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Economic Collapse – Deflation is the First Step

Sunday, September 26th, 2010

Hyper Inflation comes by our basic loss of faith in our money. Inflation happens as the demand is greater than the supply.  Right now the U S Government is indebted to about 100% of the GDP.  We are about to go through a very bumpy financial ride.   

Hyper Inflation is coming.  The current Global Depression is squeezing property values, downward.  Since September of 2008 the U S Gov't has been trying to stop the financial bleeding with massive bail-outs.  A potential deflationary death spiral has American and World Banksters scared.  Thre may be no stopping this complete collapse of the world's financial system.

Gonzalo Lira
Sat  Sept 18, 2010
Subject: Gold May be the Next Bubble

It's entirely possible that gold will be the next bubble. This is actually a bad thing since it means world governments are devaluing their currencies. I mentioned previously this could end badly (read hyperinflation, etc.) and I don't think John Q. Public American generally has a clue what's happening. 

This was an interesting article on how the whole thing could unfold (substitute gold for oil and you might have an uhuh moment).

Restore America Plan – Republic Has Been Saved – Kelby interview

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

A Provisional Government would include an Executive Cabinet, a Legislative Branch and a Judicial arm.  We are now moments away from the Republic of the united States taking on our responsibility of Saving America.  We need your help.

Kelby Smith and " R J, "  were sabotaged during this 2 hour Radio Interview.  Careful meetings are under way with angry nations who are ready to foreclose on the Corporations that have been masquerading as the government of the United States.  People are the collateral to this national debt.  The future of America may hinge on the success of these high level negotiations.   

" R J , " and Kelby Smith
Wed  Sept 15, 2010
Subject: The Republic Has 3 Branches – We Need Your Prayers    Links to the 2 hour Radio Interview are below…

  Today Kelby Smith joined me on the radio to Fill You In on the progress we are making with the Republic of the united States of America.

  In Europe Tim Turner is meeting with people who claim Lender Countries are angry at America and they are prepared to foreclose on the Corporations that have been masquerading as the government of the United States.  People have been pledged as the collateral of this so-called national debt. 

   In the initial stand with Tim Turner 50 De Jure Grand Juries stood in what was known as the Restore America Plan. 

   Back in 1868 the United States was incorporated and began acting as the government for America.  Americans have been pursuaded that this U S corporation is our government, along with all the Corporate Officers who stand in Congress and the actor who now stands as the President of the United States corporation. 

   In 1868 the Republic was left behind, in the dust.  By April of this year the Republic(s) was reinhabited.   Since the Corporate United States is collapsing the Republic of the united States is working as quickly as we can to sustain America and our moral promises to ourselves and other countries.  We need your help.  Send us an email to and you can stand with us in your part of the country. 

   Many Corporate Actors are aware of the false game they have been playing with the American people and with the rest of the world, but this theft and fraud can not continue. 

   We have heard rumors that enough " assets, " may be at the disposal of  " we the people, "  to pay off any and all debts.  In order to participate with this National Debt Forgiveness you may have to join the Republic.  More details should be forthcoming.

   Aspects of the NESARA law promised a complete forgiveness of all debt, for every American but we haven't seen that come to pass yet.  A few Americans have been waiting 9 years for the promises of NESARA to be fulfilled. 

  The Republic of the united States of America is not NESARA. 

   A standing principle stands, the Federal Reserve could be purchased for $5-Billion at any time.  Right now Americans pay at least $400 Billion a year in interest to this privately held corporation. 

   There are people who want America, even all of us, to remain in debt.  TPTB want to destroy America and move in their New World Order, but it's not a guaranteed thing. 

   When 1,350 Americans reinhabited the Republic the whole world was taking notice. 

   At least 80 countries have come to the aid of the Republic of the united States. 

   The Fiscal Year End of the corporate United States and all their other Corporation Buddies.  They are out of money and ideas. 

   A Major Media deal is being negotiated for an Exclusive Story with the Republic to disclose all the details of the Corporate Theft and Fraud and how Americans can jump on board with the Republic. 

   We will continue to keep you informed.  As for now…  We are the Republic of the united States of Ameica.

Be Free,   Robert Hender,   R J       The 2 hour Audio Link to the Radio Interview is below…         

September 15, 2010 – RJ/Kelby    Hour 1

September 15, 2010 – RJ/Kelby   Hour 2



Barry Soetoro – I Want Your Money

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

Ray Griggs does an awesome job in this Video spelling out what Barry Soetoro is up to.  Nazi Pelosi continues to push their Fascist Agenda from Congress.  What will it take for Americans to wake up?

If Ronald Reagan were alive today he would confront Barry Soetoro.  Theft of our money is what Obama and Nazi Pelosi are doing to America, no matter how sweet they're trying to make Spreading the Wealth sound.  At least Drunk Sailors spend their own money, Ronald Reagan used to say.  These Bailouts add up to Fiscal Child Abuse.  Why is Obama amused at the Tea Party Rallies?

Ray Griggs 
Sat  Aug 7, 2010
Subject; Economic Collapse – Spreding Tomorow's Wealth

New Film “I Want Your Money” Due this Fall; Lampoons Obama and Dems Socialist Agenda – Trailer
“Wow! Here is a trailer for a film due out this fall called “I Want Your Money,” which looks like it will just be amazing. It takes a look big Government spending, and lampoons Barack Obama and the Democrats for their socialist economic agenda.”
(Excerpt) View Video here…
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