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Top 90 Days Before Hell Breaks Loose – Seal Man Warns of Planet X & Jade Helm

Tuesday, June 9th, 2015

John Moore
Tue, June 9, 2015
Subject; Jade Helm & Planet X Prep

June 8, 2015 update:
Given the importance of this matter and wanting to exercise good standards of
journalism, I elected to delay publishing this article prior to getting a second
source reporting the same thing (that the Jade Helm 15 training exercise is Planet
X related). Today, I am satisfied that I have that second source. While not my
private source, I know and trust Steve Quayle who, today, published an article in
his alerts section that the Jade Helm matter is, indeed, connected to Planet X.
While the author of the alert does not specifically mention Planet X, he certainly
implies as much. The author uses the pen name of Seal Man…

I find it more than a little coincidental that the 500 day warning issued by the
French Foreign Minister on May 14, 2014 (With U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry
standing an arms length away) to prepare for/negate/deal with Climate Change takes
us to September 24, 2015 (assuming I did my day count properly). On September 24,
2015 Pope Francis addresses (for the first time in our Republic’s history) a joint
session of the U. S. Congress. The following day,September 25th, the Pope
addresses the annual meeting of world leaders at the United Nations. Pope Francis
will be only the forth Pope to set foot in the United Nations building in NY City.

While I’m reluctant to make a claim that things will get so bad in the next 90
days that Pope Francis will be courted as a solution to out-of-control chaos, I
will concede that that possibility does exist.


If people can’t see the writing on the wall by now, they’ll
never wake up. A military does not transport tons (TONS) of
concertina wire, out in the open-not caring if it is seen,
unless it is going to be used for something SOON. This wire is
used for two things. Keeping enemies out (used to form military
wire obstacles), or keeping prisoners in. The cost for
transport, manpower to erect the wire and manufacturing far out
way the cost for using the amount we are seeing transported for
merely an exercise.

The U.S. military, and other U.S government agencies, are
spending way too much time and money for training. Our country’s
leaders are scared to death, they are preparing for something
big. The speed at which everything is being conducted,
prepositioning of assets/ assets relocated, signals to me that
whatever has them scared-is just around the corner.

We have China building islands to preposition assets and
conducting large scale exercises, and we have Russia in the
Ukraine fighting against U.S. equipped and trained troops, and
conducting unprecedented military exercise (largest in their
country’s history). We have both China and Russia building their
own banking systems (AIIB/BRICS) to conduct trade and invest
money + they have developed their own money wiring swift system
(CHIPS)-circumventing what has always been used.

The Middle Eastern GCC countries are now forming a stronger
military alliance so they can effectively operate jointly
militarily together in the future, and they have been disusing
limiting military weapons contracts with the U.S. They plan to
purchase more hardware from their European allies. Why, because
the U.S. will no longer be reliable, that’s right, we’ll be too
busy dealing with chaos in our own country + weapons
manufacturing will come to a complete halt, and they know it.

I believe the 500 days of climate chaos spoken about by the
French Foreign Minister, with John Kerry standing at his side,
has everything to do with all this. When the real chaos begins:
super storms, quakes and volcanoes, the U.S will be at its
weakest. Much of our military will be overseas, and if you are
in the military, plan on being stuck overseas. All Emergency
Response Assets: National Guard, FEMA, Red Cross, DHS and other
agencies will be overwhelmed. And this is when the U.N will
intervene, and all our enemies, from all corners of the earth,
will begin their invasion.

The most disturbing part of all this: It has all been planned,
we have all been sold out to the global government corporate
enterprise. And in case anyone wants to know who is paving the
way, who is in charge, who will light the way? All you have to
do is tune into the Popes address to our U.S. Congress (first
time in history) and his address to the U.N. a few days later –
this coming September. He will be the calming voice, the voice
of reason, who will begin the process of unifying everyone. If
you are not concerned, you should start becoming concerned,
because in order for this man’s message to have the correct
impact: answers for despair, fear and desperation, things are
going to have to be getting pretty bad.

And all this is the perfect example of: Order out of Chaos. This
is your New World Order people. I’ll leave you with this, and
let it sink in: In a Short Time, This Will Be a Long Time Ago.

