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Barry Soetoro – Land Transfers to Mexico

Friday, August 27th, 2010

Are you paying attention to the chaos?  Are you paying attention to the evidence how how America is in trouble?  Nicaragua and Mexico are hiding troops and equipment that are now preparing to invade America. 

The Rulers of the World are evil.  They do not care how many Americans die.  Military Blogs by troops from Russia and China and Mexico are bragging how the " Katrina Area, " has been softened up to operate as a landing strip for a Multi National invasion of America.  Barry Soetoro is aware that America will be handed over to these foreign troops.  DUMB's in Deep Underground Military Bases troops from Chile, Saudi Arabia, China, Russia and other countries are waiting for the Go Ahead to force Americans into holding pens " FEMA Camps. "

Rubys Table Talk 
Sun  Aug 15, 2010 
Subject; Top 5 American Cities for Terror Strikes – Video Clips below   

   Americans need to wake up. 

   Evidence seems to be mounting that foreign troops are now within America and at our borders, preparing to attack America. 

   At least 5 American Cities will be hit first; New York, D C, Chicago, Virginia Beach and all of Florida. 

   Barry Soetoro is aware of these Strike Force preparations.  Obama has been working against America, working to hand over the southern states to Mexico.  California and Arizona and New Mexico and Texas and Colorado and Utah and Nevada are a part of a Land Transfer agreement that may transfer the whole south/west of America to Mexico. 

   Troops from Germany, Chile, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Japan, China and other countries have been occupying DUMB's, Deep Underground Military Bases in America and they are also on the border awaiting the Signal for Action to take over America. 

   These Video Links offer much more detail…