearing population; since 20% live sperm is considered baseline Sterility in men.
By now the Israeli guys are shooting blanks, mostly, when it comes to making babies. In the article I blamed pervasive uranium oxide radiation poisoning for the Israeli race to bottom – Extinction.



CFTC Commissioner Bart Chilton Reveals 'One Trader' Controls 40% of Silver Market, As Silver Holdings of SLV Hit All Time Record
After we reported a week ago that JPMorgan was trying to corner the copper market, many noted this was not surprising, considering the bank's comparable approach in manipulating various other precious metal markets.



Grocery Store Chain A&P Files for Bankruptcy
Once the largest U.S. grocer, the owner of about 400 stores under brands such as A&P, Waldbaum's and Super Fresh filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in New York with more than $1 billion in assets and more than $1 billion in debt, according to court documents.

Morality is modified in the lab


Scientists have shown they can change people's moral judgements by disrupting a specific area of the brain with magnetic pulses.
They identified a region of the brain just above and behind the right ear which appears to control morality.
And by using magnetic pulses to block cell activity they impaired volunteers' notion of right and wrong.
The small Massachusetts Institute of Technology study appears in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.



NWO Smart Dust Computers Can Track Everything …A new type of computer that can track every thing about a person or city. It is suppose to be everywhere and on everything.

Julian Assange wined and dined at US Embassy


London Telegraph–Dec 13, 2010–To the United States, Julian Assange may now be Public Enemy Number One. Some American politicians have even called for his execution.
But less than a year ago, the founder of WikiLeaks was officially entertained at a US Embassy cocktail party by one of the very diplomats whose secrets he would soon spill to the world.
Many of you have decided that you are going to attempt to start a business in the United States today. Many of you are still convinced that this is “the land of opportunity” and that starting a business is fairly easy. Are you sure about that?
ORIGINAL CAPTION: From conception until birth the baby adds 15,000 cells per minute to its body. Each cell is more complex than a space shuttle.


FDA Terror – Fascist Big Brother Out of Control

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

FDA Terror – Fascist Big Brother Out of Control 

Soon it may be illegal to grow, show, share or sell your home grown vegetables.  The Department of Homeland Secutiry may be taking charge of Farm Co-Ops too.  Inflation on food products could be overcoming America any moment. 

National Inflation Association
Sent: Mon, Nov 1, 2010
Subject: End of Liberty 


  Powerful Video Clip on the Financial Meltdown of America and some of the causes behind it



Economic Collapse – No Clue Bix Weir – Pied Piper Gerald Celente – Bob Chapman interview

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

Economic Collapse – No Clue Bix Weir – Pied Piper Gerald Celente – Bob Chapman interview

Inflation is being exported to outher countries by the Federal Reserve.  Bernanke says the collapse of the dollar will cause other countries to invest in the dollar, thus sustaining America's economy for a little while longer.  Bob Chapman calls this activity Extortion. 

Robert Henderr " R J "
Thur  Oct 21, 2010
Subject: Obama, We're Not Taking Your Illegal Orders 

   Bob Chapman is the world's Expert on the Financial, Political and Social landscape… 
   On the air with R J today at  Bob Chapman comments how wrong Henry Kissinger is in calling our military men and women " Dumb Animals. "
   It is a good thing that our military men and women refuse to obey an illegal order by Barry Soetoro.

Economic Collapse – Communist 3rd World America

Sunday, October 10th, 2010

Chris Hedges
Sat  Oct 9, 2010
Subject: Nothing from Nothing Leaves Nothing




"A global banking cartel controls domestic political policy in this country and has become a crisis beyond sustainability.  As other countries around the world experience the same deliberate manipulation of their national well being at the hands of the cartel creating economic turmoil and collapse some are experiencing civil unrest, rioting and violence. The main reason we have not as yet seen that here is our social safety net programs. Currently approximately 52 million Americans are receiving life-sustaining assistance from government programs such as food stamps, unemployment benefits, Medicaid and Medicare. As a result the safety net system has now been drained of all reserve resources and is itself not sustainable under the current economic and political conditions.
Today an astronomical number of Americans are now living paycheck to paycheck.  77% of Americans are one setback away from destruction and the necessity to rely on government assistance for survival. This is no accident nor is it simply ineptitude by the current political administration. Total collapse is necessary to the “Fundamental Transformation” of America to a third world style Socio Communist state. There are no accidents in politics. As FDR said, nothing happens in politics without a reason. The current administration is not spending us into oblivion because they really believe you can spend your way out of debt. They are private citizens just like the rest of us and they know full well what happens when you write checks on a zero balance; the only difference being that you go to jail while they either get re-elected or just move on with the spoils of theft at your expense and live out their lives in comfort.  If those in power in Washington were that stupid how did they ever get out of high school much less elected to public office? I know our educational system is abysmal and that for generations our children have been taught the opposite of personal responsibility but I’m pretty sure math is still math and they are not taught that something from nothing equals a positive outcome.
Thus far the ruling elite, which are not American, have maintained power by deceiving the masses via mainstream media propaganda. It has been so successful that many Americans will not even entertain the idea that something can be true unless they see or hear it on mainstream news. It’s not until the majority of the population begin to take direct hits on their own personal standard of living that the propaganda system starts to collapse. At this point illusion becomes stark reality and people “wake up” to the enormous scam that has taken them for utter fools."

(Excerpt) Read more at the link…