Memorandum To: Concerned Parties
From: John Moore
In Re: Jade Helm 15

Ladies and Gentlemen,

In the alternative media, there has been a lot of concern over the goals and intent
of the 2015 U.S. Military Exercise: Jade Helm 15.

There have been occasional reports (none I’ve previously seen backed by any
demonstrable evidence) that the real reason for Jade Helm 15 is connected to Planet
X, (Wormwood, Niburu). Up until I received the following report, these previous
ones I regarded as background chatter. As a side note: working in U.S. Military
Intelligence the Fall of 1967, in the Republic of Vietnam, we had “background
chatter” about a pending massive enemy attack to take place during
the 1968 Chinese Lunar New Year celebration called “Tet”. I learned the hard way to
pay attention to background chatter.

As of today, that’s all changed, I now have intelligence from a private, trusted
source that Jade Helm 15 is, indeed, connected to Planet X.

The Russian, Norwegian and Brazilian Governments have all made some efforts to
inform their populace about the pending danger from Planet X. The USA has not, and
will not. The extensive (and very expensive) underground cities Russia has built in
the Ural Mountains, the several large “ghost cities” built by China far into the
interior of their country make no sense whatsoever unless, or until, you factor in
the violently rising ocean levels caused by Planet X.

The U.S. Government has decided to not reveal anything about Planet X and to
maintain control until the very last moment. In my paper “No Need For Panic”, (
first written in the Fall of 2005, I stated that there would be some pretext to
declare Martial Law. I’ve now made my paper a free download for all to read at my

I made the point in 2005, and still believe, that the reason for Martial Law must
be a pretext and have no connection to Planet X. The reason being people will “go
along” with Martial Law due to race riots and/or an economic collapse and/or
Islamic terrorist attacks as being reasonable and prudent. Telling people to do
anything once they find out about the threat of Planet X simply will not work.

The three most likely scenarios for this pretext (as of May 2015) are a race war
and/or an economic collapse, followed by Islamic Terrorist (i.e. ISIS) attacks. I
would be remiss to not mention the clear and present danger posed by Russian and
Chinese troops on U.S. soil and in nearby Mexican staging areas.

There is a lot of focus, by those of us in the alternative media, on the
September/October time frame. While I have no crystal ball, I will advise all
concerned persons to commence what they consider to be prudent preparations ASAP.

Top 5 Invasion Articles – Police State is Here

Monday, August 20th, 2012

Huff Post
Sat, Aug 18, 2012
Subject: UN Troops, Police State – Homeland Insecurity     See the YouTube video evidence in the articles below…

“We Appear To Be Under Russian Military Invasion – Crossing Canadian Border With Heavy Artillery And Armor”

Graphic!! Police Shoot Milton Hall, Mentally ill Man Over 30 Times! Video

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Report: Soros Unloads All Investments in Major Financial Stocks; Invests Over $130 Million In Gold
In a harbinger of what may be coming our way in the Fall of 2012, billionaire financier George Soros has sold all of his equity positions in major financial stocks according to a 13-F report filed with the SEC for the quarter ending June 30, 2012.
Soros, who manages funds through various accounts in the US and the Cayman Islands, has reportedly unloaded over one million shares of stock in financial companies and banks that include Citigroup (420,000 shares), JP Morgan (701,400 shares) and Goldman Sachs (120,000 shares). The total value of the stock sales amounts to nearly $50 million.
What’s equally as interesting as his sale of major financials is where Soros has shifted his money. At the same time he was selling bank stocks, he was acquiring some 884,000 shares (approx. $130 million) of Gold via the SPDR Gold Trust.
When a major global player with direct ties to the White House, Wall Street, and the banking system starts off-loading stocks and starts stacking gold, it suggests a very serious market move is set to happen.
Here is the whole story:





RuSA Founding Fathers and Mothers Needed – Gulf Stream Stopped

Thursday, January 27th, 2011

Robert Hender " R J "
Thur  Jan 27, 2011
Subject: Earth Will Never Be the Same 2010 

   Our actions and inaction will forever impact our future, on the earth. 

HOUR 1     Expectations of Restore America Plan and America needs Founding Fathers Now

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