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Top 3 American Enemies – Alex Jones, Glenn Beck & Obama Attacking America?

Saturday, June 15th, 2013

Idaho Picker
Sat, June 15, 2013
Subject: Top 3 American Enemies

Red Dawn 2013

"Human capital" – Ex Order 13037 March 1997
Go to section 2 subsection b –

"(b) The appropriate definition of capital for Federal budgeting, including:use of capital for the Federal Government itself or the economy at  large; ownership by the Federal Government or some other entity; defense and nondefense capital; physical capital and intangible or human capital…"

Idaho Picker Reveals Glenn Beck’s Secret

Idaho Picker has shown great discernment and common sense when analyzing events. Here’s his newest revelation.

WARNING: GLENN BECKS SECRET REVEALED Beck’s supporters praise him as a constitutional stalwart defending traditional American values, while his critics contend he promotes conspiracy theories and employs incendiary rhetoric for ratings. Glenn Edward Lee Beck is an American conservative television and radio host, political commentator, author, television network producer, media personality, and entrepreneur.

Editor’s note: They mentioned “nukes”, and it reminded me of an idea that occurred to me last night. I don’t believe the Galactics are permitting the detonation of ANY nuclear weapons, yet there was clearly a mushroom cloud visible above the West, Texas fertilizer plant. I was wondering if they used scalar weapons to detonate the factory, and a holographic image for the cloud… call me a conspiracy theorist.

"Alert! Obama administration aiming to arrest sheriffs who back 2nd Amendment" Alert! Obama administration aiming to arrest sheriffs who back 2nd Amendment Subscribe to nukethenewsmeedia

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