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Top 3 Evil NWO Plans – TPTB Spankings On Their Way

Sunday, February 13th, 2011

Kathy Rubio in behalf of…

Fri  Feb 11, 2011

Subject: Day of Reckoning for TPTB Criminals

                                      Feb 8 2011
I shut my eyes and saw the white horse with a grey rider wearing a grey cape and
with saddle in place. The horse came from the heavens and headed toward the
ocean. Before it rode into the ocean the grey rider and the saddle were gone and
then it went into the ocean and never came out.
I believe God has shown me there is a great amount of death coming from the
ocean and will kill many. New York and Washington DC are its targets.

All who are putting my people into slavery will die. I have warned you many
times this would come. You would not hear me. In your pride you are saying you
are me. I will show you who I am. You have no power over me. You believe I will
let you enslave my own? You are wrong.
I will deliver all who love me and serve me and give me the glory. You will let
them all go. I am speaking now to the pharaohs of the lands and to the leaders
of my people in the govts of the world. I am speaking to the false pastors and
prophets and leaders of my people in my temple as well. 

You have walked on my people and trodden them down in your greed and desire for
my power. Now you will let them go.
You can climb in your boats, and build great cities underground, you can climb
the mountains and you can build fortresses for your self in the heavens and non
of it will protect you from my judgments of your evilness. Every child you have
sacrificed to abortion and to human sacrifice will be avenged by my hands, say
The Lord. Every child you have oppressed by your rulings and laws will be freed.
I have told you over and over, Let my people go—-you would have none of it.
Now you will fall into your captivity by your own hands and I will not raise one
hand to help you.
I am speaking to the Pharoah’s of the world who have made these horrible plans
to control the world. You all know who you are.
You have played with the spiritual entities and now they will turn on you and
the very ones you pray to for your power will kill you.
You will not have safety anywhere.
You have hurt my people in all lands, seeking my power and glory. I share no
power or glory with anyone. You will see. I am all power, Might and I am
Omnicient, and Omnipresent. There is no where you will go that I will not be
there. You have raised my anger to heights unstoppable now. You have destroyed
the love and the trust of my people. I will not stop until you have let every
single one go. You will not survive if you do not stop this evilness right now.
Not tomorrow nor the next day. But right now.
You have sought to be me, to have my creative powers both in heaven and on earth
and under the earth. You have sought to control weather, to create humans and
bring souls to them. You have planned and plotted to control what kinds of
humans will be here. You have taken the temple I have given man to reside in and
corrupted it with demons to live in their temples. I will Shake your world now.
You will roll and roll side to side and not know from whence all the power
comes. I share my people with no one. I share my temple with no one. My people
will see me and hearts will change and you will Let them go. If you do not heed
this warning you will die at the hands of your own and by your plots you will be
no more.
You will not enslave my world, You will let my people go in all the world. Every
Pharoah is a liar and will not do what is right. You have made pacts with the
devil and done it knowingly for power and control, riches and glory. Now I will
show you what real power and riches are. I will show you what real glory is. You
will be no more.
To my people I say, Your freedom is at hand. Your redeemer draweth nigh. I have
not missed one word of your prayers to me. You must listen and move accordingly
to my words and obey them all. I am your Father, I am your God, I am Yaweh.
There is none like me.
To those who have said in your hearts where is God? I am here. You have said in
your hearts why God. You will see why. You have said in your hearts Are you
really there? I will show you I am.  My arm is not too short to bring relief to
those who have loved me and served me well.

I have given you eyes to see, and ears to hear but many of you choose not to. To
you I say come out from amongst them, wake up now, see the truth. I am the
truth, the way and the life. There is no other.
Choose ye this day whom you will serve as there are no other days left. Look up,
My redemption draweth nigh.

I have made covenants and many promises to my elect and my remnant and you must,
as I have told you in my word, remind me of them all. It is the time I will keep
them all. Come to me every day, every hour, and I will bring forth my words and
promises in completion now.
Trust me and know I am the God who loves you with love so great I gave you my
own son, so you could be free. There is no greater love than this that I have
for you. Come to me my sheep, heed my voice and obey.
Thus said Yaweh.

