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Lunar Eclipse 2010 – Satan’s Judgement – Tom Gambill interview

Friday, December 24th, 2010

Lunar Eclipse 2010 – Satan's judgement – Tom Gambill interview 

Did you see the movie, " Eyes Wide Shut? "  Did you see the movies " Skulls, " or " Skulls 2? "  Out of Hollywood, some of the Satanic Worship Rituals have been depicted in these films.

   To gain further success within the ranks of Satanic Worship Politics, people are told that they must hand over a family member.  1 – by accident  2 – appear to be suicided 3 – supposed natural deaths 

   Tom Gambill continues to warn people about the NWO.  The Black Nobility are driven by their Religious Beliefs.  Tom Gambill and " R J, " discussed for an hour today, many of the details behind America's takeover by these Satanists.