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Dinar RV Banks Calling – IQN $20+ Exchange Not an IQD

Sunday, September 22nd, 2013



Tony – TNT Blast
Sat, Sept 21, 2013
Subject: Dinar RV Banks Calling IQN Exchange

TNT Blast – Banks Calling Dinar Holders for Appointments

partial recap of Tony's call: [RAJAF] Exchange for IQN (NOT IQD which will be at a lower rate). IQN will be the higher rate. Same with the dong. Can exchange at BoA, Chase & WF – rate will be the same at each of these 3 banks. Tony will post maximum rate for the IQN (dinar) and VNN (dong) CURRENCY EXCHANGE. The bank will try to lowball you so be sure to use the CORRECT Terminology. I'm here to do a CURRENCY EXCHANGE for the IQN (dinar) and DNN (dinar) at the rate of _$20+_ for the IQN and _$3__ for the VNN respectively. If you ask for it they're suppose to give it to you. Let them know that you know the rate and know someone who has cashed out at that rate. (If they don't give it to you get up and walk out – there is another way and we'll work it out at TNT.)

[5:52:26 PM] [RAJAF] They both will go up during the 30 days. Then the US rate and will drop down after a short period of time (30 days ?) to within a dollar of the Kuwait dinar rate. Can call the banks (that do foreign currency exchange at Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo) and get the 800 number. You do not need someone to send it to you. There will be no codes. People don't need to be part of a group any more – no longer necessary.

 9-21-2013 Intel Guru Mnt Goat   My CBI contact has told me thatthe CBI of Iraq will begin the process by posting the new rate on their site. This will be followed by rolling the rates out to the exchanges and banks. There is a whole new CBI site that will come up at this time. The auctions will then also end. Just prior to the revaluation look for the rate on the CBI site to change drastically to be almost cut in half to something around  500-600. This will be a sign of the proximity of the full revaluation happening. It will then happen very soon after.  I still stand with my position that we will not see this RV until late September or early October timeframe.   [post 2 of 2]

9-21-2013  Intel Guru Mnt Goat    I have heard much speculation on Thursday of this week that Iraq announced that their currency went international. Is this really true? Some say there were numerous attempts but again they had issues. Since I considered this just a rumor I had to verify with my CBI source. This is what he said – (I do not quote since it was translated)….[The announcement in the mosque simply said the currency of Iraq  was recognized internationally. It was not communicated that it was revalued internationally. That is correct. Nothing has changed. We (CBI) still wait to announce.]  [post 1 of 2….stay tuned]

9-21-2013  Intel Guru BWM   yes…it has not happened yet…here or there…that doesn't mean there isn't movement, IMO…the "newshounds" are saying the articles are saying it's coming, the "intel guys" are saying their contacts are saying it's coming…it's supposed to all happen at once so it makes sense that it should all appear to be on the horizon at the same time…

9-21-2013  Newshound Guru Tlar    "Finance Committee: rapid damage of small groups dinars behind either in the domestic market"  This is either a stop gap move to temporarily put new dinars in the market using the old denominations or it is cover for the smalls getting printed.  I don't personally believe that they would undergo the expense to reprint the existing dinar when every other article indicates they are so close to a monetary change in general.

9-21-2013  Newshound Guru Administrator Bob   A very good achievement week in Iraq.  We started Monday with the implementation for five-year Development Plan, and ended the week with the National Conference and signing of the Code of Honor document.  Iraq is making strides…

9-21-2013  Newshound/Intel Guru BGG   Article:  "Committee Member urges CBI to wait on deletion of zeros; Would disrupt budget"   However, 4 or 5 other MP’s came out yesterday and called this a lame excuse by a “Maliki agent”.   Numerous MP’s in Parliament were quoted on TV and print as saying they were in “full support of the project and it needs to happen ASAP”…no waiting.