Top 3 Judgements on America – Prolonged Winter Begins – Jack & Kathy interview

Sunday, February 6th, 2011

Robert Hender " R J "
Fri  Feb 4, 2011
Subject: Day of Reckoning for DC Thugs is Coming 

   In Texas the weather slowed down " R J's " producer on Friday morning.  The Radio Program began at about 7 or 8 minutes into the 1st hour.   The links to the 2 hour interview are displayed below… 

RJ interviews Kathy Rubio and Jack Johnston this morning.


"God answered my prayer this week or I would not be here"…says Kathy Rubio.

Kathy continues: "I got a little piece of news that is quite disturbing."  In 2007, Gordon Klingenschmitt was removed from the Navy for praying in Jesus' Name.

Navy dismisses chaplain
who prayed 'in Jesus' name'
'We are homeless, jobless,
and we are in God's hands'

© 2007

Posted: January 12, 2007
1:00 a.m. Eastern
By Bob Unruh

Lt. Gordon James Klingenschmitt

A U.S. Navy chaplain who prayed "in Jesus' name" as his conscience
dictated is being ejected from the military service "in retaliation" for
his victorious battle to change Navy policy that required religious
rites be "non-sectarian."

"This fight cost me everything. My career is over, my family is now
homeless, we've lost a million dollar pension, but Congress agreed
with me and rescinded the Navy policy, so chaplains are free again to
pray in Jesus' name," Chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt told WND.
"My sacrifice purchased their freedom. My conscience is clear, the
fight was worth it, and I'd do it all again."

Klingenschmitt, as WND has reported, has fought an extended battle
with the Navy over its restrictions on religious expression by its chaplains.
He appeared and delivered a public prayer "in Jesus' name" at a White House
 rally last winter and was court-martialed for that. The Navy convicted him of
failing to follow a lawful order because his superior didn't want him praying "in Jesus' name."

(Excerpt) Read more at the link…
Kathy:  Utilities will be unable to cope with the demand.  Riots and chaos in major cities; this is coming folks.  Economic Collapse…Presidential Executive Order…The United Nations will be called in to restore order…dissidents will be shipped for re-education to prison camps…Eastern District Capital will be Atlanta, and the Western District Capital will be …NYC will be declared the Capital of the World…it has already been declared the Capital of the World…this is why they are called the Empire State. 

A Personal Account

By Stewart A. Swerdlow

Jack Johnston:  The pride and arrogance of the United States in their plan to rebuild the World Trade Center is an affront to God's plan.  They have snubbed their nose at God.  Jack stated many things in this 2 hour discussion.  In a vision Jack claims that he saw 10 missles headed for New York with multiple warheads on them.  Jack claims that he saw invading armies take over DC, in order to punish the politicians that have been causing damage to countries all over the world. 

Weather patterns are a warning from God.  Cold like we have not felt before.

Tom Gambill calls in…I have three points to make…


2.  Kathy and Jack say "Come out of the Churches."  Well, they want you to come out of the churches so they can introduce you to the New Age Church which will present itself as Peace; an alternative to the turmoil going on in the churches right now.

3.  The China situation…


JACK: Read Jeremiah 17

KATHY: Do not believe there is no HOPE…JESUS CHRIST is our HOPE!








Top 3 Acts of God – Day of Reckoning for NWO Thugs – Kathy and Jack interview

Saturday, January 29th, 2011

Robert Hender " R J "
Fri  Jan 28, 2011
Subject: Demon Dragons are Coming for DeFacto Criminals 

   From the Churches we're not getting the truth any more.  Jack Johnston read this morning from the Bible where it warns…    …come out of her…  that means it's time to come out of these Churches that have been taken over by men who are not of God.



   1 – God will allow this medeor to strike the earth.  2 – God will allow enemies to USA move upon DC and punish NWO minions and their families.  3 – God will have His Remnant, saved.  It's time to pray and prepare.

