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FEMA Confusion – Fed Agents Want Mormon Food Storage Lists Now

Monday, December 12th, 2011

Rand Cardwell

Sun, Dec 11, 2011

Subject: Oath Keeper Alerts on Mormon Food Storage Customer Lists

Oath Keepers



Oath Keepers Alert: Federal Agents Demand Customer Lists From Mormon
Food Storage Facility

Oath Keepers has learned that federal agents recently visited a Later
Day Saints (Mormon) Church food storage cannery in Tennessee,
demanding customer lists, wanting to know the identity of Americans
who are purchasing food storage from the Mormons.

This incident was confirmed by Oath Keepers Tennessee Chapter
President, Rand Cardwell. Here is Rand's report:

"A fellow veteran contacted me concerning a new and disturbing
development. He had been utilizing a Mormon cannery near his home to
purchase bulk food supplies. The man that manages the facility related
to him that federal agents had visited the facility and demanded a
list of individuals that had been purchasing bulk food. The manager
informed the agents that the facility kept no such records and that
all transactions were conducted on a cash-and-carry basis. The agents
pressed for any record of personal checks, credit card transactions,
etc., but the manager could provide no such record. The agents
appeared to become very agitated and after several minutes of
questioning finally left with no information. I contacted the manager
and personally confirmed this information.

This event points to a new level of federal government encroachment on
the basic freedoms of the American people. Likewise, it points to a
confused policy within federal agencies. The Federal Emergency
Management Agency (FEMA) recommends that citizens store emergency
supplies, including bulk food, in the event of a natural disaster or
man-made event (the new politically correct term applied to a
terrorist attack). The FEMA guidance is spot-on as it allows
individuals and families to be self-sufficient during an emergency

And here in Tennessee, we just learned that Nashville Metro Public
Health and the Tennessee Department of Health are conducting
"door-to-door assessment of disaster preparedness … using a tool
designed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to go door
to door and check to see how disaster ready you are. .. in 30
neighborhoods in Davidson County [TN] that have been randomly selected
to be the target of a door to door assessment." I have confirmed that
that is a state run effort.
So on the one hand, government agencies both state and federal are
urging you to be prepared and even checking up on you to see how
prepared you are, and on the other hand, we now have federal agencies
that are attempting to gather information on individuals that are
following FEMA suggestions. What is the reasoning behind gathering
this information? Are American citizens now being "listed" by DHS if
they are simply following FEMA guidance and purchasing bulk food and
emergency supplies for their families? It appears as so.

This should be a red flag to all Americans. Not unlike the "trip
wires" identified in the Oath Keepers list of orders that will not be
obeyed, this incident should be considered as further evidence that
our federal government is out of control. What business is it of the
government if any of us purchase and store bulk food? Answer: It is
none of their damn business! Maybe during the next Katrina-type event
federal agents will storm your home to take your food stores along
with your firearms. We can only theorize as to the motives of the
government for this type of "list" being developed, but it goes
against the very fabric of what a free people should allow by our
government." – Rand Cardwell.
Additional comments by Stewart Rhodes, Founder of Oath Keepers:

As Rand noted, it was fortunate that this particular cannery does not
keep records of its customers. And Rand is correct that this is a very
serious red flag. There's a very good reason why one of the top ten
orders that active duty Oath Keepers will refuse to obey is "We will
NOT obey any orders to confiscate the property of the American people,
including food and other essential supplies." As our Declaration of
Orders We Will Not Obey goes on to state:

"Deprivation of food has long been a weapon of war and oppression,
with millions intentionally starved to death by fascist and communist
governments in the 20th Century alone.

Accordingly, we will not obey or facilitate orders to confiscate food
and other essential supplies from the people, and we will consider all
those who issue or carry out such orders to be the enemies of the

If those who carry out such orders to confiscate food are enemies of
the people, then that same label also fits anyone in the government
compiling lists of Americans who store food. There is no legitimate
reason for the Department of Homeland Security to compile such lists.
Al Qaida suicide bombers are not known to store powdered milk and
buckets of wheat. Nor are they known to store away dehydrated carrots
and instant potatoes, or fruit punch mix for the kids. But the Mormons
are known to do so, and so are many other Americans who have the
common sense and maturity to take personal responsibility for ensuring
that their families will have food, come what may.

It is part of Mormon Church religious doctrine to store food for hard
times and emergencies, with a recommendation that each family store a
year's worth of basic dry goods along with three months worth of
store-bought canned and boxed foods. To facilitate that practice, the
Mormon Church runs its own food storage canneries selling powdered
milk, wheat, flour, rice and beans, sugar, salt, and various other dry
goods either in bulk 50 lb bags or in #10 cans for long term food
storage (up to 30 years for some items). These Church canneries also
often sell food storage items to non-church members, seeing it as both
morally right and prudent to help their neighbors store food, whatever
their faith. The cannery in Tennessee that was "visited" by federal
agents follows that practice of helping the general public become
better prepared.
So why do federal agents want to know who is storing away long-term
food storage? We suspect it is for the following reasons:

DHS/FEMA wants to know which Americans have food storage so the
federal government can at some future point confiscate that food. Just
as with lists of gun owners, compiling such lists is the first step
toward future confiscation.
DHS wants to identify those Americans who are "switched on" and
squared away enough to actually store food for coming hard times (such
as during an economic collapse). That population of awake, aware, and
prepared Americans poses a "threat" to whatever DHS and its masters
have in store for the American people, and as Joseph Stalin so ably
demonstrated, one of the easiest ways to subjugate defiant people is
to confiscate their food and starve them into submission.

—– End forwarded message —–