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Gun Bans Won’t Stop 55,000 USA Deaths – Gun Ban Lies

Saturday, December 22nd, 2012

Reality Check TV
Thur, Dec 20, 2012
Subject: Calls for Gun Bans Are Not About Guns

Are calls for stricter gun laws really about guns?


Why Switzerland Has the Lowest Crime Rate in the World

When thinking about the mass extermination camps of a holocaust think..

The key to freedom is to be able to have the ability to defend yourself &, if you dont have the tools to do that, then youre going to be at the mercy of whomever wants to put you away.

Guns are deeply rooted within Swiss culture – but the gun crime rate is so low that statistics are not even kept.

The country has a population of six million, but there are estimated to be at least two million publicly-owned firearms, including about 600,000 automatic rifles and 500,000 pistols.

This is in a very large part due to Switzerland's unique system of national defence, developed over the centuries.

Instead of a standing, full-time army, the country requires every man to undergo some form of military training for a few days or weeks a year throughout most of their lives.

Between the ages of 21 and 32 men serve as frontline troops. They are given an M-57 assault rifle and 24 rounds of ammunition which they are required to keep at home.

Once discharged, men serve in the Swiss equivalent of the US National Guard, but still have to train occasionally and are given bolt rifles. Women do not have to own firearms, but are encouraged to.

Update 28th December 2010:

Out of nearly 3 million views of this video there are 4358 thumbs up to 427 thumbs down. So, you could say, if any of us lived in any sort of real democracy in this world that would mean that only one in every ten people would like to keep gun control laws. Guess this means that we're not and that the tyrants still have all the real power.

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How CIA Hypnotizes Mass Shooters

Part 9: How Governments Perpetrate Mass Shootings

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"The Port Arthur massacre of 28 April 1996 . . . Gun control laws in
Australia, which had been relatively lenient before the massacre, were
reviewed and tightened significantly after the incident. . . . . After the
shootings, it emerged that the shooter, Martin Bryant, had significant
intellectual disabilities. . . . . Bryant was assessed as fit to stand trial
as a mentally competent adult. . . . . Interviewed in 2006, Tony Rundle,
Premier of Tasmania in 1996, admitted that because there was no trial,
the evidence made public was possibly insufficient to support that
Bryant had been the gunman: At the time, the view was that a trial
could do no good for the victims and their families. . . . ."

Senator Jay Rockefeller Calls for Gun Control and More Psychoactive Drugs

Here we go, from the top! This is another strong indicator that Cabal plan to declare people unfit to carry a weapon and/or dope us into sheepdom, which supports my previous analysis:

The simplest, quickest way for government to achieve gun contol is via existing law.

For example, law that deems the mentally ill unfit to carry a gun.
That rule seems reasonable until the sheer quantity of such cases raises questions.
The trick is to declare the majority of people mentally ill without being obvious.
Sounds impossible, but headway has already been gained, quietly and insidiously.
Recently, all emotions were defined as mental illness, treatable by drugs.

The next step is the relatively easy implementation through steady, widespread diagnosis.
Most patients will comply since they are already conditioned to trust Doctors.
Profitable toxic medications will dull the mind and further reduce resistance.

We, the targets, are easily taken down when oblivious to the hidden enemy.
No muss, no fuss, unless we wise up and rise up!

Chuck Woolery Gives 6 Reasons Why America Needs Assault Weapons ( video )

Thursday, December 20, 2012 5:19