   Kathy Rubio joins " R J, " every Friday at RBN.  They discuss what is going on in the Churches in America and how the current events reflect the fulfillment of prophecy, every week. 

   During these 2 hours Jack Johnston joined Kathy and " R J, " to say what God has been showing him about America this last week and these last few years. 
   More than $500Trillion has been stolen from " the people, " by many of the so-called leaders out of Washington D C.  These so-called leaders have approved abortion laws and they have been keeping their hands in their pockets as the Banks have been foreclosing on millions of homes, all over the country.  Foreclosure is an act of theft.  
   People have been crying out to God, for a redress of these crimes against humanity. 
   The very last comments Jack Johnston made this morning, were about the enemies of the USA, that they will be allowed to invade DC to bring justice to these NWO Criminals and their families.  Jack said, " drunk in the blood of these leaders and their families. " 
   Perhaps Chicago deserves Rahm Emanuel as their Mayor. 
   As we began the open discussion at RBN, Jack warned Americans to get ready, with at least a 100 day supply of food and necessities.  He says that God is about to allow a meteor to strike the Indian Ocean with a speed of 50,000 miles per hour.  Millions of people will die from this initial hit.  Tidal waves will cause havoc all over the globe and explosions will be set off all over too.  This 1 event will bring the earth to it's knees. 
   God's remnant will be given a chance to Repent, Serve God and Live.  God will save His Remnant. 
   The Kingdom of Hell is a real thing.  Super Fallen Angels are already there and it's a very ugly place.  Ancestral, Generational Sin must stop.  This hell is organized like our bodies, with a head and arms and legs and feet.  It's not a very nice place.  Jack Johnston has seen it. 
   On a global basis, efforts are being made to bring all of the Churches in to one tent.  The Church, is a big part of the problem, these days.  Very few ministers are preaching the Word of God.  They are not guarding the flock, but profiting at the expense of the flock.  God will be mocked, no more by these wolves. 
   A friend of Jack's was ministering in Rome a few years back.  While in Rome she was caught in the spirit for a moment and she was shown a Massive Dragon Demon above her in the sky with the words " Dominion, " written on it's forehead.  She fell faint, by the power of what she saw.  " Palestine is mine… " was the message she heard from this Demon Dragon. 
   God has been taking Jack Johnston in to the Realm of the Dragons recently.  This last weekend, as the President of China was visiting Obama at the Whitehouse Jack was shown thousands of dragons that are being unleashed upon America.  They have the head of a goat, the nose of a buffalo, the chests and arms of a man and they are weilding a sword.  Over 200 million armed warriors accompany these Dragon Demons that have begun to invade America.  It's significant that these Dragon Demons were unleashed in Washington DC. 
   America used to be " the Light on the Hill, " but no more.  This light has gone out and darkness is covering the land. 
   Did you see the news yesterday or today?  It looks like Mexico has sold their border to China.  The Virtual Fence between the United States and Mexico has been ordered to come down. 
   In Egypt today, it has been proclaimed as " a Day of Anger, " and crowds of people all over the world are very upset over the opression by TPTB. 
   Jack quoted from 2Chron 15:5   where it speaks of every kind of distress, many disturbances that God will allow to come upon America. 
   For several years now Lindsey Williams has been warning about the plans by China and Russia for America.
   A new Inquisition is coming for America.  At Virginia Beach, Jack used to see it as a Powerful Center for Believers in Jesus.  Jack commented this morning that Virginia Beach has been taken over by homosexual, covens of witches that have taken over the Churches. 
   Check out " the King Neptune Festival, " that was held there recently. 
   Spiritual Warfare is going on.  It's time that we learn how to battle in " the Spirit. "   
   America needs Prayer Warriors now! 
Be Free,   Robert Hender,   R J







Top 2 Dragons from Hell – Project Blue Beam Rapture Lies – Jack Johnston and Kathy Rubio interview

Saturday, January 22nd, 2011

Robert Hender " R J "
Fri  Jan 21, 2011
Subject: Molech and Asteroth Gods of America 

   Kathy Rubio and Jack Johnston say that Colleen Thomas needs our prayers.  On the Radio with " R J, " they discuss how the " Disclosure, " of aliens and war ships may be an agenda by the Government to bring in their Aliens to Rule. 

