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Satanic Mormon – Steady Mind Control

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

It's difficult for a victim to know what is safe to recall and what is not safe to recall during a Radio Interview.  Satanic Worship events impact 1 out of every 3 Mormons, according to a few anonymous experts.

Heavy Programming is inflicted on many Mormons without their knowledge.  Satanic Worship ceremonies go on at Bohemian Groves throughout Mormon country.  Paul Drockton interviews " Diane, " in order to get to the bottom of some actual torture, murder and worship events.  Much of the LDS Church is under the control of these High-Up satanic leaders. 

Paul Drockton
Wed  Sept 22, 2010
Subject: Satanic Ritual Abuse among Mormons

   Diane was manipulated and tortured in Satanic Worship events.  She saw other people suffer through torture, murder and bloodshed all in the name of Satanic Worship since she 4 years old.

   These satanic events go on all over America.  Demons seek housing within SRA victims, but many victims are not aware.  

   Diane became a " nice stepford wife, kind of woman, as she was programmed to be. " 

   Massive blinking is 1 sign of somebody who has been programmed.  This satanic programming can break down as people age, but many victims never come out of the brainwashing traps they were locked in to by the illuminati satanists. 

   It took Divine Intervention to help Diane heal from the trauma – victims have hope.