   With the coming events upon the earth, it's time that we get right with God.  A personal relationship with Jesus may be the only thing that saves us, if we may be saved at all. 

Top 3 Judgements for America – New Passover for God’s Remnant

Monday, January 17th, 2011

Robert Hender " R J "
Fri  Jan 14, 2010
Subject: New Passover for God's Remnant  

   Are you prepared for tougher days?  Did you secure some silver yet?  ph 435-283-3733



   The Council of 6 has come against Jack Johnston, who dares to speak the truth.   Kathy Rubio also knows what it is like to be attacked by evil thugs.  On Fridays " R J, " discusses spiritual evidence behind what is about to come about in America.  Personal Revelation is a right each one of us have. 

   Many people have already given up.  We have been pursuaded on how the world will end. 

   Jack Johnston says America deserves the President we have, in Obama.  In this 2 hour interview Jack Johnston says that God has been giving him many dreams about the future of America.  It appears that " the wicked, " will be drawn together and then there will be One Great Slaughter. 

   Many of us may not repent until God brings Judgement on our Land.  Will you come to God after you lose your job?  What if you lose your home to foreclosure or to a mudslide?  Do you recognize the Hand of God yet, in these weather calamities?  Will it take a famine to bring you to your knees?  Will it take 17 armies that may be invading America, to bring you to prayer? 

   The Churches and their Ministers have all gone astray.  In an open vision, Jack was shown a " Big Church, " and outside were all the sheep in the gallows, upside down.  " Come Out of Her, " or you may be a partaker of the punishment that God is about to bring down upon these Churches.  In the Churches today 90% of people don't get it… 

   God is preparing His Remnant too.  " He that overcomes shall be a pillar in My House. "  Our hour of testing is arriving soon.  Where do you now stand with God?  Get Ready!  Get Ready!  Get Ready!  The Ark Door is About to Close!  Are there things that are more important than God, to us?  Matt 10:35   take your cross and follow after Jesus… 

   In Iraq there is a " Super Weapon. "  The evil Council of 6 have been creating problems in order to bring in their remedy, for hundreds of years.  TPTB have an Order they intend to bring from the Chaos they have created. 

   We Are the Truthers!  God says, " …Let My People Go! " 

   Against America, God is fashoiing and implementing calimities…  Too many people have turned their backs on God. 

Be Free,   Robert Hender,   R J



Top 10 Changes We’re Denying – Jack Johnston & Kathy Rubio interview

Saturday, January 1st, 2011

Robert Hender " R J "
Thur  Dec 30, 2010
Subject: End of World Earth Changes 

   Are you Getting Ready?  Did you get your silver yet?  Call 435-283-3733

   In this 2 hour interview we begin getting to know Jack Johnston.  As a young man Jack was a wild boy, who didn't like religion being shoved down his throat.  Jack did his share of partying, drugs and women.  Jack was even involved in the " Occult. "  In 1989 God stepped in to his life and took everything away from him. 
   These days, God is tryng to get our attention.  What will it take for us to get down on our knees and cry to our Creator? 
   Wicca and Witchcraft have overtaken America. 
   During 2010 there were at least 3 major events that took place, that we didn't notice.  On the 16th of October, on November 11th and on December 21st these events took place. 
   World War 2 never ended.  We're at the beginning of the 4th Reich, now. 
   Are you paying attention yet? 
   Obama is a manifestation of the Wicked Nation America has become. 



Top 20 Prophecies 2011 – Jack Johnston & Kathy Rubio interview

Saturday, January 1st, 2011

Robert Hender " R J "

Fri  Dec 31, 2010 
Subject: Top 5 American Sodom & Gummorah Cities 

   Did you get your silver yet?  Call 435-283-3733 

   Jack Johnston came from a traditional Catholic family and he grew up by Virginia Beach. 
   Jack used to be connected with " the Occult, " but in 1989 he found Jesus.  His life has never been the same.  On a regular basis Jack Johnston is given dreams and open visions about events that are about to occur in America and around the world. 
   It's important that you can hear God.  Destruction is coming for many of America's Cities because of the wickedness and Satanism in America.  Redding, CA is one of the first Cities that will be destroyed by God.  San Francisco's days are numbered too. 
   God is now calling to many people through dreams and impressions.  People are now being instructed to leave the " Big Cities ". 
   During this 2 hour Radio Interview with Kathy Rubio and " R J, " Jack Johnston spells out many of the details that God has shown him on events that are about to bust loose on America and the world. 
   Are you ready?



Let My People Go – Tim Turner Call – Kathy Rubio answer by God

Monday, December 6th, 2010

Let My Peole Go – Tim Turner Call – Kathy Rubio answer by God 

America is like Egypt of old, or like Babylon.  We have been told to come out of her.  The " Evil Empire, " is collapsing right before our eyes.  We now get to choose between which system we want to be a part of. 

    On Wednesday evenings you can call in and listen to President Tim Turner answer questions about the Republic for the united States of America.  The link below came from the call last Wednesday.  Many outstanding answers were offered.  Where are you getting your answers from?  ph 323-843-0075  access code #819054  6pm Pacific Time  

   You may consider joining the Republic by going to   

   This 2 1/2 hour Audio Link to last Wednesday's Q & A call is outstanding.   

TT call:


    Have you wondered why Obama recently had to get 12 stitches after an accident on the basketball court?  The number 12 represents a New Beginning, a New Administration. 

   Recently Obama made a visit to Indonesia, but he didn't stay long.  On the " main news, " they would have us believe he kept that visit short because of the volcano, but honestly at Indonesia Obama is recognized as the head of the corporate USA and Tim Turner is recognized as the President of America. 

   Over 90 countries recognize the Republic for the united States of America as the official Government for the people in America.  The " bought off press, " is still trying to keep this truth under wraps. 

   In 1871 corporations took over America.  We have been trained to view these multi-national corporations as our government, but it just sin't so.  Elections within this corporate system is a share holders meeting.  These corporations are not people.  These corporations don't have rights. 

   During the summer of 2010 Americans took a Stand and Re-Inhabited all 50 Republics in America.  Since then we have moved on to organize a Congress and a President and the voice of " the People, " is being heard again.  The " Declaration of Sovereign Intent, " is one of the first acts by this Congress. 

   The Federal Reserve is running out of money.  The Fed's 100 year agreement for financial backing has ended.  Banks have no money and the Central Banksters have been trying to buy politicians and maintain their wars, but Americans may not be following their game any more.  The houses of cards that TPTB have built are coming down. 

   Americans now have another choice to make. 

   Nay Sayers continue to show up.  Assasins have been sent to take out Tim Turner, but God has protected him. 

   This 2 1/2 hour Audio Link to last Wednesday's call is outstanding. 

   A friend of mine was given this " Answer to Prayer, " recently.  It may be a witness to the Republic for the united States that is now rising out of the dust of the collapse of the old Evil Empire.   

Subject:  " Let My People Go! "    
Dec 2nd 2010 
Message from God
Given to Kathy Rubio
                            LET MY PEOPLE GO
I am not willing that any should perish or be put into slavery.
I gave you all the way out of this in my word.
These govts are as Pharoahs enslaving all my people. It is time for my people to
stand up and reclaim what I have given you:
Freedom to serve me, love me and obey me the King of all Kings and  King of all
Obey the commandments I gave you as your freedom is in them. Man’s commandments
are   as smoke in my nostrils. They enslave and destroy and kill all who serve
under them.
My teachers and preachers are under slavery to their gov’t leaders by the
contracts they have agreed to like the 501c3s. They have traded their agreements
with the evil entities for the enslavement of my people.
They no longer stand for me but they stand for themselves and lead my people
into slavery with them.
It is not too late to stand up and go into battle for freedom of yourselves and
those you lead into captivity with you.
Repent and tell these Pharoahs to LET MY PEOPLE GO. Teach the truth with great
conviction and love.
Tell those Pharoahs to Repent and Let my people go or they will pay the price. I
will not allow them to enslave my people. But my people perish under their
rulings because of lack of knowledge of who I really am and what my love and
purpose is for all. They  donotknow me and for this I am very sad. They do not
obey me, but obey the corruption of man. For this I am very Angry.
So to the self appointed teachers,pastors, prophets and leaders I say repent and
turn from your evil ways and I will heal you land. But if you continue on this
path of teaching and preaching and prophesying lies,
You will pay for every soul of every little one you mislead. You will pay with
your lives.
To the Pharoahs of the lands, countries, and the world who lead my people into
slavery I say—LET MY PEOPLE GO—or pay the price for this if you do not
repent.  —SET MY PEOPLE FREE— or you will pay with your lives.
Repent and turn from your evil plans and plots to dominate my people in
slavery.  I see all your plans. Nothing is hidden from me. I will reveal all
secrets plans and plots to my people. You will pay the price if you continue in
your evil way. Repent I say. SET MY PEOPLE FREE.
I will bring forth all truths and all plans and plots of the enemy of my people.
My army of Angles will go forth to reveal and spoil all that is hidden and done
in secret.
You plans will not prevail.
I call on my people who see all and know the truth to stand now and call on my
army to come forth. It is time now to stand up and take back your land and the
rights  as I have given them to you in the word of God.
All battle strategy is there.
Then when you have done all you can do, prayer and fasting and have positioned
There is coming a great battle, but my people will prevail. No weapon formed
against them shall prosper.
Your strategies and tactics for my war are all in my word. Seek them out and use
them. I will honor this with victory.
Come out from amongst the false teachers, preachers and prophets.
I did not send them. They do not speak for me. I tell my people who know the
truth to teach it to all.

Churches, temples and synagogues who steal my truth and my order and steal funds
from my people will be brought down. All judgment takes place in the house of
God first.  Run for you lives as you are the keepers of your own souls. Get out
of those evil places. Seek out my true words in the word of God, seek out my
true teachers and preachers. Leave those dens of iniquity now.
Meet as we did in the days of the past,In the upper rooms of homes. Get serious
about your love for me and I will bless and protect you all.
Ask for your eyes to be opened to see all and I will grant that prayer to be
answered. Love they neighbor with truth and sincerity. Be willing to die for me
as I was willing to die for you. Love me that much. Victory will come in that
Kathy Rubio


NWO – Get Off the Cross We Need the Wood – Kathy Rubio interview

Sunday, November 28th, 2010

NWO – Get Off the Cross We Need the Wood – Kathy Rubio interview

Jews are here.  Jews are there.  Who are the real Jews any way?  Illuminati Thugs parade themselves as Jews and are involved in the banking cabal that is working to bring America down.

   Karl Marx took credit for Communism.  Kathy Rubio doesn't like taking credit for anything except for speaking the truth.  From Rubio joins " R J, " on the Radio every Friday to shed the Light on the Darkness and to Stand for the Truth. 

   Joel Olstein, Anthony Hopkins, R A Vernon and other fake ministers have their own agenda to fulfill, as they appear to be mis-using the name of Jesus. 

   America needs our prayers and our fasting.   

New World Disorder – War Already Under Way – Kathy Rubio interview

Thursday, November 25th, 2010

New World Disorder – War Already Under Way – Kathy Rubio interview 

Kathy Rubio joins me on the radio every Friday.  She keeps tracks of the Pastors and the Churches and how they are choosing the dark side.  Politicians are taking sides too.

   Over Alaska, it appears that Chinese weapons took down an American F22 fighter.  Kathy Rubio says there may be evidence that China has been firing upon many American planes recently. 

   It may surprise you, how many people are members of the Knights of Malta.  These illumanists have been planning the destruction of America. 

   Have you ordered your silver yet?  ph 435 – 283 – 3733  or